You gave ’em a raise, and didn’t know it

| April 10, 2023

Ah, Congress, one of our favorite groups of people. They do such a great job – selflessly leading us on the paths of  righteousness, transparently leading by example, wisely allowing us to live out own lives with minimal governmental interference, spending our hard-earned taxes parsimoneously…

OK,  let’s stop smoking whacky tobaccy and return to reality. They suck, pretty much across the board. They lie. They spend money like ‘as long as there is a check to write on, the money must be there.’ P.J. O’Rourke famously  called them a “Parliament of Whores”, which would be accurate if it wasn’t such an odious comparison for the Oldest Profession.  What have those clever bastards done now?

They gave themselves a back-door pay raise. Yep, they must be doing a hell of a job – the last lot (pre-the current Republican-led lot) snuck one over on ya.

New guidelines for Congress were finalized this week that will reimburse lawmakers for substantial portions of their rent, food and other expenses they incur while in Washington, D.C. – effectively giving members a pay hike.

It’s an issue that members have complained about for years – many have said their $174,000 salary, while well above the U.S. median, isn’t enough to afford housing in DC and in their home district. It’s forced many to share apartments together and even sleep in their offices.

Members will be able to get cash back for rent, hotel fees, food and travel for days that qualify as “official business” – when Congress is in session or days designated for lawmakers’ relevant committee work. Days when members are traveling in and out of Washington are covered up to 75%.

Blood pressure going up any? Mine certainly did. But, as the man says, wait – there’s more!

The GSA’s current rates also extend to how much of lawmakers’ lodging can be covered. The daily figure fluctuates. It was $188 per day in January and will be $258 per day in June, according to the document obtained by Fox News Digital. But members can be reimbursed for the daily amount only on days of “official business.” For example, lawmakers would be able to get $1,880 back for 10 in-session days in January.

Rent on apartments, utility costs, as well as condo and HOA fees are all eligible uses for reimbursement. However, lawmakers who own property in the Washington, DC, area will not be able to get their mortgage payments paid back, the policy indicates. Members whose homes are within 50 miles of the Capitol will also be ineligible.The update does not authorize any new spending but will rather use House lawmakers’ own Member’s Representational Allowance for the costs.

Fox News

Okay, eliminating the Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland guys, everyone else can get reimbursed $1,880 for 10 days.  And this is on top of that $174,000 per annum they get paid now.

Money well spent. Absolutely worth the money for the great service we get. Yeah, right

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And they say bipartisanship is dead.


They had to do something squirrely because the 27th Amendment keeps them from just giving themselves an immediate pay raise.


And they’re worried about Clarence Thomas?


Oh, ok, I’ll only trust homeless Congresscritters from now on.

If their bankster buddies weren’t high on fake money and distorted asset prices, maybe, just maybe, homes would be affordable.

Have faith in the free market or pay the penalty.


Oh, we’re f*cked… Big Brother meets MEPS medical screening (electronic medical records bite military recruiting):


Just in… McD’s opens entirely automated restaurants (just like Idiocracy– “Enjoy your bigass fries!”– I’m thinking):



That too.


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The Pirates Cove

jeff LPH 3 63-66

6 figure salaries and they complain. WTF. How about turning the new Rechstag’s basement into barracks where they can sleep and do their own laundry, which goes for all the shitbird demoRats and Republicans


When you pay a whore you screw them.
When you pay a politician they screw you.


It’s an issue that members have complained about for years – many have said their $174,000 salary, while well above the U.S. median, isn’t enough to afford housing in DC and in their home district. It’s forced many to share apartments together and even sleep in their offices.

So what the hell is wrong with sharing an apartment together? God knows we poor enlisted swine had to share ROOMS with people. These dorks can’t even share an APT together? Not like they do shit while in session anyway


I think that they all deserve a raised platform with a trap door…and a hemp necktie.


Those poor babies! In their excess off-time have they tried standing at intersections with a sign and their hat in their hand? If that’s not working then I guess they need a gofundme ASAP!


I used to work on a high steel construction crew in the early 80’s, putting up massive communication towers all over the USA. We were given $30 per diam, with hotels/motels and gas already paid. We sent our paychecks straight to the bank, because $30 a day was good money then, and we didn’t have a hell of a lot of downtime to spend it anyway.

Fast food breakfast, a loaf of bread and PBJ with crackers and soda for lunch, and too tired for dinner. By Friday night, we had a really nice chunk of change in our pockets, as we hit the bars for the weekend!


Oh yeah. I remember well doing something similar when I was a field engineer in the late ‘90’s. Free hotel breakfast, McD’s value menu for lunch (or work through it), and a cheap dinner or the hotel “hospitality hour.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get my meal per diem until I did my expense report, but still, I knew my booze was going to be paid for before it hit my personal credit card statement. Man, those were the days. Boozing it up from coast to coast on someone else’s dime!

A Proud Infidel®™

Bless their fuckin’ hearts and I mean sideways with s syphilis-infected whale cock!


No barbed cocktail of Satan? Either one is too good for their ilk.


I would expect a lot of those houses to suddenly become incorporated businesses whcih rent rooms exclusively to Members of Congress, and their owners cannot be traced to the individuals who rent them….unless someone digs a bit.

Many of those “forced” to live in DC have already been moving because of the crime rates have been creeping up and into thier neighborhoods!