Chinese CDC says “Raccoon dogs? Uh, no”

| April 6, 2023


The China version of the CDC has gone over the samples and data from researchers on which the claim that so-called ‘raccoon dogs’ were the source of Covid-19, and say that conclusion is not supported.

But on Wednesday, the Chinese scientists released their study in the journal Nature and said there was no way of knowing if the raccoon dogs were infected. They also cautioned that the origins of Covid-19 could not be determined from their samples.

Writing in the journal, the authors, which include George Gao, the former head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (DCD), said: “These environmental samples cannot prove that the animals were infected.

“Furthermore, even if the animals were infected, our study does not rule out that human-to-animal transmission occurred, considering the sampling time was after the human infection within the market as reported retrospectively.

“Thus, the possibility of potential introduction of the virus to the market through infected humans, or cold chain products, cannot be ruled out yet.”

Mapping of where the earliest traces of Covid were found and where the raccoon dogs were kept also shows very little overlap.

Viscount Ridley, author of the book Viral: The Search For The Origin of Covid-19, said that maps of the collection areas showed there was little overlap between viral DNA and raccoon dog DNA.

“Not only were no raccoon dogs found to be infected, they were mostly in the wrong part of the market,” he said.

“The scientists who investigated the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan in 2020 have concluded that the pandemic probably did not begin there.

“To believe it did, you have to assume that they missed or covered up some infected animals.”

The earlier study, led by Kristian Andersen, Edward Holmes, and Michael Worobey, which had not been submitted for peer-review, was dismissed as “risibly thin” and misleading by some scientists.

Telegraph via Yahoo

Looks like another theory bites the dust.

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“study does not rule out that human-to-animal transmission occurred”

I’m pretty sure hunters love their coon hounds but this is just sick.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’m not typically a Jon Stewart fan but his comments on the origin of the Covid-19 virus seem pretty spot on in my opinion.


You know it’s BS when even the people you’re trying to cover for don’t buy it. (Pay attention, Democrats… )


Too bad they won’t just admit that the Chinese Communist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 was a deliberate biological attack upon the world from a country that’s stated object is world domination. Aided and abetted by the Global Elitists that want to enslave us all and feed us bugs.

Horizon Corp grins.


And funded by DR Fauci under the Obama regime!


Don’t you mean the Umbrella Corp?


Honest question, when did China state an objective of world domination?

Personally, I’ve stated such several times but it always seems like too much effort for too little reward. I mean, the world is quite bothersome.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Did anyone, by raise of hands, believe that “raccoon dog” coof transmission story? Anyone at all? Anyone? Anyone?

Trust me, when the mutant racoondog transmits the Z-Virus to humans and the zombies rise you aren’t going to care where it came from. We may already be living in the plot to Resident Evil VI.

There’s a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, too.


Lars believes it


WTF is a raccoon dog?


I doubt they are refering to Blueticks.


In Japan they are called tanuki 狸 . They are more-or-less a type of racoon. Japanese call our American racoons “tanuki.”


Without hind legs their ass becomes huge from dragging it around.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

They wheely should have built in wheels on their butts, butt should they be tubless. I’m wheely kidding about having them with butt mounted wheels


Looks more like a fox than a racoon.


It’s a relative of the fox.

Thank my childhood subscription to ZooBooks.


what the fuck was that

Prior Service

I’m just a low-grade conspiracy theorist, but if I was a high grade one, I’d have no problem believing that if a certain country had a demographic problem (e.g. too many old people) and was facing economic catastrophe as a result, they might just not mind a couple of “coon dogs” picking up a certain “virus” and letting it loose to ravage that certain populace.


“Coon dogs” were not needed by the Chicoms to spread this lab grown disease around the world.

Prior Service

That’s my point.

Forest Bondurant

I’m still waiting for an explanation on what happened to Murder Hornets.


They got paroled.


And Monkey Pox.


I’ll just stick this right here. Make of it what you will. I didn’t write it, I just snagged and posted it.

Commissioner Wretched

Wow. Just … wow.

Every word of it makes perfect sense, King.


I found it to be a quite interesting read, CW. Most of the points brought up were in the same vein that we have discussed here…and that I had seen in pieces and parts elsewhere. FIRST (heh heh) time I had seen them all laid out in a concise, logical, factual order.

More and more, we conspiracy theorists are becoming the “I told you so” Warriors. The Truth is out there…some where.


Demands recount.

bruce kendall

can the Chi Coms be more full of shit?