Russia’s ‘special operations’ impacts its ability to deliver military equipment

| March 30, 2023

India was not able to receive some expected military supplies from Russia. Instead, the Indian Air Force stated that this delivery will not be taking place at all. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and its ongoing military operations, appear to have sacked Russia’s ability to meet customer demands for its military equipment.

From Fox News:

The report did not mention specifics of the delivery, India has received a range of weapons and vehicles from Russia in recent years, such an air defense system in 2018 and spare fighter jets, including the MiG-29 and Su-30MKI. Russia handed off spare units to India in some cases.

Reuters noted that the biggest “ongoing delivery” from Russia to India concerned the S-400 Triumf air defense system units, which India bought for a sum of $5.4 billion. India received three of those systems, with two more required to complete the contract.

The U.S. Treasury claimed in February that sanctions and export controls put in place as a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have “degraded Russia’s ability to replace more than 9,000 pieces of military equipment lost since the start of the war.”

The sanctions also allegedly “forced production shutdowns at key defense facilities and caused shortages of essential components for tanks and aircraft production.”

“Russia is also running out of munitions and has lost as much as 50 percent of its tanks,” the department wrote in a statement posted online. “At the same time, our coalition has provided Ukraine with state-of-the-art military equipment, while Russia has been forced to turn to mothballed Soviet-era weapons.”

The shortage will have a significant impact on India’s plans to continue modernizing its forces: Officials said they had to slash projected spending for the next financial year by a third compared to the previous one.

Fox News has the article here.

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Glad I don’t shoot commie iron and I can rely on Midway USA for all my tactical needs.


India is kind of sitting pretty right now. China won’t dare take them on while they are engaged with Taiwan, Pakistan doesn’t have enough resources and they pretty much get along with everyone else.

When China does kick off for reals they can push back on them without any worries as they will be too engaged to do anything about it.


Plus they are nuclear armed.


Never hurts to have a little Einstein in your hip pocket. Their competitors are too though.

Prior Service

People are still buying Russian junk?


Yup. Hard to believe but various countries are actually still buying dated and modern Russian hardware by the plane and freight-train-load..


I seem to recall that “Russian junk” worked pretty well in N. Vietnam. The Israeli veterans of the ’73 war may also have a slightly different opinion. Then there was the F-117 “stealth” fighter shot down by some half-assed Balkan country using “Russian junk”.

Prior Service

Pretty sure the Israelis destroyed Syrian tanks in droves up north. Yeah, ATGMs, but Russian stuff is junk. They believe in quantity, not quality. NVN aircraft, you say? Look to the ROE for the main cause of their success. I’ll give you the AK!


“NVN aircraft, you say?”

No, I didn’t. But why not? I don’t think the AF and Navy pilots who flew over N. Vietnam had such a dismissive opinion of even obsolete Mig-17s, much less Mig-21s, SAMs, FLAK, and the radars that aimed them. The US certainly devoted a large amount of resources to cope with that “junk”.
I know I had, and have, a healthy respect for the “junk” that the VC and NVA used against me.


While they’re forcing their own female personnel to “put out” in Ukraine (when they’re not raping locals like it’s Austria/Germany in ’45) too:

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The MIC best be ramping up on production You can’t flatten a curve or win a war in 2 weeks.