Army calls the law on woman’s Facebook post

| March 21, 2023



Angela Reading of Burlington, NJ is suing after her Facebook post questioning her daughter’s grade school’s LGBTQ posters was reported by an officer at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst to law enforcement agencies as a security risk.

Maj. Christopher Schilling of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst reportedly flagged her post to local police when she alerted parents in a local Facebook group about posters promoting polysexuality at the entrance of her 7-year-old’s school.

“The current situation involving Ms. Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,” Schilling wrote on his personal Facebook at the time.

“The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community,” he continued.

Her post, as seen at Fox, seems pretty innocuous to me. Please read it.But Major (or LTC? –  reports vary) reported it as a potential SECURITY threat.

“Mrs. Reading merely questioned why elementary children were being invited to research topics of sexuality, noting that it is not in the state educational standards nor the board of education approved curriculum. Mrs. Reading did not name names or schools, and invited respectful debate,” Ferrera added.

The lawsuit also claims the police chief of North Hanover Township, along with military personnel from the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, pressured Reading to remove her Facebook post.

The lawsuit further claims the defendants falsely portrayed Reading as a “security threat” and reported her to various law enforcement and security agencies in an effort to retaliate against her and intimidate her into silence.


Seems to be a selection of sites calling for his resignation, as well. Can’t say as how I blame them. In any case,  any field grade officer who would report this Facebook as a security risk and call in all those LEOs on a civilian needs at minimum a few comments on his OER. His career has gone far enough.


Quick disclaimer – if you do a search for Christopher Schilling, there is the bozo at JBMDL, and an MI info officer at Ft. Bragg – note the Bragg guy was an O-5 seven years ago, hence probably not the same man.





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Actions like this will ensure below the zone promotion and selection for a Doctoral program at Harvard.


Pavlik Morozov rides again.
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Anna Puma

So another LTC Vindaloomon. Does he have the same weight problems and fondnes for bear claws?


Is “abundance of caution” for greater good, comrade!
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“If you don’t like us talking to ‘your’ child about degenerate bedroom stuff, you’re a nought-zee” — ‘Tolerant’ Leftoids


He is an LTC and kind of an idiot. This is so last year though. I guess the meme must be making another round through the internets because she is suing the Army. Good luck with that, 3rd year law student.

He used to be FA before he went PSYOPS. Mom of two elementary school students so scary when she speaks her mind. He really needs to get out more. He is like the Karen of the Joint Base.


The local media is calling him a major and saying he is the S3 at the training unit. That seems to make more sense. Also that the Chief of Police called her and told her to take down her post because of classified Emails? WTF?

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Here is their contact info if anyone wants to give them a ring.


The media used the wrong picture.


I, _____,…do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same

Time for some fascistic sucker(s) of the c*cks to hang up the spurs and unass These States United.

Happiest of hunting to Missus Reading!

dont be red.jpg
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The reckoning…it’s a’coming. Watch!

I repeat. It’s not an educational system any more…they are becoming indoctrination centers.

Rise up! Resist! Revolt! Rebel!


Questioning the policies and ideas of your democratic overlords and their mentally ill worshippers?


His name is Christopher Brian Schilling, born 1977, attended school in Newport News, VA.

Information I found on him matches his yahoo email address.

He is an AGR Officer Engineer Officer/Major/O4 stationed with the 1st Brigade, 78th Training Division as the Operations Officer.

His past assignments include areas such as Fort Leonard Wood and Canton, Michigan.

According to this link, he enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1996 as an MP, deployed for OIF and was commissioned in 2007 as an Engineer Officer.

“MAJ Christopher Schilling, Assistant Professor of Military Science”
“MAJ Schilling enlisted in the Army Reserve in 1996 as a Military Police Soldier and deployed under Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom before commissioning as an Engineer Officer in 2007. On Active Duty in the AGR program of the Army Reserve, MAJ Schilling has traveled to 14 different countries on humanitarian aid and training missions and visited 49 states plus Wake Island (pictured).”


So the local news had it right and national was AFU as usual. Except for the part about being removed from command as an S3 doesn’t command anything.


Found an old Job Resume belonging to Major Christopher Brian Schilling, AGR, Engineer Officer, born 1977, graduated from Ferguson High School in Newport News, VA in 1995:

You Be The Judge.

schilling 2.jpg

I thought for sure I knew this asshole but was thinking it was way past time for him to still be a major. Turns out I was wrong about the second part.

Can’t say much that hasn’t already been said.


Teamwork on researching him!

Thank You, 5JC!




I guess I will add he didn’t go to Army War College. You have to be O5- or O6. He may have done some other program at the War College, but it’s assumed when you say you went to The Army War College you did the primary course. It’s a pre select for those pending battalion and brigade command assignments.



We saw the same thing, i.e. Army War College in 2016 and Air Force College in 2014.

Dude was commissioned in 2007 and he annotated those two schools on his Resume with less than 10 years of Commissioned time?

We first thought he may have done those courses via Correspondence courses, but what we remembered was that a Field Grade Officer (Normally a Senior LTC or COL) is SELECTED by a Board to attend those schools, even by correspondence.

Unless things have changed. Or unless the Army Reserves has a different set of ROE when it comes to Military Schooling.

Dude may have embellished as well.


I did resident CGSC. I can assure you there were no Captain’s there in 2009. There were a few promotions to O5 for the BZ guys but every one else was O4. I don’t know what the rules are for nonresident.


Uneducated d*ckhead who can’t even correctly capitalize acronyms in formal names of places he supposedly attended. He didn’t do any of that stuff; they’d have made him write their sh*t right.


Wow. All that hard work for his education and he’s still a dumbass.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

USMC College of Distance Education…and no specific course enrollment/completion.

(Give me a break!)

Fuck this guy.


Pack your shit, major. Your services are no longer required by the military. I’d love to hear from some of the Soldiers that served under this asshat. I’ll bet dollars to dogturds this isn’t the first time he’s overstepped and trod upon his foreskin.


Here is the lawsuit that includes Major Christopher Brian Schilling:


Here are the exhibits mentioned in the lawsuit.

You will find information on Major Christopher Brian Schilling to include his personal email address which we will not post.


What the actual eveh luvin fuk? What did I just read there?

Some military officers disagree with a local BOE member and organize a community e-lynching using the police to apply pressure???? Under the guise of protection of kids from non-existent, imaginary, right wing threats? They all need to be fired. Every last one of them.

Why are the police involved? What crime waa committed, other than violations of her rights? I hope she wins her lawsuit and builds her own damn school with the proceeds.




This case has the potential to be precedent setting for incorporation. I bet a number of bottles of scotch were uncorked by the JAG officers at the old Joint Base when it hit their desk.

Since they are being sued both in their official capacity and individually they will all lawyer up. Which explains the lack of statements in the media about it.

Sometimes the stupid stuff that people do who are smart enough and should know better, is downright baffling. This is why nobody ever listens to “that guy”. This is what happens when you listen to that guy.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This country really went fucking south. When myself and others my age on this site grew up, we learned the ABC’s taught by teachers whom taught us that and none of the other BS that the new socialist teachers are teaching the kids today. We didn’t have cell phones, computers and social media like facebook,twister and others that I don’t know about. Households ate at a certain time with everyone present and talked to each other without looking at a cellphone screen. Kids played nock hokey, punchball, stickball, chinese asses up boxball, stoopball, handball, baseball card flipping, hide and seek, Johnny rides a pony, street roller skating, mumbly peg, red light green light one two three, Simon says, tag, rocks, paper, scissors, etc. couple of others I can’t remember.


“couple of others I can’t remember”

Dodgeball, street hockey…..


Remember “ski patrol” in the Winter?
Wait at the stop sign for a vehicle to stop then grab on to the
rear bumper and ski behind them when they take off.
The driver would fishtail in an attempt to shake you off.
Good clean American fun.


They kept saying we would get run over but it never happened. Today we would get crushed between the car we are bumper skiing on and the girl behind us live streaming about the weather and her awesome new snow suit as she eats breakfast and drives down the road.


Where I grew up, that’s was called “Skitching”.. could also be done on a skateboard in warmer weather.. Back to the Future stole it..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I thought that the word skitching was a NYC term.


We called it snitching in WI where I grew up.


We called it “skeeching” in “The Harbor.” I think people in the surrounding towns and in parts of Chicago called it skitching.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We called hanging on to the rear the rear bumper “skitching” Was going to mention dodgeball but the brain shut down trying to remember what it was called. Played that in the grade school schoolyard.


This was his Linkedin page before he shut it down.

15801 (1).jpeg

Oh, S/He/It(-head) is an Observer-Controller/Trainer (OC/T) or wants to be one in a USAR training division under 84th Tng Command. 57A is the MOS for a Simulation Operations Officer there– often an Exercise Project Officer (EPO) on staff (one weekend a month, two weeks in the summer).


As soon as I see the he/him bs on their page, I instinctively roll my eyes. I’d like to think that there’s at least a good portion of recruiters that do the same.

Green Thumb

Maj. Christopher Schilling = Major Shitbag.



MAJ Christopher Brian Schilling, born 1977 with addresses in Michigan and Delaware, is currently registered to vote in TWO States!!

 😉  😎 

First one is Delaware.

He registered to vote in 2012 as a Libertarian.

He is still listed as an Active Voter.

schilling vote 1.jpg

His Second Voting Registration Record is with Michigan, when he registered in 2020…Unknown Political Party.

This Voter Registration is still Active as well!

 😉  😎 

schilling voter record 2.jpg

Best call the FBI and report him as a far right vote fraud terrorist as Libertarians are by definition all extreme as far right as you can go.

Ironically their platform includes abolishing the military the police then arming the entire population. Wonder what dipshit is going to do for a job if they win?


Libertarian, my ass! He is obviously a Speech Nazi. Goebbels would be proud of him.


Speaking of Delaware:

If one has the time, check out all the Civil Court Cases against the Bidens!

SURPRISE…Some of them are “Unavailable”!!  😆  😉  😎


But bot AI tells me that Biden is a lovable old man whose heart is in the right place. Why would people ever sue peepaw?


His heart may be in the right place, but his brain is up his ass.


WTF? Has army middle management been that indoctrinated already? A field grade officer feels compelled to report to the police a woman’s Facebook post? The woke mob has the army doing their dirty work now.


Just a guess, but I bet he was fishing for an OER block comment to get some stand out.

Good news/ bad news: it worked, nobody will ever forget it.


He probably thought he was gonna get an ARCOM….🤭

Y’All remember THIS one??

Paging our beloved Supply Daddy, Claw…


“SMA Defends 1SGT’s Actions That Earned Her An ARCOM”

“The Army’s top enlisted soldier has stepped up to defend the actions of a senior NCO who reported unprofessional soldier behavior online — and then later received an Army Commendation Medal for her actions.”

“Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler, in a statement to Army Times, stressed the responsibility of soldiers, especially leaders, to uphold high standards and regulation, no matter the venue.”

“First Sgt. Katrina Moerk, of Charlie Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Meade, Maryland, received an ARCOM and compliments from top Pentagon officials after withstanding an avalanche of online abuse and threats.”

“The initial insults came nearly a year ago, when she criticized an online video that lampooned barracks life, but also contained an offensive female soldier character named “Suzy Rottencrotch.”


I wonder if she is related to Mary Jane Rottencrotch from the USMC?


They’re cousins.

Dave Hardin

You people are doing it all wrong.


Flat head, handles for ears…


Good point, he wasn’t narking, he was collecting intelligence on domestic terrorists. Which is only illegal depending upon your political affiliation.

RGR 4-78

She still looks like Peewee Hermans little sister to me. 😆 


…or Howdy Doody’s.
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To Our Fearless Leader, Dave Hardin:


Dave Hardin

I sleep with a former Soviet every night, the fear is real… You People have no idea how real.  😫 


I ain’t skeered…much.


“You People” again???


A Proud Infidel®™

Looks like Gollum in ACU’s and makeup to me!


Good ‘ol McGuire AFB. Blacklisted and off limits to all Army personnel at Ft Dix, in 1988.