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| March 7, 2023


Police in Stillwater Shoot, Kill Gunman After Shooting at an Apartment Building

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating after police said a gunman shot and wounded several people at an apartment building in Stillwater and opened fire on responding police officers before they killed him.

Police were dispatched to the Curve Crest Villas around 2:30 p.m. Saturday for what was initially described as an unknown medical situation that turned into a shots-fired call.

“Officers were quickly informed that the caller was screaming and that there were multiple reports of gun shots inside the complex,” a statement from Police Chief Brian Mueller said. The suspect fired “many” rounds inside and outside of the building, hurting at least two or three people, he said. The extent of their injuries wasn’t immediately known.

Mueller said when police arrived on the scene, a man began firing at them with a handgun, hitting at least two squad cars, after which officers returned fire, “incapacitating the suspect.”

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Northeast Side police shooting sends man to hospital in critical condition

Sheridan Hendrix
An early-morning police shooting Saturday sent one man to the hospital in critical condition after Columbus police said the man shot at them, prompting them to return fire.

According Columbus police, officers responded just after 12:30 a.m. Saturday to a business in the 4000 block of East Dublin Granville Road after several callers reported an armed man in the parking lot was firing shots into the business.

Officers found the man with a gun outside of the Northeast Side business. The man began shooting towards the officers, police said. Multiple officers fired back at the man, shooting him. Nobody else was injured.

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Columbus Dispatch

Shoot at just ONE Po-Po, and they ALL join in shooting back. ‘Taint fair I tell ya. Welcome back, Gun Bunny.

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.
Benjamin Franklin

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Looks like both of today’s perps FAFO, one terminally. The other one is a wait-and-see if he catches sepsis from his hospital incarceration.

Seems like there was a bunch of Fornicating About and Discovering while the Bunny of The Guns was TAD. The very FIRST (ht2 Chip) thing I did upon lighting up the Chromie was to go on the hunt. No joy from our “Old Reliable” KHOU, but the other news feeds came thru for us. Our Beloved AW1Ed was not sure when I would return, so he pre-scheduled the Gun Pr0n, the better to slip in some more plasticized abominations, hoping to spare my feelings(?). Bless His Heart. “for mounting lights, lasers, bayonets, etc.” Would that be a chainsaw bayonet? Le’ Sigh (ht2 BCE)


In other crime related news the California power station bomber was arrested. Apparently he was a Russian, meth addicted software engineer. Wonder how this came to be?




Washington House Bill 1268, which would reduce penalties for gang and drug related and firearm crimes committed in protected zones, like schools and bus stops, passed the WA State House by a vote of 53- 42.

Guess this means gangbangers good while lawful gun owners   :arandammo: are Baaad!

Old tanker

After reading the headline about the Stillwater shooting I have a question or two. Is it normal procedure for the Police there to shoot at an apartment building before returning fire from a suspect? If so, is it a particular apartment building and what did it do to deserve being shot at by the Police?

One would think shooting an apartment building would be much easier to hit that a gunman unless it is a really really tiny building. I’ve never heard of an apartment building police qualification course.


It doesn’t say that. It says the suspect shot at the apartment building. So a better question would be why did the suspect shoot at the building? The normal answer is meth and/ or cocaine but there might be other things at play. Either way shooting at an occupied building is a forcible felony in most states so I would say the police were justified in shooting him.


Townes Van Zandt was born this day in Nineteen-Hundred and Four-tee-Four.

May the Good Lord free him from his pain.


When I die let an angel sing me home. To me his best song, sung by the afore-mentioned angel.

Skivvy Stacker

It’s all the snow up here.
I’m surprised more of us Minnesotans don’t go on shooting sprees at this time of year.


Ruger – 57 varieties?