Gigage Wahya aka Joel Cameron. A banner of lies.. – Stolen Valour Canada

| February 13, 2023


We get news from the north of a Joel Cameron that likes to identify as things he is not.


We have been tracking Wahya / Cameron since November 2022 when a number of articles were published in the New Hamburg, Ontario region detailing the impact of his claimed combat service in Afghanistan and the personal struggles that followed.

There were a couple of red flags in the stories including the confused details of casualty producing incident occurring in early July 2007 while the nomenclature used to describe his claims caused us to have a closer look.

One day, when Gagage Wahya was serving in the armed forces during the Afghan war in July 2007, his troop’s (COR342) convoy was ambushed.

“We had an IED that was buried in the ground and in the middle of the road that went off,” recalled Wahya who’s now a fire keeper at Crow Shield Lodge in New Hamburg. Then there were gunfire exchanges for about 20 minutes.

“I struggle with PTSD, with complex trauma,” Wahya said, recounting one of the most troubling experiences he faced in the military. Two people died and six were injured as a result of the incident. “And that’s where a lot of my PTSD comes from,” said Wahya, who still undergoes counselling…

…Wahya was 18 years old when he joined the military and served for almost five years.

The first two years were with the armed forces and the last two and a half were with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Anishinaabe man was a victim of the Sixties Scoop, a term that refers to the mass removal of Indigenous children from their families into the child welfare system.

“Those were the types of things that I had to go through with verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse for years and years and years until I emancipated myself and unfortunately went down a path of coping that wasn’t healthy, which was drugs and alcohol,” Wahya said.

He went into service as a teenager thinking it’d solve some of his problems, but instead they “exacerbated” them…

(New Hamburg Independent – 14 Nov 2022)

…Wahya’s banner is amongst the 74 banners that the New Hamburg Legion hung to honour veterans this Remembrance Day… (New Hamburg Independent – 8 Nov 2022)


Somewhat impossible for this individual to have served in Kandahar during the timeframe he claims that he was involved in an IED strike as he was busting the moves in these images from June / July 2007!

Why do individuals like Wahya / Cameron create a faux military persona and claim to have been followed home by the demons of Kandahar and what do they gain from their actions?

Over the course of the past 10 years, it’s become apparent that the vast majority of individuals reported to us are nothing more than grifters & con artists who lie, cheat or steal for their own personal gain. 

They have used their “special status” to attend armed forces ceremonies and parades, military themed galas and high profile sporting events as VIP guests. Some have participated in fully funded overseas pilgrimages & adventurous expeditions, more have “advocated” on veterans issues without the requisite knowledge, experience or service. 

Many have used their fake military narratives and tales of battlefield injuries to advance their employment opportunities & political aspirations.

Others are involved in intimidation, theft, fraud including accessing veteran/military discounts, questionable charity schemes, embezzlement and dating scams.

It’s our position that Wahya / Cameron is an imposter, he has absolutely no military service and would likely have difficulty finding Kandahar on a map.

His military themed fairy tales, created for his own personal gain, insult the service and sacrifice of legitimate veterans and it’s long past time for him to get on his knees and apologize for his reprehensible actions. 


Why oh why indeed.

Source: Gigage Wahya aka Joel Cameron. A banner of lies.. – Stolen Valour Canada

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A Proud Infidel®️™️

At least he came clean about his past.


Yeah most of these guys tend to fight it to the dying day. He came clean, fessed up, and apparently turned himself in.

Still doesn’t erase the douchiness of it all to begin with, but hey it’s a start, and much more than quite a few others featured here.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

To avoid being ass-raped in prison I suspect more than a few folks might be willing to bend the truth for a while…

I agree that turning himself in and facing the consequences is a stand up move.

We have Senators in this country who still hold office after lying about being Native American on their law license application or serving in Vietnam in combat and a great many people think those folks are fine folks indeed….

It makes it harder for me to be all pissed off about little Johnny assclown in jail for drugs trying to avoid being pimped out or beaten regularly…the senators had no fucking reason at all to lie, they did and faced no consequences…

So yeah, I’m not gonna lose a lot of sleep over this dipshit telling a lie in prison and afterwards and then fessing up and understanding he’s going to face some legal issues once again…one might successfully argue he’s showing more character than the aforementioned senators.


He confessed because he was caught, no other reason.

A Proud Infidel®™

You’re probably right!


A CanukleHead, may he learn and grow!


Canada must have some Gucci jail cells for PTSD vets for him to go full retard like that.


“I just did it to keep Benjy the Hoser off of my asshole in the slam”.

Well that’s certainly a new and original excuse. 🤔  😏 

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

“I’m sorry I got caught for my lies…” There you go, Dippy, I fixed it for you. Cocksucker! What say ye, Hatchet? Are you still lurking around? Waiting for RCAF Chairborne to chime in too.

Yeah all well and good this POS came clean, but he shouldn’t have started rocking his lies like he did. Maybe instead of a tricked out Harley, he was looking to get a nice sled with a Dog Team. Coulda hooked up with “Alaska Bob” and visited Kelly’s “Canyon”.


You owe me for dry cleaning my blouse…I remember Kelly’s Canyon and Alaska Bob the Slob…LMAO


I admit nothing. Call my lawer. This is a no warning spew zone.


Cocksucker..? Nah. Sorry to disagree KOB but I’m told by those-in-the-know that the act of fellatio takes some thought and some actual brain power. Joey gets himself thrown in the klink for gawd only knows what brand of stupidity and then decides to go full-on-fucktard with I’ma stone-cold-‘Nishnawbe-war-hero to save himself from the perceived threats/tender mercies of Thor and Tiny? Nah. Ain’t buy’n into any of it. If someone’s gotten themselves thrown in jail, the last thing that either brain cell should be contemplating in that period of incarceration is committing even more petty crimes.. Bottom-line: he probably got a really good look at himself in a jailhouse mirror, didn’t really like what he saw and decided – made the conscious choice – to switch his image STEALING valour by way of LYING HIS ASS OFF. Period. Life is a series of crossroads and ultimately all about making choices – good or bad. FLUSH. GURGLE.. Big Middle Finger. NEXT!


Testify! Welcome Home, misun. You have been missed. Hope you are well.


I’m also going to go with, a shitty thing to lie about but at least he came clean.
Who knew claiming vet status would keep him from getting his maize hole violated?


Gigawaha whatevah haha.


Why do they do it?
They see the attention/respect that people receive for putting their asses on the line.
It easier to buy online/at the flea market what they think is the required gear to pretend to be a hero than actually be a hero
They also throw the PTSD “card” out as an excuse for their bad behavior
Eff them all


Every faker thinks they are Steven Seagal punching their CO…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

^^This is far too accurate….^^^


I only had one CO that I truly wanted to punch. And the line was very long, I didn’t have the patience for that.

RGR 4-78

This fellow was a s#%tbag before his fake enlistment.
He was a s#%tbag during his fake enlistment.
He has been a slowly evolving s#%tbag after his fake enlistment.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Its” current name should be GigaWatt Wahoo.
Gives it a little spark, punches it up some.
Hope “he” accepts “his” new name with little resistance.

I would go with Garbage Wahwah.


Apologies to George Harrison… WahWah


to put Canadian veterans in perspective, you probably have a better chance of meeting an actual navy SEAL in the US than a Canadian veteran.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Read the story Ae, read all the comments Ae, what a knucklehead Ae, long time since a Monday stolen Valor story Ae, going to watch my Red Green collection of DVD’s Ae.


He’s no Pegahmagabow.


Good one. Definitely not an ounce of Francis in him and most definitely NOT a straight shooter…


He’s no Prince either ( Not the former artist formerly known as )


This guy should receive the most severe penalty you can give a Canadian.

His Tim Hortons privileges should be revoked.


That would be rough. I grew quite fond of their coffee when I was working in Ohio a few years back. Extra large dark roast, double double. That’ll get your day started off right. Their breakfast sandwiches and donuts were good, too.



Green Thumb

What a fucking clown.

Phil Monkress would be proud.

But at least this turd appears to be of the First Nations. Much unlike the known Pretindian “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).