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| February 13, 2023

Colt Single Action Army

Domestic disturbance leads to armed man being shot by HPD officer in Kingwood, police say
Police said they got a call about a disturbance and rushed to the scene because they could hear a woman screaming for help in the background.
Author: John Diaz
An armed man is in the hospital after being shot by officers, according to the Houston Police Department.

The shooting happened around 3:15 a.m. Saturday on Northpark Plaza Dr., which is along I-69 at The Discovery at Kingwood Apartments.

Police said they got a call about a disturbance and rushed to the scene because they could hear someone screaming for help in the background. When they arrived, police attempted to break into the apartment because they could hear a man and woman screaming.
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Po-Po take the fun out of abusing the weak and helpless, and KHOU is there.

Columbus SWAT fatally shoots Athens man with rape warrant outside Grove City Home Depot

Bethany Bruner and Cole Behrens, The Columbus Dispatch
The man who Columbus police SWAT fatally shot Saturday outside the Home Depot store in Grove City was wanted for rape of a minor out of Athens County, law enforcement said Sunday.

The suspect who police fatally shot was Bret Andrews, 46, of Athens, who was wanted on a warrant out of Athens County on a charge of rape of a minor who was under the age of 13, according to Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith, who was briefed on the fatal police shooting. The rape occurred in October 2021, according to court documents filed in December 2022.

Columbus police Sgt. David Scarpitti said the shooting happened shortly after 8:20 p.m. Saturday as SWAT officers were trying to arrest Andrews on the active rape arrest warrant in the parking lot of the Home Depot located at 1680 Stringtown Road.

“During the encounter, officers fired their weapons, striking the male,” Scarpitti said in a release.

Andrews was transported to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center in downtown Columbus, where he died at 8:53 p.m.

A firearm believed to have been with Andrews was recovered at the scene, Scarpitti said Saturday. He could not say whether the suspect showed the weapon or fired any shots during the encounter. The number of officers who fired their weapons also was not released.

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The Columbus Dispatch

The week starts with a child rapist now at room temperature. Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

Thus, in setting an American agenda for a New World Order, we must begin with a profound alteration in traditional thought.
– Joe Biden’s Handlers

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Wanted for rape of a minor. I wonder how he felt being penetrated by that bullet.


The tears will fall like rain for Mr. Andrews departure from this earthly abode.

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Expert testimony from COL, Craig Tucker USMC ret.


This is the same panty waste that wrote an opinion piece calling the NRA cowards for the left wing media raw meat crew.

It would be funny if it weren’t straight up perjury. Since he clearly knows it is lies that he is spreading he has brought dishonor upon himself and the Corps, by trying to use credibility as an USMC Officer to spread these lies.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

I have seen a lot of people shot with M16s and none of them were cut in two. I have also seen a man shot with an M14 at muzzle range and although it caused almost instant death it did not cut him in two. This Col. is a liar .


He’s also a shitbag who was hemmed up for some shenanigans with a subordinate:

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I’ve seen people shot with 50 BMG and also not cut in two. Besides the USMC never, ever used the lower powered .223 anyway. The rifling doesn’t make the bullet tumble, all bullets are designed to cause wounds that kill, he didn’t spend 14 months in combat and generally doesn’t know shit.


Yes, the rifling does the opposite. This Col. is likely a REMF, and he has never shot anything but paper targets.


Ditto on the M-16. Observed an M-16 leg wound and the X-ray. Although serious bone damage, the man did not lose his leg. The one cartridge capable of what this guy describes is the .50 cal.


A special place in Hell for child rapists. May the Barbed Cock of Satan torment them for all Eternity as their worthless souls burn in Hell. And make some room for dirtbags that abuse women folk. Too bad the deputy didn’t go ahead an administer a TPS.

My idea of a New World Order is to get rid of all of the lying, stealing, grifting, career politicians.

Shorely do covet them Colt SAAs. Matt Dillon and Paladin grin.


Hmmmmmm …. that pin-up looks vaguely familiar.

rgr1480 approves.


That is one handsome revolver, never have had a cowboy gun but it’s tempting. Ah heck, next thing, I’ll be walking around wearing spurs and stuff:-)


So, in other words, you’re moving to Texas?


I’m there! Just north of Corpus, out in the country, planning a garden. Got new jeans, about two inches longer than my inseam, they look good with boots and I don’t ever have to bend over and get the hem over them.

Haven’t seen a rattler, yet. Can barely wait for peach season and a limited run of Blue Bell Peach Ice Cream–because dammit, I’m good enough, I deserve it, and Texans like it!


Better have about $3K iff’n you plan to buy a real Colt with real ivory grips. The grips alone go for over $700, if you can find a pair. Luckily, I acquired mine many years ago, before prices went crazy.


Nah, $3K is a bit of a reach for this old man… “a man has to know his limitations!”


Back in 1960 when I first wanted one, a Colt SAA had a MSRP of only $125.00. I had to settle for a .22 Frontier Scout which only cost about $50.00. I