Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| January 31, 2023

This guy only feels safe in the women’s toilet

If I can’t groom kids, then I quit!

The most oppressed of the oppressed

Everything is racist. Even American citizenship

Coyotes “help people”

Racism is so back in style

Black guy is killed by five black guys. That can only mean…white supremacy!

Her Honor Beetlejuice hard at work

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It’s 2023– male Google exec fired after turning down female boss’ sexual harrassment:

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Boiling mad CPO

Perhaps we should have a federal law that makes it mandatory for anyone who wants to post a video/meme/etc.. shall have to wait a minimum of 1 week before posting. This should save a lot of embarrassment to the individual but would deprive us normals of a good laugh. I cannot decided which side I am on.


While you’re at it, eliminate aliases. You just know most of the really idiotic posters wouldn’t say the things they do if they had to use their real names.


her honor, beetlejuice… thanks, i spit my coffee out.


Lori, Lori, Lori!


We live in a RV Resort year round with other families with children…our showers and bathroom had no locks so homeless will wander in and take advantage of free hot showers..14 year old granddaughter went in solo (we always go in pairs but I stayed in to remove fresh baked bread from oven)…
My phone dings I have a message…help man inside…bathroom is forty steps from my space, grabbed my BO Staff and ran to the showers…secured my granddaughter, opened up the shower curtain and WTF???!!!
250 lb mustached, unshaven man, with womens clothes hanging off the pegs shaving his legs..
Then all hell breaks loose because granddaughter alerted neighbors…bitch crying I have the right to shower in the ladies room because I identify as female…escorted the sick fuck out the park…we now have a keypad lock


Friend, your RV Park could use one of these…and I could use a loaf or 12 of that fresh baked bread.

comment image


KoB…thanks but my gun works well.. I bake six fresh loaves a day..one for us, the rest for neighbors…along with hot soups…wish you lived nearby..


Have gas…will travel…

comment image


I live in Southern California…aka State of Fruit and Nuts..


My deepest sympathies. Run, Friend, Run! A Lady Friend’s Baby Boy (and my IT Man) is in San D with his lady that is from there. He makes some serious coin of the realm but is ready to beat feet on a midnight train to Georgia.

Gonna show my Ladies just how much I love them this Valentine’s Day. ‘stead of a dozen roses, I’m giving ’em a dozen eggs. 😜


I plan on running to my birth country in two years…me, don’t like fresh cut flowers, plants are longer lasting…as for eggs, bro has a shitload of chickens in France.


That lady was wrong. Whiny bitch #1 is not a man.
#2, I’d hit it, she being between jobs and all. We would have to find the off switch for the mouth to stop running first.
#3 is wrong, real black women actually correct people.
#4 can not fap, weird looking face with everything out of alignment.
#5, Have to be Captain Obvious here, the reason you think people smell like pennies is because of that hunk of metal you have shoved up your nose.
#6, Jesus will forgive your sins but white guilt isn’t covered in the Bible so you are on your own on that one.
#7, If I wanted to watch lesbians singing “boom, boom, boom”… I’d well.. watch some hot ones…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The only Boom Boom Boom Boom is John Lee Hooker and not this other shit…although the scenery is better in your version for certain…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I make sure to use the gender neutral restrooms whenever I have to take a big stinking shit, that way the ladies get to be treated as equals and enjoy all that comes with that.

If anyone were to suggest I shouldn’t, I would remind them that in addition to being the boss I’m allowed to use whichever restroom I feel fits my identity…and since gender neutral means no matter what your identity is you’re allowed inside to use that facility I’m within my rights to do so.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

“Kaelie” might not be the ugliest woman(trans or not) on the planet but they are definitely a top three contender…


American citizenship hell, I saw where some professor claims mathematics is racist.

Skivvy Stacker

I smell like pennies?

That’s weird, I used to work for Sears….


Well played.