Suspected prowler was decades-long Navy deserter

| January 27, 2023

Antonio D. Miller was at a residence when someone suspected him to be a prowler. Law enforcement were contacted and they responded. When the officers asked Miller what he was doing, he informed them that he was seeing if his former employer was home at the time. When the officers asked for his identification, Miller provided them with his deceased brother’s name. However, it was later discovered that Miller was someone else and not the deceased brother.

From the Navy Times:

But desert Miller did, on April 14, 1978, giving the slip to his Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, command and remaining on the lam until May of last year, when the long arm of Navy law finally caught up with him, more than 44 years later.

Miller was court-martialed in Norfolk on Aug. 5 on a charge of desertion, according to Navy court records.

Navy officials did not provide his age, but the Tennessee man was sentenced to a bad-conduct discharge, reduction in rank to E-1 and two months of confinement, although he was credited with 79 days of pre-trial confinement.

A chunk of his pre-trial time in jail occurred in Hamilton County, Tennessee, the state where his run from the law came to an abrupt stop.

Miller’s decades of desertion ended May 19, when he was arrested by police in the small Tennessee town of Soddy-Daisy, according to police records obtained by Navy Times.

Officers responded to a residence that day on reports of a “prowler,” according to the Soddy-Daisy Police Department.

They found Miller, who said he was seeing if his former employer, who lived at the address, was home.

Questioned by officers, he provided an ID card for his brother, Curtis Miller, but police soon confirmed that Curtis Miller had actually passed away in 2010, according to records.

“The male constantly stated he was Curtis and had to go to Nashville to get the issue resolved,” the responding officer wrote.

Police called another Miller brother, William Miller, who confirmed that Curtis Miller had passed away, and that the man using his ID was actually another brother, the wanted junior sailor, Antonio Devasco Miller.

“William stated ‘he was not f—- lying’ … and that his brother’s real name was ‘Antonio Devasco Miller,'” the responding officer wrote. “I then asked William where the Spanish name came to be when his other brothers were Winston, Earl, Curtis and William. He stated ‘a Mexican was his father’s f—– best friend and he was named after him.’ I ended the phone call due to William being irate.”

The Navy Times has additional information.

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Well I can certainly see why. The world was in such turmoil in 1978 and the possibility of being deployed to a dangerous combat theater and being injured or killed was massive.  🙄 


Disco made him do it…

Hack Stone

He should have been more committed to splitting the scene, ling this individual.

Hack Stone

“He should have been more committed to splitting the scene, like this individual.”

As usual, Hack Stone Publishing regrets the error.

Green Thumb

I wonder if he also deserted from All-Points Logistics?

What a turd.


He was just floating along until he found himself in the sh^t.


Antonio Devasco Miller….

“On the day that Airman Apprentice Antonio D. Miller ditched his Navy unit and deserted from the Navy, “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees was the number one song in America, Jimmy Carter was president and junior enlisted sailors couldn’t even begin to explain the meaning of #FYP.”

“Miller’s service record shows he stayed at the Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, South Carolina, from June 8 to to his Aug. 5 trial date”

“After that, he spent nearly a month with the Transient Personnel Unit in Norfolk, a temporary command for sailors leaving the service.”

“His current whereabouts remains unclear.”

“Miller, separated on Sept. 1, nearly 46 years after enlisting in May 1976.”

antonio miller one.jpg

Dude was about 20 when he went AWOL in April 1978 (he was born September 1957) and was 65 when he was finally given a BCD in September 2022.

Hack Stone

Did they throw a going away party for him?

Hack Stone is willing to bet his last copy of outdated overpriced Red Hat Software that when he jumped ship, he probably ripped off his shipmates to finance his “independent duty”.

RGR 4-78

I DEPed in around May 1976.

This s#!tbag was good at hiding/flying under the radar of law enforcement.


“hiding/flying under the radar of law enforcement.”

aka being a law-abiding citizen.
It ain’t that tough, actually. Hundreds of millions of us citizens do it every year for most, if not all, of our lives.

I actually love that phrasing 🙂 ; it almost makes it seem like we are all fugitives in fear of being detected by the police.

RGR 4-78

After 35 years of EMS/Fire I am a bit jaded, most scumbags are incapable of living like a normal citizen.

This fellow was using an assumed identity this whole time or worked jobs that paid cash only.


Like Downey said:
comment image


Whiz Wheel®™ spins:

Antonio Devasco Miller (FRPR*) 28 x 8 = 224

Full Retard Past Rutabaga (Hat Tip to API®™)


that gives rutabagas a bad name. Full Retard Past flung Monkey Turd for this craptacular waste of oxygen.

Who wants to bet he has spent the past 44 years tonguing the two hole of Mexican Food fans behind the Taco Loco dumpster?


Antonio Devasco Miller enlisted in May 1976 and went AWOL in April 1978.

If you think about it, he seved longer than Robert Hunter Biden.

“Biden’s son fails drug test, is discharged from Navy”

“The younger son of Vice President Joe Biden failed a drug test for cocaine, a month after his commissioning last year into the Navy Reserve and was discharged.”


Hack Stone

45 years of dodging the CPO when it came time to shake down the troops to “contribute” to the Navy Relief Drive. He better settle that tab before his last trip down the gangplank.


He needs a keelhauling


Late 70’s Norfolk? “Dogs and sailors Stay Off the Grass.”


Urban sh*thole, too.

Just An Old Dog

I’m surprised they simply didn’t give him an Admin Sep OTH rather than waste time on a CM.