ARNG LT who can’t follow orders wins in court

| January 18, 2023

We’ve talked a lot about Specialist Lieutenant Nazario here. He’s the one who was driving through a small Virginia town without plates on his truck (he did have a temp tag behind the tinted rear window). When the cops tried to stop him, despite his innumerable prior law enforcement contacts, he took a good long time to “find a safe spot.” When he did finally stop, he refused the officers’ directions, tried to use his position as an Army officer for his personal benefit, and got pepper sprayed for his troubles.

Because he’s some racial minority, he cried foul, the Sergeant Major of the Army thought he conducted himself appropriately for some reason, and the prosecutors dropped the case. Lieutenant Nazario then sued in civil court. Looking for a massive payday I’m sure, the jury verdict is in!

Virginia Army lieutenant awarded less than $4,000 by jury in civil lawsuit against Windsor police officers

A federal jury reached a verdict in a case against two Windsor police officers accused of conducting a violent traffic stop involving Virginia Army National Guard lieutenant, Caron Nazario in 2020.

The jury found Joe Gutierrez liable of assault — awarding Nazario $2,685 for the charge. In addition, Crocker’s illegal search of Nazario’s SUV resulted in $1,000 for punitive damages — bringing Nazario’s total to $3,685, a far cry from the $1 million he was seeking.

“We are pleased that the jury determined that there were certain things that they would not tolerate,” said Jonathan Arthur, Nazario’s attorney. “Obviously, we’re disappointed that they determined that there were some things that they would, but we’re once again very pleased that they put their foot down and said certain actions from law enforcement — they’re not going to tolerate in Virginia.”

The case began in August 2022 when Nazario filed a $1 million civil lawsuit against both Windsor police officers, claiming that he was assaulted and falsely imprisoned during the 2020 incident.

The results of the trial required two extensions — one for an extra half-hour and one for an entire holiday weekend — before the jury came to their final verdict on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

On Dec. 20, 2020, Crocker and Gutierrez conducted a traffic stop of Nazario for driving a vehicle with missing license plates. In bodycam footage of the stop, the officers can be seen pepper-spraying, striking and handcuffing Nazario as he fails to exit his vehicle after police commands. Nazario can also be heard saying he is afraid for his life.

Crocker and Gutierrez’s counsel argued that they had good reason to treat the incident like a felony traffic stop — and that they used the necessary force to get Nazario out of the car.

“Against our client, Officer Crocker, a thousand dollars in damages for the search which we admitted he didn’t follow the proper procedure, so we feel the verdict was fair,” said Rick Matthews, Crocker’s attorney. “It was courageous on the part of the jury given the political climate and we’re very pleased.”

Nazario’s counsel argued he was confused by the officers’ conflicting commands and he had good reason to believe that the traffic stop could’ve ended in a deadly outcome.

“I would like to thank everyone that has come near and far to support me, and I would like to say continue to keep the spotlight on matters like this and thank you for the support,” Nazario said after the trial.

Source; ABC 8 News

After paying his lawyer, he should have enough left to fill the tank on his truck. Obviously the jury agreed that the officers crossed a line (they’ve since been fired), but it’s equally obvious that the jury did not think Nazario much of a victim here. While the officers were not exonerated at all, neither was Nazario vindicated.


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That is straight up Grade A egg money!


Show her you REALLLLY love her this Valentine’s Day. Instead of a dozen Red Roses, get her a dozen eggs. And to REALLLY, REALLLLLY show her you love her, instead of 18 ct gold bling, get her an 18 count of extra large eggs.


Why is a Sgt. major commenting on NG officers actions off duty?


Well, he is the SMA and Nazario is a LT..

Look at both of their Backgrounds..

And what else does a SMA do?

Linked story is for our very own beloved Claw.

Still wondering if it WAS Joe who made those comments..or was it Baby Killer Killiam Phony Vietnam POW..hiding behind Joe’s name..

Going On 6 years…🤭


I watched the video and that Nasty Girl had an attitude right from the start. That jury award won’t be enough to cover his attorney fees.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Sounds like a draw for all intents and purposes….

Government wrongdoing always needs to be expensive for government though, otherwise the lesson is never learned.

As the enforcement arm of the government those officers are acting on behalf of the government in every encounter with the public. It’s a difficult job to be sure as the public gets dumber every year, but holding those with the power of life and death over their fellow citizens to the highest standards of conduct should be the minimum acceptable standard a free people is willing to endure as part of being governed with their consent.


I’d agree with you if the expensive part wasn’t paid for with money taken from law abiding citizens who had nothing to do with what happened.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

But we do when we keep voting for the same dipshits to govern us…it makes us complicit in all of the government’s actions whether we like that reality or not good sir….


They fired the dude so it cost them a lot more than the court case to find, hire and train a new guy. But again, it wasn’t “the government” per se. The guy that got fired broke policy and the law.

An Old Arty Sgt

He should drive in St Joseph Missouri. There are people driving around with Temp plates that expired in 2020. Some with no plates and others with no lights. The Police don’t care. You can speed all day long, as long as you don’t get in an accident, who cares.


The search was indeed without PC, which is a 4A violation of civil rights. The rest of it, while dumb, I didn’t really have a million dollar problem with.

I guess he will have to keep his day job.

Hack Stone

After his “lawers” get their cut, he should have enough for a twenty minute encounter in the Champagne Room at Klassy Ladies Gentlemen’s Club.


He won’t be able to get the VIP package though. Maybe he should start another Go Fund Me?


and only get the chubb club girls and lite beer….

Old tanker

He forced the situation looking to play the poor oppressed racial victim and it didn’t pay out like he wanted. Pity for him…. NOT. If there had not been video he likely would have won far more $. Instead the jury got to see and hear him pushing buttons rather than comply. I wonder how much he was offered to settle. I’d bet it was far more than he got.

Green Thumb

To bad SMA Grinston did not testify as a character witness.

That would have broken the bank.

James Haltom

The affirmative action SGM.


Socialist Goofball Maggot.


Well, if any of you are interested in helping the LT with his legal fees, here is the GOFUNDME site his Attorney set up for him around April 2021 ($$$ Goal was $50K. So far, 386 donators have submitted $19,120…🤭)

“Stand with Lt. Caron Nazario – Defending Liberty”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A fool and his money….



You got it right the First Time…SPECIALIST Nazario.

However, the Dude is UNWORTHY to be a Member of the E4 Mafia…

RGR 4-78

The traffic stop was where 3 assholes met.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I KEEP saying that LEOS should work under the Fergusson effect and NOT do traffic stops, slow down on gun runs domestics etc and just check parking meters DEPENDING on the neighborhood one is working in so you can go home to your family after work.


No $1 million dollar payout but if the LT hasn’t already done so he can use the $4k to pay off all those previous traffic fines he earned.


Ya know, when I read these stories, I just get frustrated with how insanely difficult it was for a lot of the enlisted folks that did the right thing, worked hard to get their 4 yr degrees, and it was still insanely difficult for them to get accepted and pushed through in DCO and OCS programs.


Ol’ Poe is wondering if perhaps Lt. Nazario was commissioned through the Virginia Youth Challenge Academy… 🤔 


Seems likely. He is certainly arrogant and sufficiently aggrieved.

Prior Service

The results are in: win, win and win. Dumb cop meets punk LT and sleazy lawyer gets iced out of his anticipated score by sticking it to the man!


With the way the Army is going he is a lock for Captain.


The question before the court was not whether the lieutenant was wrong.

The question was whether the cop was wrong.

And the cop was absolutely wrong.

I really wonder how serious some of you are about wanting to live in a free society given how much authority you want to grant to cops, how much latitude you want them to have in the use of force, and how little accountability you expect when they violate a citizen’s rights.


Oh great. It’s back.


You won you case. You are hereby awarded damages in the amount of 1 Country Captain’s Chicken MRE and 1 Vegetarian Omelette MRE. Enjoy your victory