Disabled veteran’s truck and wheelchair stolen

| January 17, 2023

John Versackas parked his truck, locked it, and brought the keys with him into his home. However, he noticed that the truck was missing on Saturday morning. Considering that he felt safe in his home, and his truck was normally where he expected it to be, he appeared surprised that it turned up missing.

From WCVB 5 ABC:

John Versackas has lived on Gordon Road in Arlington for 25 years and has always felt safe inside his home.

But his blue Honda Ridgeline, which was parked in the front driveway, was stolen early Saturday morning. Versackas said his doors were locked and his truck keys were still inside his house.

“I said: ‘No way. The truck cannot be gone. I can’t believe that.’ And I looked, and it was gone,” Versackas said. “We were just panicking like crazy.”

The Arlington Police Department confirmed it is searching for Versackas’ truck, which has a “Framingham State College Dad” sticker, a colorful pit bull sticker and a Patriots/Tampa Bay sticker.

“You feel violated really bad,” Versackas said. “I got very paranoid. I mean, what’s the next step? Are they going to break into the house?”

Versackas does not get around as well as he used to when he was in the U.S. Army, serving in the Korean Demilitarized Zone during the 1970s. Sadly, his specialized walker-wheelchair and handicap placard were inside the truck when it was stolen, so they are also missing. Versackas said he is now trying to figure out how he can get to his doctor’s office at the VA and anywhere else.

“I’m very depressed because I had it all paid off, and I’m on a budget because I’ve been out of work. I’m on a medical,” Versackas said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get my truck back.”

WCVB 5 ABC has the rest of the story, and video, here.

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People are assholes. Chocolate covered assholes with soft gooey asshole centers inside.


OK 5JC you fuck. I laughed WAY harder than I should have at this and it’s no indication of said people that committed this crime. (maybe)
 😑  😃  💩 
Also I’m stealing this. Fair warning. OH!!! And it’s now getting added to The As(s)teroid of Insults®™

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA

Finally, made the big time. Knowing that forever more I shall be even a small part of shitting on the well deserving brings me joy.


ALSO, you can enjoy knowing you’re FIRST!!! in 2023 to have your shitpost added to the historic tome.  😘 


Just to get the formalities out of the way since we don’t know how long it will take to track down these miscreants, I hereby move that we deploy the Planetoid of Insults on the person or persons involved in this crime once they have been identified.


Hondas have been the most stolen vehicles for decades due to their high part out value.


I fucking hate thieves.

The muslims are on to something with how they handle thievery.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

we certainly don’t deal with them appropriately in this country….there’s a guy around here who has now reached 140 arrests for breaking and entering in the last 20 years….so 7 times a year every year for two decades and the fucker is still out on the loose….


And yet our liberal friends decry habitual criminal and 3-strikes laws…


The three strikes law…das raycis


Concur. I work for my counties health and human services. We pull DOC checks for some of our program…..I’ve seen people in the mid 20s to late 40s that have a longer arrest history than job history.


140 arrests? You’d think he’d be better at it, by now.

A Proud Infidel®™

Nearly everyone I know that’s in LE tells me that they have no time to go after the “smart” criminals because the stupid ones keep them busy 24/7.


and it is getting worse. No repercussions means unlimited thievery.


Dropped my Nokia Sim enabled cell on a busy sidewalk outside of the souq in Dammam, KSA.

Retraced my steps much later that afternoon and it was right outside of the vendor where I was fumbling through my pockets for riyals. Vendor saw me looking around and said “My friend you looking for cell phone?” I thanked (shuqran) him and he said “No problem.”

I probably could’ve came back the next day and it still would’ve been there. Or at least the vendor would’ve held onto it for me until I returned.

After all, no Nokia cell phone is worth losing a hand.


It’s the same in Japan.


I had a close family member who worked in Kuwait for about 10 years back in the 80s. When he first got there he parked his rental car and went to a meeting. When he got out of the meeting he had trouble finding the car. He spotted it, got in and tried to start it. He couldn’t start it because there were keys already in the ignition.

He had gotten into the wrong car.

You might also note that the strict narcotics laws go hand in hand with low crime.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Forget about “under the jail”.
How about “under the bus”, and have the bus roll back and forth over the perps at least half-a-dozen times.
Or maybe have the perps “run the gauntlet” of pissed off vets and their caretakers, each wielding whatever heavy object that they’re able to swing.

AW1 Rod

If they ever catch the piece of shit who stole the truck (and that’s a BIG if), I hope he gets a Wood Shampoo and falls repeatedly on his way to jail!


Something just does not ring right with this story.

First impression was that this guy was in his late 70s, early 80s.

Was taken back when we discovered he is 69 years young (born July 1953), has kids that are 22 and 24 years young (all public information)…

Just a gut feeling that this may have been an “inside job”, i.e. possible family members or friends of family members may have taken his the truck.

Additionally, we feel the news media “milked” this story, using the magic word “Veteran.”

Time will tell…



I grew up next town over many years ago.
Tnx for raising suspicions.
I feel much better now….



SO many questions on this story.

No one to include the dog heard strange noises in the night or early Saturday morning i.e. someone breaking into a truck?

WAS the Honda actually locked as he stated?

Daughter states on his GoFundMe that some of his insurance does cover the cost. Didn’t the VA pay for his special wheelchair? If they did, how can car insurance cover that loss? The same with the Handicap placcard?


Having doubts he is the primary driver of that vehicle…

There are others who have served on the DMZ and had items stolen. Still think this story was “milked”…”VETERAN”…

And in the meantime, Illegal Aliens are still crossing the border, the liberal news media are still trying to protect Ole Brandon Boy and his son and health/auto/home insurance prices are rising because of fraud and abuse….


GimmeMoney Fund has reached the original goal of 8.5K, so within the past hour the daughter raised the goal to 10K.

Smells kinda fishy.


Glad I’m not the only one thinking something is fishy about this tale. Brilliant minds and all of that.



He said his wheelchair and walker were inside his vehicle and that he had a ramp installed at his home so he can drive again???

Does this mean he has an extra wheelchair and walker in his home, i.e. 2 wheelchairs and 2 walkers? What does having a ramp installed have anything to do with him driving a truck?


He does not have two sets of keys?

A 2006? Someone made the comment “Well, the Thief or Thieves ‘hotwired’ his car”…How does one “hotwire” a 2006 truck that is most likely has a key fob?

What is worse is that the news media started off with “Disabled Veteran…”

As mentioned, there are lots of Disabled Veterans who served in the DMZ in the early 1970s. Doubt they were disabled by the Assault Fork..

What about Disabled Veterans who can’t drive because they lost limbs/eyesight because of Combat?

19 January 1807.


“Versackas says he can’t walk very well anymore and has other medical issues.”

“I have one lung. I have congestive heart disease when it doesn’t work right my legs swell up,” he explains.”

We doubt very seriously his inability to walk or having only one lung or congestive heart failure was caused by his time in South Korea.

The news media should be ashamed of even posting this story.

Seems as if folks are forgetting those disabled veterans who lost limbs or eyesight because of combat time.

Alot of those Disabled Veterans picked themselves up with those challenges instead of using the Violen “Feel Sorry For Me” Story.


7340-00-243-5391 Fork, Field Mess, Assault, Stainless Steel / s



NSN for Baby Violen?


Thanks for the smile, Claw.

That story ticked us off, especially when we did some background research on the Dude Who Was Disabled Because Of The Assault Fork.

Someone should ask Versackas what Camp he was on in the early 1970s…lots of Camps surrounded the DMZ in that timeframe…


Sorry, there is no NSN for a Baby Violin (1/32 sized Violin, approximately 13 inches long). However, a full-sized adult sarcasm violin’s NSN is: 7710-00-185-7104 / s



Never Underestimate The Power Of A US Army Supply Daddy.

Thank You, Claw!


Have rope, will travel.


Rest In Peace, MAJ Arthur George “Art” Bonifas and LT Mark Thomas Barrett, both MURDERED by the North Koreans on the DMZ in 1976:



To the Boston area news media and John Versackas:

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Tell your sob story to the families of those two US Army Officers

“DMZ Ceremony Marks 45th Anniversary Of American Soldiers’ Axe Slaying”



Rest In Peace, LT.

Never Forget.



If the downvote shows up, that was a fat-fingered mistake. I upvoted the post.


RIP. Believe it was 77 not 76. Was in flying from Okinawa to Japan when this happened. All air traffic was restricted in theater.