Russky floating airport in blame game

| January 11, 2023

No, that’s not an onboard fire after a missile strike – that’s the normal view of the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia’s entry in the “World’s Least Stealthy Ship Award” contest. Can see that puppy miles over the horizon sending out smoke signals like a pissed-off Apache. And right now, that’s the GOOD part of its operation.

“The military and shipbuilders of the Russian Federation are trying to shift responsibility to each other for bringing the only Russian aircraft carrier to a critical condition.

The only Russian aircraft carrier, the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, is in disrepair.

Defence Intelligence reports that the Russians decided to move the ship from the dry dock to one of the piers of the ship repair plant to continue the repair works.

Ship repairmen warned the military that the condition of Admiral Kuznetsov does not allow it to be deployed due to the high probability that it would sink or capsize.

During the examination, it was revealed that the metal structures below the third deck of the ship were significantly corroded. The holds are filled with muddy water, which makes it impossible to examine the ship in detail from the inside.

So the pride of the Russian fleet is so rotted out that trying to move it pierside could result in it capsizing or sinking. Bet that’s a comfort to the Russian sailors? The Navy is fining the 35th Ship Repair plant 1,500,000,000 rubles (I would joke that was equivalent in cost to an Earl Scheib paint job, but it’s $2,100,000US.)  The 35th is blaming it on the Northern Fleet Navy reps. No one apparently wants this maritime tar baby on their hands.

According to available intelligence data, there are not even any approximate deadlines for completing the repair of Admiral Kuznetsov and returning it to service.

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Anna Puma

Literally an oversized LCS.


List Capsize Sink?


Literal Comedy Ship
Low Capability Ship
Lousy Concept Ship


Last Choice Ship


The Larry Lightbulb Class, named for Dr. Lightbulb, NAVSEA’s Good Idea Fairy.





That’s a fuel rich mixture or their burning coal…I mean, damn. The Soviets designed things so they can make lots, and lots of them. They didn’t design things to be long lasting from their shitty cars to aircraft carriers.


When buying a Trabant automobile, always get the dual/extended exhaust pipe option. That way you can use it as a wheelbarrow.


“Mazut” bunker fuel… Soviets went with that because it was plentiful and low-tech then.

Sorta like the old joke: Why did the Russian airliner crash? It ran out of coal!

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Maybe they are upwind of a US Naval ship blowing tubes like the tin can did to a Russian trawler off of Seville Spain during Op Steel Pike back in 1964.


The Commie version of rolling coal


Came here to say that.

Congratulations, you beautiful bastard 😜


That ship looks really glad to see ya….

Skivvy Stacker

And if it’s like the rest of the ship, that won’t last long either…


Nah… the ship just has a serious case of Peyronie’s disease.

Skivvy Stacker

I thought that only carrots got that.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Corruption and deceit are never a recipe for long term success in any nation. The Russians have long deluded themselves into thinking substandard is an acceptable standard as if the next major conflict will be the same as the one 80 years ago…they’re not alone in that thinking, but it’s a dangerous path to bank your future upon over the long term.

The Chi-Coms at least learned that lesson and are actively engaged in constructing carriers that will meet their expansion designs. As always they remain the premier enemy of the United States in the world, and as always our own nation’s corrupt government continues to pretend the Chinese are not a problem…I hope before I die that our government at least realizes the clear and present danger that Chinese Communism represents to the entire world and more specifically US interests around the world.


The bought and paid for government people won’t realize how much of an enemy the ChiComs are until just before the bullet comes into the back of their skull.

One would think that with as much uranium that Ivan has procured, they would build a nuke carrier. Could name it RFS Clintonsov.


Or Chernobyl


Speaking of corruption, here’s an opinion on the topic from someone who’s no doubt an expert, on all the money Joe Biden’s sending to Ukraine:

Ramzan Kadyrov 15 per cent of military aid reaches Ukraine (


Kinda sounds like a whack-job muzzie to me Poe.. Not that he’s wrong about the money laundering…( I’m sure they “big guy” is getting his 10%)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Time to get the BT Snipes down in the hole and change the boiler fireside bricks


“…not even any approximate deadlines for completing…”

A contractor’s wet dream.


Floating soap box derby venue.

George V

Don’t laugh too hard at the Russkies. With the military, defense corporations and engineering schools embracing wokeness in personnel qualifications, science, and math (2+2 = 3 to 5 maybe unless you want another answer) we could be looking at our future Navy. Quality and accuracy will be job #746..or thereabouts.


“Don’t laugh too hard at the Russkies”

True. They have Kuznetsov, we have had Bonhomme Richard. And we have the bumper cars McCain and Fitzgerald.

Hack Stone

Does Al Points Logistics have a branch office in Murmansk?

Prior Service

Why does “rotting from the inside out” seem like an appropriate description for the whole country?


It’s like if The Money Pit took place on a Russian warship.

Imagining the whole “collapsing scaffolding” scene happening in the shipyard…

Green Thumb

I can only imagine that All-Points Logistics Russian counterpart had the contract.

A Proud Infidel®™

What do they use for fuel in that rustbucket, used tires?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Why not?
Good second source for petroleum, and there’s plenty of them.
Come to America! We’ll sell ’em to ya by the train car load, and cheap!
(of course, that puts to naught the entire Paris Agreement)


They should sell it to China. They’ll have it up and launching knock-off MiGs inside three years.


I thought that I saw a recent headline that the Russians were trying to buy back one of their previous carriers that they sold to China. Good luck with that.

USMC Steve

Their navy is the shits. They now have the largest submarine fleet in the world, but not all of those ships were originally subs. Google map Severomorsk, Polyarnny, or Vladivostok port facilities and you will see a bunch of their navy that sunk at their moorings because of a lack of upkeep.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget how the Kursk sank itself as well.

BlueCord Dad

What’s the flag hoist for “Stop Making Smoke”?


“Wouldn’t it be nice if all of their nukes were in just as good of shape.”

They are/were–or worse. Officers on older nuke boats were given sterility pay. Yeah, screw the enlisted, anyway.

Some of their shipyard horror stories of prompt criticality during refueling, etc., made me think our guys didn’t have it so bad.