Birthing parents to get 12 weeks’ leave

| January 7, 2023

The military is changing its post-partum leave policy. Previously, mothers were authorized up to 6 weeks’ leave, and new fathers got zilch. Now, either or both are authorized up to 12 weeks any time within a year after the birth.

The new policy, signed into law with the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act in December 2021, provides parity among birthing and nonbirthing parents for the first time.

In recent years, birthing parents have received from six weeks for birthing parents while nonbirthing parents received no leave.

Now, both parents are entitled to 12 weeks of leave to bond with a new child, on top of any doctor-recommended convalescent leave for the mother.

Military Times

Well, folks, here is political correctness run amok in action. Birthing parents? Policy says ‘birthing parents’, I guess, since all those transgenders flocking to serve in their millions are just champing at the bit to raise their right hands and get knocked up get pregnant at the same time? Seems to me “mothers’ is technically the correct term, isn’t it? Kind of like that “non-birthing parent” part. Let me see, you are a parent and not the mother…damn, it’s so hard to figure out what exactly you must be.

Oh, and the MT author says a familiar sounding coterie of mostly Democrat legislators want 12 weeks PLUS 6 weeks’ convalescent leave for the ‘birth parent’. They probably won’t be happy till ‘birthing parent’ are given convalescent retirement or whatever. Anyway, apparently she didn’t read her own paragraph above.

H/T to Jeff LPH for the story.

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Whatever happened to “if the Army wanted you to have a child
they would issue you one”?


I remember when, if a WAC got pregnant, she was discharged.

RGR 4-78

This is the Pete Bootygig rule.


He’s still trying to figure out breastfeeding to this day.


He and his spouse would’ve gotten 12 weeks each.


She spent the weekend in barracks, 9 months later everybody gets 12 weeks leave?

Hack Stone

Attention Marines assigned to Camp Lejeune between 1954 and 1987. You may owe back child support.


Hack Stone

Now wait a minute Mr. Postman? Wasn’t it just a few months ago that the Democrats said that lack of abortion services for military members is a threat to military readiness? Now they want to take birthing parents out of the “fight” for twelve weeks per participant? So if both are on the same command, that is 24 weeks of manpower/womanpower/non-binary gender fluid power on the unit T/O that someone else has to pick up the slack. And of course, during that time, they will be considered just as competitive for promotion as the GI’s covering their workload. They had the baby while you got fucked.


Hack, back in the early 80s the Air Force manning standard for aircrew on manning documents was 2.1 crew per primary aircraft assigned. When the slots were opemed up to women, this was changed to 2.2 crew per aircraft.


Units are so short right now it doesn’t matter.


Keeping it simple during the approximately 3 months (12 weeks) they’ll accrue an additional 7.5 days of annual leave and using the con leave earn some more.

How about accruing an active-duty service commitment of 2 for 1 or as a minimum 1 for 1. for days used.

Ove the course of my 24 years on active duty I forget how many pre-summer “safety” briefs had reminders about getting so badly sunburned that you couldn’t perform work being subject to disciplinary action.


Given record low birth rates in the US, they are adopting the European carrot approach to reproduction.

Where I work we have a number of low paying jobs and good health insurance is vested after 30 days. Both parents currently get 8 weeks paid sick leave. So the cycle looks like:

  • Finds out she is pregnant
  • Gets job here
  • Works till baby arrives
  • Take eight weeks time off paid
  • Quit

Shouldn’t this have been posted in the SPoTW Thread? And what about the parity of time off for those troops who decide NOT to get a dependapotomus? Blatant discrimination. Somebody call my lawer!

Hack Stone

Back when Hack Stone first hit the fleet and was at 3rd Amphibious Assault Vehicle Battalion, we had quite a few dirtbags earning the rarely coveted and highly awarded Article 15. The guys who were married and their fines suspended because they had families to support. No such consideration for the single guys in the barracks. You would hope that since the Marine Corps was providing additional benefits to the dumbasses who knocked up their high school sweetheart, they would be held to a higher standard.

Prior Service

The part of me that missed 4.9 years of one of my daughter’s life from 0-18 years old, and 5.1 years for the other, says “screw ‘em.” Seriously, why do both parents need to be there at 11 weeks old? Let’s do a better job of making sure “leaders” set conditions where Soldiers can participate in their kids’ lives at the ages where it matters. (Me being forced to walk around a motor pool while the brigade XO looked in every container while my daughter celebrated a birthday drove this point home early in my career.)


This idiocy is why I don’t regret retiring when I did.


Birthing parents, my ass. They are called fathers and mothers. This turbowoke bullshit needs aggressive cancelling.

USMC Steve

I always thought that if a troop got knocked up they should be charged with a self inflicted wounding.