Christmas Eve Short takes – Navy up or out, new SMA, new Infantry 2LT, March awards

| December 24, 2022

It’s the day before Christmas. Sun is out, wind has dropped, we will get above freezing today (first time in several days) and three of the four vehicles started during the snap. Life is good.

The Navy is suspending its high-year tenure  program (we used to call it Up or Out in the Army) wherein eventually too much time in grade/service/time in grade forced sailors into retirement (“Fleet Reserve”, I believe the floatie lads call it? ) in an effort to increase retention amid the current recruiting difficulties.

Now, active duty sailors who have surpassed their high-year tenure threshold may apply for new jobs in the MyNavy Assignment portal, or opt to extend and complete another full-length tour at their current command. This allows sailors to remain at sea, return to sea, or fill a shore billet, the Navy said.  Military Times

While I remember some ‘dull thuds”  who stayed in ‘WAY too long, I also remember some career E-5s or E-6s who were perfectly happy to do mediocre jobs forever…and seemed to know everything.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Army has nominated SMA Grinston’s replacement, Special Operation’s Command best and brightest CSM Weimer.

The sergeant major of the Army, or SMA, is the top enlisted soldier, advising the Army secretary and chief of staff. The senior soldier often acts as a spokesperson for enlisted soldiers to Army leadership, on topics ranging from general readiness to uniforms and family policies. The SMA also frequently testifies at congressional hearings and fields questions from the media.

Weimer has spent nearly his whole career in the special operations world, most recently as command sergeant major of USASOC since August 2021 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the home of special operations.

Man has an impressive resume and looks good on paper. Maybe someone knows him and can comment? Too often in the last generation (to paraphrase “White Christmas” we have sung ‘What do you do with a warrier, who isn’t a warrior, any more?’) when their post-service roles have been somewhat, shall we say, disappointing. I am sure you have a list of candidates for that list, too. McRaven? MacChrystal? Mattis?

  And a huge BZ to 2LT Anna Zaccaria, who is the first female reservist to graduate Infantry OBC.

The lieutenant not only graduated but also earned a spot on the Commandant’s List and won the Ironman Award, according to the statement. Only the top 20% of the infantry course graduates make the list.

The Ironman award is earned by the officer with the highest combined score on physical fitness events or specific company competitions, according to the statement. Military Times II

Doesn’t sound like she needed ‘relaxed standards’, does it? Good on yer, lady!



The Army has decided to let soldiers wear foreign march awards after all. Because there were application fees. Because there were application fees, someone decided foreigners were ‘soliciting’ troops and disallowed wear:

The Holland Four-Day Event Cross, better known as the Nijmegen Cross, and Luxembourg’s International March of Diekirch Medal are once again approved for soldiers to accept and wear on their dress uniforms, according to an internal announcement shared with Army Times.

The Dec. 14 reauthorization is “backdated” to Aug. 31, according to the internal announcement. That means troops who received the awards during a period when the Army had banned their acceptance for permanent wear can now petition the first one-star general in their chain of command to add them to their ribbon racks. Military Times III

Maybe we should require that anyone wanting to disallow an award has to earn it first. Just a thought.


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I wouldn’t mind a little relaxation and getting physical with the Loo ten ant. Not sure of the Ironman score but on a scale of 1-10, I’d put her about 11.69. You Go, Girl! Can we still say that?

On the other subjects? Big Military better keep anybody that wants to stay. I don’t see many beating down the recruiters doors lately.

Y’all let us know if Weimer is a Warrior or a wiener.

Good thing that the only concern of a 1 star is whether or not someone can wear a participation ribbon.

All of my Prime Movers cranked up, but I do have a few frozen pipes. No sign of broke ones yet, but won’t know til it thaws up a bit. So much for my trip on further south. DAMNIT!


I was once better, but these days, this shirt probably fits..

comment image?v=1579123624

Skivvy Stacker

Next one up from that is “No Speed-In Drag”.


Personally, HYT should only be allowed for E-6 and SOME E-5’s where the field is so small someone has to die to advance. If you can’t make Chief by 20 or E-6 by 14, this should be what’s known as a clue.


What about when your new and old unit desk jockeys ‘loose’ your paperwork over, and over, and over so you can’t move up?

How they Blue Falconed Airborne Son.


Low Speed High Drag Commandos


comment image


Take 2
comment image


Image is a KC-10 doing a inflight refueling for Santa’s sleigh.


comment image


No…it’s fortifying Santa with some much needed libations. I’m guessing Santa is a Canadian Club 12 man, but it could be something equally tasty.


Need some advice from the TAH family…

I’m about 6 months away from retirement (25.5 years), and am uncertain what I should do afterward. Should I be a:

– Community Organizer
– Change Agent
– Thought Leader

Each of these are very lucrative occupations that are looked upon highly in the professional grievance industry.

Any suggestions?


Never let a crisis go to waste!


Arms runner seems to be a politically favored occupation as well.

A Proud Infidel®™

ONLY IF you pay the right politicians off!


Or we’re itchin’ to get Britney Griner out of the gulag.


Better go ahead and get your Lopadickoffamy while still on AD. The last two years have already crushed your nuts so you’re already halfway there. Oh, and a matched pair of 38s. This is no time for half measures. You’ll need that “little extra” to stand out in the crowd. Your retirement Dinning In can also be your Coming Out Party. So Fierce and Brave! Work on your tan, too. Checks all of the boxes.

Hack Stone

Have you considered the Social Media Influencer career field? That one seems popular with the kids these days.


Juvenile Gender Reassignment Councilor.
Try to specialize in those under the age of ten. They need a lot of help with 69 choices out there.


You can hold the door at Twitter while Elon gets rid of some more SJWs.


I’ll probably regret this, but anyone is an improvement over Grinston. Happy his replacement is coming from the long-haired side of the house (then again, so did Milley and that bit us in the ass).

As far as the first female guardsman to graduate as an infantry officer… I genuinely wish her the best.


Is SMA Grinston lurking on the site?

I don’t particularly care about likes or dislikes, but it would be nice to know what I said that was disagreeable.

Green Thumb


SMA Grinston is a turd.


Haven’t cared for ANY of the recent SMA’s. I’ve asked my sidekick NCO’s (PSGs and First Sergeants) for advice and opinions on a regular basis since I was a butter bar and heard them out thoroughly even if I didn’t always agree. I’d usually incorporate their advice and if I didn’t, would explain, persuade, and bring them on board. In other words, exercise some leadership. Apparently, these SMA’s have all been “yes men” for every stupid idea coming down the pike. Kind of follows since the recent Chiefs of Staff have been toolbags as well.

Green Thumb

Grinston has one job and one job only.

And he (she) does it well.

Lick balls.


My pick for SMA would’ve been this guy, my roommate about a hunnert years ago.

Last edited 9 months ago by SFC D

Very impressive Soldier.


Downvoted? Interesting.


Maybe CSM Guden made that person strip, mop, and buff the orderly room on a long weekend. 🤣


Ooh, ooh; more badges for the badge hunters. When the Army uniform looks more and more like those of the NK generals. Pretty soon, a Specialist will have eight or nine rows of ribbons and a dozen badges. Then it will be time to have a cloth bandolier like the Scouts use to display all their merit badges.


Opportunities for soldiers to earn foreign badges are few and far between. If they do have the opportunity to earn one or more, they can only wear one on their service uniform. Foreign badges are a great way to build morale and relationships with partner nations.


Merry Christmas, all.


Someone is getting a stocking full of coal this year.

Slow Joe

The SMA is a political position. The 4 stars would have made sure the candidate can play ball in whatever direction the 4 stars decide to go.
I don’t expect anything from this guy.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just give him some time and see!

Green Thumb

Never seen a Reservist do IN (OBC) as it a Combat Arms school. Not a CSS school.

But its cool.

Wonder if she gets the 18 month Ranger train up course as well?

Also curious how she got the slot being a Reservist?

But I am old. What do I know?


100th BN 442nd INF is the only combat arms unit in the USAR. They were historically made up of soldiers of Japanese descent and served in Europe during WW2. Members of the regiment earned 21 MOHs during that time. They also had multiple deployments to Iraq during the GWOT.

Green Thumb

Get the the history. No argument there or here on that one.

Just the new “historical” first on the slot.


Soon to be SMA Michael Weimer’s first order of business as top enlisted guy will be to recommend pay cuts for enlisted soldiers. They make too much. They get paid less, they will waste less. 😷

Remember SMMC Michael Barrett?  “I truly believe it will raise discipline. You’ll have better spending habits. You won’t be so wasteful.”

Slow Joe

That would destroy morale.
Do you have a source for this claim?


Joke. SMMC Barrett got eviscerated after stepping in it. He tried walking it back, but it was too late – the damage was done. He took early retirement. Man, the stunned looks of the SEAs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard at the congressional hearing. Didn’t see that coming.


I wonder if those of us her earned it (or them in some cases) can get it added to our retirement award lists. I was always proud of earning my Nijmegen Medal and subsequent number aparat. The 100 miles of marching was gruelling but the best part was the comraderie in the fest tent at the military camp…not quite the same as marching as a civilian. For now it sits in a picture frame with the photo of our unit marching (with my head just visible behind the LT) along with the Stars and Strips article about us on my wall.