National Guard Soldiers paid late due to expired continuing resolution

| December 24, 2022

Many National Guard Soldiers across the country did not get their final pay for the year, which was scheduled before Christmas. The continuing resolution that temporarily funded the government expired before the checks could be issued, so pay was put on hold pending approval of the budget for the current fiscal year.

Note on delayed pay (click to expand):

Note on reason for delayed pay (click to expand):

The Post Millennial addresses this story here.

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“Update: Sources tell The Post Millennial that paychecks were processed at approximately 12 am on December 24.”


Updated Info is from the same source provided in the post.

Looks as if the issue is now OBE.

Merry Christmas!


Ole Lying Lloyd was too busy with diversity and racism training to bother with Soldier’s pay.


So is this sort of an Emily Litella thing?


Does Guard not get paid on 1st and 15th like Active duty?

Or are they tied to Fed civilians getting paid every 2 weeks? If the latter the issue probably effected more than the Guard.

Also if the latter did it effect all Guard or just the ones in Technician status.


Based on the UPDATE in the article, looks as if they got paid!

Merry Christmas!


Whatcha wanna bet that Kongress Klowne Kritters paychecks were NOT affected by this?

Maybe instead of a push to defund the po-lease we should push to defund Kongress?

Worthless bastards.


Based on the UPDATE in the article, looks as if they got paid!


Merry Christmas!


Could you imagine the whining at the Capital????

tom reynolds

The traitors running New York state just gave themselves a 23% Christmas raise,for helping to destroy our country. We need some lynching in Albany. Democrats have always shit on the military every chance they get.

Daisy Cutter

To give you an upside to all of this – late Christmas Eve shopping provides you with amazing clarity of decision-making. I know, I’ve been there.



Merry Christmas!


For some reason, I’m reminded of Patton having to remove WWI vets who were protesting in DC for unpaid benefits.

In at least one correspondence, he claimed it was the saddest day of his career – or something to that effect; DC won, regardless.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hate_me
Hack Stone

Was that Patton or MacArthur, or possibly both who cleared the Bonus Army from their camp(s)?


I was unaware of the Bonus Army until a few weeks ago when watching something on my Zenith. What a weird event.

A Proud Infidel®™

MacArthur and Eisenhower if I remember correctly.

tom reynolds

They don’t teach about that in school.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Members of the Military typically vote Conservative, thus the politicians regard them as second class citizens.


Why Democrats want to “woke”-ify it… and still treat ’em like peons.


Zero faith in this government and particularly thus administration. None.


SILANCE, filthy peasants!

Milo Mindbender

My drill check from the Air National Guard dropped last week, in a timely manner, and the correct amount. I’m happy about this, but it is not an essential portion of my budget, more along the lines of my funny money.