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| December 21, 2022

M1918A2 BAR

Atlanta man identified as person killed after being shot by Memphis police

Corinne S Kennedy, Memphis Commercial Appeal
One person is dead after being shot by a Memphis Police Department officer late Friday, according to MPD. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting.

TBI identified the slain man as 20-year-old Jaylin Keshawn McKenzie of Atlanta, Georgia.

In a statement released early Saturday morning, MPD said officers on patrol noticed what they described as a suspicious vehicle near the intersection of American Way and Goodlett Road. Officers tried to pull the vehicle over, but the vehicle then sped off, lost control and drove into a park.

MPD said four men exited the vehicle and ran away. Police said all four were armed.

Officers chased one of the men on foot to the 4700 block of Cochese Road. MPD said the man then turned around and shot at officers, one of whom returned fire and shot the suspect.

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Memphis is attracting out-of-state thugs to augment the homegrown ones. The mayor and city council must be so proud.

California man trying to steal goat shot by elderly homeowner, arrested

Andrew Miller
A southern California man was shot by a homeowner earlier this month after trying to steal a goat and a dune buggy from the residence.

In a press release, The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office said that 36-year-old Alexander Belinsky was shot by an elderly homeowner who sprung to action after noticing that Belinsky was trying to steal a goat from his San Marcos, California home in the North County region of San Diego.

The 79-year-old homeowner and his 60-year-old wife heard Belinsky rustling outside with the goats and when they went outside to stop him, police say Belinsky pushed them to the ground.

At that point, fearing for the safety of his wife and himself, the homeowner went back inside and grabbed his rifle.

While the homeowner was inside, police say Belinsky placed the goat in a dune buggy on the property and attempted to start the engine preparing to flee.

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Goat rustlers, Gun Bunny?

Man pulls gun on Dearborn police officer after walking into station, cop responds with lethal force
Shooting at Dearborn Police Department being investigated by Michigan State Police

Greg NormanBy Greg Norman | Fox News

A 33-year-old man has been shot and killed in Michigan after walking into a police station and pointing a gun at an officer, who responded with lethal force, authorities say.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at the headquarters of the Dearborn Police Department just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

“The individual attempted to fire the gun at the officer, prompting the officer to discharge multiple rounds that struck the individual,” Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin told Fox2 Detroit.

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Fox News

Links once again courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

The criminal does not expect his prey to fight back. May he never choose you, but, if he does, surprise him.
– Jeff Cooper

Hat tip to Graybeard for today’s gun pR0n selection.

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RGR 4-78

Never bring a goat to a gunfight?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I was thinking more like, “what? the goats you have at home aren’t enough for ya? ya gotta steal some “strange” for your pleasure? “

He stole the dune buggy too. I guess the plan was a night on the town, maybe the drive-in, a six pack of beer and see what happens.


Gamma Goat?

RGR 4-78

No wonder it wouldn’t start.


Only “Be All You Can Be” could make that thing look cool:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

I’m thinking “cabrito” – but “Alexander Belinsky” doesn’t sound Mexican to me. Is he a recent convert to The Religion of [get a] Piece?

Hack Stone

Maybe they were eloping?

RGR 4-78
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Suicide by cop.
In today’s society, with all the mayhem, havoc, and confusion, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

It happens plenty. Especially now that some places are having more lawsuits against the police. There is a sad, corrupted thinking, mindset that believes that if the police shoot you for any reason these days that your family will get millions in a settlement.


#3 deserves to be dumbass of the week award.


Doesn’t everyone feel good that McConnell’s number one priority is….


Not unfucking the economy, the border, …..

There isn’t enough Zovirax on Earth to remove that RINO-sized canker.


Why did someone try to steal a wounded goat? Oh, wait a sec.


Was it Caje (Pierre Jalbert) in the tv series COMBAT! that
carried the BAR or do have the wrong show?
I remember Vic Morrow carrying the Thompson.
AH…the good old tv shows.

Old tanker

The Combat series is available for free on you tube.


Right show, wrong Kirby.


Ok tnx. I see a photo of Caje with a Garand and that opens
the memory cells now. Great tv show.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We used Garands, M-1 Carbines, Thomson Subs, 1911’s and BAR’s. Quals involved using the above was on the ships fantail while underway shooting at the galley “B” cans that were used as floating targets. I shot every one I mentioned. What a blast. Never shot the Browining .30 cal’s we had onboard. The Gunners Mates shot those. Don’t remember seeing a .50 though. After my earlier date with the infamous M-1 Thumb ordeal, I never had a problem.

USMC Steve

No, the BAR man was Pvt. Kirby.


Been seeing a lot of Atlanta Thugs in Memphis lately! They all got out and were “armed”, wonder how the MPD decided which to chase down?! Luck of the Draw!?
I think the Dune Buggy was his downfall. They are notorious for not starting and when the owner is 79 he probably knew he had time to choose the rifle, load it…maybe clean it… before returning to shoot the “Son of a bit##”!

Last edited 1 year ago by MIRanger

The I-20 to I-22 corridor gets the ATL/B’ham/Memphis thugs back and forth rather quickly…5+- hours. Shorely a lot quicker than the Old US 78 run. Some followup articles on the DRT shows him with a nice long rap sheet. Claw?

Old goat shot the goat thief. Fitting. Don’t mess with Old Men. We don’t fight, we don’t run, we don’t call 911.

No better example of poor victim selection skilz than walking into the popo station to start a gun fight.

Another reason/example of why HMS JMB (HBHN) was the GOAT weapons designer…EVAH! A Salute to PFC DeGlopper…”…no greater love….” “…that such men lived.”

USMC Steve

That Jeff Cooper was one savvy dude.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Belinsky was trying to get the guys goat by trying to steal the goat


Just sayin’… the way things are going: