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| December 4, 2022

Oleg Volk

Underdog: Stacked up against 11 coyotes, herd dog kills 8 to save sheep in Decatur neighborhood
Little did these coyotes know they were up against Casper.

Author: Reeves Jackson
DECATUR, Ga. — When stacked up against a pack of 11 coyotes looking for blood, the expectation of a dog overcoming the odds to defeat them all seems insurmountable. Little did these coyotes know they were up against Casper.

Despite being only a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees, the livestock herding dog at a home in Decatur displayed his heroic actions by protecting a herd of sheep last month.

It all started in the cul de sac around 9 p.m. on Nov. 3 when a few coyotes came near the house. John Wierwille, the homeowner and Casper’s owner, said that he was able to turn them away by throwing a few rocks in their direction and yelling at them to go away.

However, the coyotes were not done. Around 2:30 a.m., Wierwille said he was awakened by the dogs barking and went outside to see his two dogs, Casper and Daisy, backing the sheep up in the corner in order to keep them safe.

As he approached closer, Wierwille noticed a few coyotes already inside the pen, with multiple others just beyond it. He explained that there was around five or six total at the time.

“I wasn’t really afraid they were going to attack me or anything,” he said. “But they weren’t responding [to me], they were focused on Casper I think more than anything.”

Wierwille describes the moment Casper sprang into action, as he charged into the middle of the pack in a scrum between the animals that lasted roughly 30 minutes. After killing a few coyotes in the initial action, Wierwille said that Casper continued to fight.

After the coyotes jumped out of the fence, they split up and ran different ways. The undeterred Casper chased them down outside of the fence line, where another fight led to him killing a few more down an embankment to the creek that borders their home, Wierwille said. He lost sight of Casper and couldn’t find him anymore.

Casper killed eight coyotes, but it was his disappearance that concerned the owner more.

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Follow the link and find out.*grin*

Michigan man dead after police shootout
Grand Rapids, MI, Police Chief Eric Winstrom called it a ‘running gun battle’

A man sought by police in connection with the slaying of an ex-girlfriend has been fatally shot during an exchange of gunfire with officers in western Michigan.

Members of a fugitive task force, acting on a tip that the man was in a Grand Rapids home, encountered him about noon Thursday in an alley, the city’s police department said.

He started shooting and running, said Police Chief Eric Winstrom.

Three officers returned fire in what Winstrom described as a “running gun battle.”

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Fox News

Great work hunting this one down- very bad news. Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

“Diplomacy is the art of saying, ‘Nice Doggie,’ until you can find a rock.” – Will Rogers

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Knew a great Pyrenees years ago. Fantastic dog.
He was all black and named Bear of course.
Very protective of my friends little girl. Always positioned
himself between her and everyone else.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I guess those coyotes FAFO.

Having a flock of sheeple……I mean sheep…. and having to deal with predators, I’m surprised that the sheep herder didn’t have a rifle and bring it out at some point.

Good Casper! Head scritches, belly rubs, and steaks. I’m guessing he’s joining the ranks of the medically retired.

Since he’s disabled, does he get the motorcycle and doo-rag now?

“So there I was, alone and unafraid against 8 of the enemy!”


He might be ready for retirement, good boi!


Reckon them ‘yotes found out that Casper is not so friendly. He IS a Good Boy. Thought y’all would like this one. Probably gonna come a time when us Deplorables are gonna have to make like sheep dogs to protect our flock from the coyotes of congress.

Don’t shoot at and run from the popo. You’ll just end up tired…dead tired.

I keep a rock thrower handy all the time. And its rock are FMJ rocks. And the throwers are made of wood and metal, just as you know who and the maker of the preferred weapon of our enemy intended.

Normally not a big fan of them Sister Golden Hairs, but seeing as this one is possibly not a “True Yeller Hair” (going by the dark roots), I would make an exception. Something about them sweater dresses that I find highly erotic. Almost as alluring as Ms Garter Holster from the other day…Almost!


Just one of my many Super Powers. Ranks up there with my skilz around a fire pit. I have a good assortment of seasoned oak, hickory, and pecan woods…along with a killer recipe for BBQed Goat.

Side bar to David…There are $2.00 pistols that wish they were as smoldering hot as Bailey Quarters. Loni was OK if you are into plasticized abominations. The final former ex Mrs Gunny Bunny held a resemblance to Loni A and was as shallow as (BEAT) Navy’s chances of taking a W against (GO) Army next weekend.


Been a marathon of “WKRP in Cincinatti” this weekend, Ms. Loni makes those dresses look GOOD. Lost my heart to Bailey years ago, though.Pretty, pretty lady.

Old tanker

I just kind of find it unusual that there is a sheep ranch / farm in an area with a cul de sac. Great job by the dog, he deserves a LOT of steaks and belly rubs. Probably not a good idea to make them out of lamb or mutton though.

Hack Stone

Maybe he had to get some sheep in a hurry in case a Federal Investigator from the Department of Agriculture came by to check on those federal loans.


Good dog, Casper.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

The Pirates Cove


Das a good dog.

Only Army Mom

The story says 11 against 1, good boy got 8. I’ll wager it was all 11, they just haven’t found the other bodies.

I had a Great Pyr, and can attest to their strength, tenacity, intelligence and good, good boy status. I forgot just how fierce he could be, until a bad guy neighbor moved in a couple doors down.

The littles that lived on the block would come to my door and ask if Buddy could come out and play. He would let them climb on him, lay on him, run around, and he would always keep the kids safe from the road. One day on a walk, littles came running to him as usual, and he froze, gaze on the person coming out of a house. Positioned himself in front of the littles and scared the crap out of even me with his growl.

Regularly walked him past that house from then on. Just to make a point.


I could be your Guard Dog…or lap puppy. I’m good either way, OAM.

The more I learned about people, the more I loved my dog(s).


The guy in Grand Rapids shot himself, the chief released video someone had of him putting the gun to his head.


Good Boy Casper. Turned all the coyotes into ghosts.

The man couldn’t run fast enough or shoot straight enough. Now he’s a ghost.


Casper’s exploits really don’t surprise me, either.

Was honored to be the caretaker of a 1/2 Great Pyr years ago. Someone had dumped him and his Lab-looking brother, and I picked ’em up. Brother didn’t make it, but the Great Pyr-looking pup did, and provided security for the GB Compound until old age finally took him.

Miss that pup still.


We’ve got a momma Great Pyr, and her two Lab mix boys. run about 150 apiece. Yeah, not too concerned about ‘yotes around our place.
Casper definitely deserves steaks and belly rubs!


It is my guess that they will not have a Coyote problem in Decatur, GA any more. Sounds like he not only solved the problem, but Casper hunted them down and killed every last one of them…just to be sure!!!
Good boy Casper, you deserve a rest.

Mike B

We got a female Husky, and male Malamute-Husky mix (Alusky).

The Alusky looks like an easy going dufus, but get to close to the grand babies in a threatening way and he’ll rip your ass to shreds.

Our son was being a goofball and trying to scare the grand kids and the Alusky took him as a threat and drew serious blood. I’m talking needing stitches gashes. Afterwards he stayed between our son and the grandkids the rest of the day. When taking the dogs for a walk, if another dog is met, he’ll walk along side the grandkids keeping other dogs away from them. This big goofy fur ball is their bodyguard, play toy, and body pillow. Have found the grandkids when they were small, curled up and asleep against him.

Dogs are too damn smart, and typically a great judge of character.