Boomer’s Sunday

| December 4, 2022

It’s time once again, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, for Boomer’s Sunday, where I sort through the weekly offering of ‘toons and pick the best. Toons are provided by Boomer and AW1 Scott, with many others contributing.

Disclaimer: These toons are meant to amuse, entertain and inform, pretty much in that order. While I cull what I can, they are not specifically fact-checked, so expect a certain amount of artistic license.

A cowboy approached the pearly gates and St. Peter asked, ‘Have you ever done anything of particular merit?’
‘Well, I can think of one thing,’ the cowboy offered.
‘On a trip to the Black Hills out in South Dakota during bike week. I came upon a gang of bikers who were threatening a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn’t listen. So, I approached the largest and most tattooed biker and smacked him in the face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring, and threw it on the ground. I yelled, ‘Now, back off or I’ll kick the shit out of all of you!’
St. Peter was impressed, ‘When did this happen?’
‘Couple of minutes ago.’

Feel the Bern.





Carts full of bread milk and TP. The horror.


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Laughing Wolf

Great job as always! Thanks to everyone who makes it happen.


Another win with a cup of coffee.

Bubblehead Ray

Same vibe. Dear old Dad maybe?

Bubblehead Ray


Amateur Historian



Checks all the democrat boxes for sure.. especially now that he’s been charged with a felony


Love the far side cartoons. Sandwiches.


Off topic but, Elon & Matt Tiabbi @mtaibbi dropped half the files on ACTUAL collusion between The Left/DNC/Mainstream Corporate Media/Operation Mockingbird sources around 6PM EST on Friday, and the worldwide leader in news, CNN, has not mentioned it on hits home page. In fact, none of “resistance networks” have. I wonder if the Sunday talk shows will or will they do the same Trump, Climate Change, Trump bullshit.

Old tanker

Yup I noticed that. I took a deep breath put on serious latex gloves and visited cnn’s twitter page. Not a single post about Musk dropping the files about the collusion between the dems and twitter to silence the opposition. So I made a post about it.

Amateur Historian

Which will likely be taken down if you posted in CNN’s comment section. Libs catch fire when they read the truth. Similar to me when I touch holy water.

Amateur Historian

Probably. But, this is gonna be one interesting month.

Also, my IDC was talking about this back in the day. Do you have/know what an HT Punch is? 😉


Sure. You get those in the shop next to the sound powered phone batteries.
Don’t forget your:
Bucket of steam
200 yds of chow line
And go to the foc’sle because they caught a Sea Bat

jeff LPH 3 63-66

you forgot a can of relative bearing grease, left handed monkey wrench, mail bouy watch, spool of pipe threads,SOS, Going on the beach or going over (liberty),grab assing, skylarking,,deck ape,snipe,scope dope, skivvy waver,bug juice, gi gin, line up asshole to belly button, roach coach, steamer locker, anchor pool, channel fever, liberty cuffs, gaberdeens, late sleeper, middy cruise, whats the skinny, rain locker, float test, gate rat, seafarer dungarees, geedunk stand, reefer flats, key to start the 600psi steam main engine, lighting off watch etc.

Amateur Historian

I get most of these, though you may need to explain the Sea Bat in the foc’sle to me.


So far, the Sunday talking heads are quiet.

Amateur Historian

Pretty good, but it did nothing for my current mood. My mood is still “Patrick Bateman with an Axe.” (I’m at work right now 🙂)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Another Sunday of great toons.

Old tanker

I just realized I’ve been stealing memes a long time when I recognized a few today I already have in my files.

Amateur Historian



This comes in handy


The Golden Fiddle occupies a place of Honor here. It’s only used for Barn Raisin’ and sech. Hitlery still weeps over her loss.

The Gooney Bird only tried it ’cause the Herky Bird proved it could be done.

They’re called “Buggies” not carts, Thank You verah much. Want some cheese grits with shrimps and bacon? Side of catheads, sausage gravy?

Skivvy Stacker

You also can’t do a Hallmark movie in the south because the dog isn’t going to be a clever fluff ball named Sparky; it’s gonna be a broke down blue tick blood hound named Bubba Joe. And the city gal who comes to the country to find a new love is gonna be the new love interest’s cousin.


or the dog is 100% badass and waxes 8 coyotes single pawedly.

This doggo is a killer! (also, are the folks in the viddjah from my beloved GA? I have my doubts, Reb)


Many folks that live here and are not FROM here. Way yonder too many! At least ‘Cump left the state after he did his destruction. All he did was set the stage for this latest invasion.


Slightly OT, but… China, Democrats’ favorite Covid-19 sexual fantasy:


Best 3 of the week:


I wonder if The They also bought 87,000 ….bags. YKWIM.

WeUsury Dept be thugs.png

JoJo is, was, and will forever be: a single mom, devoid of logic, without a job, bitter and retarded.

Totally recommend her twitter feed for rageprons, to admire her ‘fanbase‘ bots and grift game.

SBRs without approval are a nono.jpg

I democrated, I mean RINOed, I mean lied. One more twitt:



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Amateur Historian



Amen, Brotherman! I’ll stand with you, thru thick and thin, until Freedom Rings. Steel the ever livin’ shit outta yourself, shifting winds and beam sea ‘head.
(hope that translates to Squidese)

Adams' ax is sharp.jpeg

Man that one about Hallmark movies in the South is sooooo true!!!


I love Sunday