Updates: Trains, AF evals, Kim, NY DA

| November 29, 2022


Remember we talked about the talks with the railroad unions? Looks like four of them are targeting December 9th as a strike date. So much for the Biden negotiation victory.

Four rail unions have aligned on a potential national strike date of Dec. 9, with the Signalmen’s union agreeing to move back its date in coordination with other unions that rejected the labor deal.

It’s worth noting that the traditional fall-back transportation, trucking, is facing shortfalls of diesel fuel. Reserves are down and prices have surged 50% per Bloomberg. Bloomberg


We talked a while back about the Air Force’s MyEval gee-whiz software issues, and how they swore on a stack of Bibles to fix it ASAP. Well, not only has it not been fixed, for now they aren’t even using it..

The Air Force said Nov. 19 it has temporarily stopped using its faulty new performance review software as it tries to avoid lasting damage to airmen’s careers.

“As we continue assessing the current myEval system and listening to feedback from the field, the decision has been made to pause using the current version of myEval to create and process all enlisted and officer evaluations,” the Air Force Personnel Center said on Facebook. Air Force Times

Somehow this does not sound like forward progress.


Nork HMFIC Kim has vowed to make North Korea the world’s preeminent nuclear power:

Building the nuclear force to protect the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people “is the greatest and most important revolutionary cause, and its ultimate goal is to possess the world’s most powerful strategic force, the absolute force unprecedented in the century”, Kim was quoted as saying in his order promoting the officials.  Barron’s

Yeah, the United Nations is right on top of that. If he’s not careful, Kim may be the recipient of a  – gasp – Strongly Worded Diplomatic Note, which all of us know can bring rogue nations to their knees.

NY City’s DA,  Alvin Bragg, is reported by Fox News to have downgraded 52% of felonies charged to misdemeandors. The downgrade rate in 2019 (wasn’t that when people complained about DAs being soft on crime?) was 39%. My rusty math says that is a 33% increase… funny thing, the overall crime rate is up comparably.

The NYPD’s latest crime statistic reports show that overall crimes are up 27.6%, with 112,755 reported so far in 2022 compared to 88,394 reported during the same period in 2021.

FILE – Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, speaks with supporters on election night in New York, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021.  (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle, File)

During the same period, there was a reported 13.2% increase in felony assaults, with a jump from 20,563 to 23,270 this year; rapes increased from 1,336 to 1,471; robberies from 12,033 to 15,639; and transit crimes from 1,316 to 1,865.   Fox8

Yep, Bragg is one of Soros’ chosen.


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Soros puppet or not, this clown and his policies are what NYC voted for.

Pity Meter:. Zero

Forrest Bondurant



I approve of all of these messages… they show me that we’re on our way to becoming a vassal to our Chinese overlords!!!


Time to stop worrying and just sit back and enjoy the show.
If we are all going to hell I want a window seat.

USMC Steve

The socialist democrats won’t do it but it would be nice to see the railroads be declared as mission essential like the air traffic controllers were, and told if they strike, they are all without jobs.

Greedy cocksuckers.


I agree that Rail Road workers are in fact, mission essential. Not sure if it is the workers are the greedy cocksuckers per se. From what I understand, coming from friends that work for the RR, it is more of a quality of life and safety issues they are concerned about. Too much work, not enough people, and way too many hours. And union management if NO friend of the worker anymore. I was CWA for 20 years and saw 1st hand how they would blow smoke up our ass then turn around a tell us who/how to vote. The Oracle of Omaha grins.

A paper OER/EER worked fine for years and was cheap. So was a 201 file.

Who daHell is threatening to invade NK that they need to defend themselves, with nukes, from?

When you (s)elect criminals to prosecute criminals you just get more criminals. Prepare to defend yourself from both.


Sounds about similar from the stories I’ve heard from the MTA here in the NYC/CT railroad folks. Different animal yet same complaints. Odd, no?

That and the ‘leadership’ will write safety violations based on individuals’ conduct but when presented tag outs, tool & equipment faults, work zone flagging issues, etc they can’t be bothered.

Never thought it could be that bad but all the transpo ladies and gents I talk to would rather be wally world greeters or in-flight missile mechanics.

Let them all strike! (its pheasant season anyway and the squirrels in the back 40 are plump too!) Normally I won’t be bothered to pull weight for unions but if the rabble say ‘change’, and they can get it, I’m ’bout it.


I had read, somewhere, that one of the proposals from management to one of the unions was a one-man crew, eliminating the conductor. Not sure if it was on all trains or just locals.

USMC Steve

I include particularly the union rabble rousing management in that statement. The union management for almost every union out there is only out for themselves at everyone else’s expense.


I wonder what Neil Youngs opinion is on all of this strike talk.
He owns 20% of Lionel.


Maybe the Air Force should go to the “every officer is a winner” and issue trophies out to all officers that says “Winner” right on it.

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About what the World Cup is any more…


So the criminals get more criminal-y when the penalties are lessened?

I think they’ve been writing books about that since, gee I dunno, phunking cuneiform.