Run Free, little weasel!

| November 18, 2022

At Lion’s Farm in Wert County, northwest Ohio, vandals broke into the facility and released as many as 40,000 assorted minks to the wild Tuesday evening.

Vandals released approximately 40,000 minks into the wild early Tuesday morning, freeing the animals from their cages at a farm in northwestern Ohio, according to authorities.

The farm’s owner found a spray-painted message on the outside of one of the mink farm’s buildings which read, “ALF We’ll be back,” the owner told WANE 15, adding that they believe the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was behind the break-in.


The bulk of the escapees have been rounded up (gotta wonder if tiny cowboys and little  lassoes are used?) but there are still around 10,000 of these little  ferret-sized carnivores AWOL. They are small enough to not be considered a major problem, but they are a hazard to outdoor poultry, pets, and small livestock.  Apparently ALF neglected to notice that these are considered domesticated. and unable to survive in the wild.

A plow was brought in to help clear the carcasses away after many minks were killed while crossing a nearby road, the Sheriff’s office said.


Real act of kindness to set them free, huh? Reminds me of when Cleveland Amory’s anti-hunting group blocked a deer hunt a while back, causing deer herds to freeze and starve in a particularly harsh winter.

Reports abound of other protests in which anti-oil activists are gluing their hands to roads, art exhibit walls, floors, etc. to protest man’s usage of petroleum products. We wrote a while back of VW’s solution: they calmly wished the Friday protesters “guten abend”, turned off the lights and heat, and left them glued in the building over the weekend.  One would think a really strong quick pull would pull the protesters loose. Might be a little tough on their palms, but hey – they’re the ones ignoring that Super-Glue is a petroleum product.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

When/if these ALF (“where’s the cat?”) idiots are ever found, instead of jail time, they should be dropped off at any deserted island with minimal tools (knife and string) and be told to survive on their own……just like the minks. See how long they survive.

John Clark turned the Horizon Corp Tree Huggers loose in the Amazon Rain Forest, nekkid, without even a knife or a piece of string. This was after his Rainbow Six Team blew hell out of their facilities down there.

Dumbazz mofos. Seems like I remember reading in a Good Book that a Supreme Being placed “all of the plants and animals on this Earth for the use of mankind” way back yonder.

AW1 Rod

Ah, Cleveland Amory! I haven’t heard that douche bag’s name mentioned in MANY years.

These ALF wigglers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.


But they are True Believers! Righteous and heroic. /s


Capture the ALF’s
Make each one pay damages out of pocket or do menial labor around the farm without pay or PPE until labor given = damages.
Play “What’s it all about, ALFie?” at 11 on repeat the entire time.
Then beat them with rods and turn them loose in the woods without a coat in January.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

They can go out in the Rocky Mountains to hug every Grizzly Bear they can come across for all I care, their members are some of the idiots who howl for people to let their pets loose out in the wild.


Let em pet the elk too…

Freaking morons, do far more harm to animals than good. they have not the slightest clue about how nature actually works.


I’d like to see them ‘protect’ the below by getting between a hunter and the same, in the open, without sufficient cardio endurance.

I happily submit we’ve reached our carrying capacity of morons.

this meme sucks.jpeg

One more and he’s an Ace.

toro (1).png

Can’t use petroleum to stay warm, also can’t use animal skin…?

Hey guys? I’m starting to think these assholes would like to kill us all.

Robert Szrama

In about 1977 the Florida Department of wildlife want to have a special hunt because the deer herds in the Everglade were in front of starvation. Compassionate environmentalist stooges sued and delayed the hunt. The hunt was ended after like a day maybe two because the animals were already starving to death and there was no hope for them. I hate those bastards.

Robert Szrama

… in threat of starvation…
proofreading is important when you use dictation.

RGR 4-78

When I read the headline, I thought this story was about one of the more felonious POSers featured here at TAH. And that the fellow was headed toward Merit Island at breakneck speed for exfil to a country without extradition to set up a new OCONUS operation. 🙄 

RGR 4-78

The bulk of the escapees have been rounded up (gotta wonder if tiny cowboys and little lassoes are used?) but there are still around 10,000 of these little ferret-sized carnivores AWOL.” 😉 

These “farm raised” mink were so hungry after 30 minutes of “freedom” that a small piece of raw chicken in a live trap would have most of them fighting to see who got caught first.


Guess they never read John Irving’s Setting Free the Bears. What should have been a cool story about motorcycling in the Alps turns into a crazy liberal horror fest with predictable results.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Those Weasels don’t have to worry about being in the Military because when their coats are removed, they are Defured from serving. POP goes the Weasel.