Noon Wednesday: Republicans tank

| November 10, 2022

As this is written (Wednesday noon), the Republicans hold a narrow lead for the House,  a dead heat for the Senate, and are holding no more than even for governorships. A far cry from the supposed red tide widely touted as inevitable.

There is some good news, with Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams going down in flames. But overall, when you compare expectations to results, the report card is pretty dismal.

It would be nice if the current 203-187 ratio continues in the House, but in the Senate the current split is 48-48 with the Democrats picking up a formerly Republican seat. If that is the only change, while not a veto-proof majority, the Dems will hold a 51-49 split. Plus, while Rand Paul won re-election and he normally leans right, he is still not a Republican, and Patrick Leahy’s left-leaning independent seat went to a Democrat. So absent a late surprise, Democratic control of the Senate will continue.

Seems like we have a situation where wishful thinking replaced hard facts, and I think the Republicans need to do some serious soul-searching. Perhaps some compromise is in order… off the top of my head, the hard line on abortion could stand some scrutiny.

Or, maybe just a wild thought – has anyone heard what they intend to DO? I know they hate Hillary but she’s day-old fish wrap by now. Hunter? Does anyone care? Is Biden himself bought? Better have a LOT of evidence before you go that way. Actually have a plan for inflation? Let’s hear it. I’m reminded of the last time the Repubs had both Houses…and all they did was try to repeal Obamacare – never offering a replacement idea, just trying ad infinitum to repeal it. Whining about stolen elections – show some real proof. Hundreds of 2020 lawsuits, yet never anything which could stand up in court.

Admittedly, I am not as hard-core Republican as many – but it seems to me that Republicans need to field electable candidates (and I will say right here that I think Trump is too polarizing to win) and do some real strategizing, unless they think making 2024 a repeat of 2022 is a victory. I’m happy to be proven wrong…but given the party’s lackluster performance, it’s going to take some doing to convince me.

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As a Georgia voter I get four more weeks of the s#!t show with all the outside money ads due to the Senate runoff.

It might come down to a Biden referendum. A vote for Warnock is a vote for Biden.


Yep, Yay for us, huh? As I made mention in the other thread, Warlock got hundreds of millions to saturate the airwaves and mailboxes. You can bet that his handlers will pour even more into him during the next four weeks. My only surprise was that the poll watchers in the ATL may have helped prevent Stacey from pulling off her steal. She screwed up when she pursued the Guv’s job. She shoulda run for the Senate seat in 2020, she’d have won and could have been Senator for life or used that for her prezzy run.

Both parties are scared that Trump will lift the lid off of the sewer swamp and expose ALL of the dirty career politicians that have screwing We, The People for decades. They will protect each other as they have for so very long. Hard to get “quality” candidates to run because what person wants to subject themselves or their families to the BS.


Out of curiosity, if Trump was going to ‘lift the lid’ off the swamp… why didn’t he? With all the power available in the Presidency, what did he do to reveal this alleged cross-party corruption that’s so omnipresent in DC?

I have no love of either political party, but to me, he’s the same, he’s just telling you he’s different, and you want to believe it so badly -who wouldn’t?!- that you do. But the reality is, he’s just another politician who is only out for himself.

So what makes you think otherwise? I’d seriously love to hear your take.

MI Ranger

It is hard to expose the corrupt when the people you thought you could trust to help you, are turning on you and making you chase law suits and impeachments.
I am not defending the guy, but he found out real quick that unless you bring the people in with you…trust them as far as you can throw them! (for me that is about four to ten feet)


I agree LC, with everything you wrote. I’m curious myself as to why he backed off after his election. As I’ve stated in the past, Trump was not my choice during the ’16 primaries. I supported Ben Carson, mainly because he was NOT a politician and I thought he was talking some sense. I also supported Herman Cain It should be obvious to anyone with more than 2 brain cells that the only thing most politicians are concerned with is getting re-elected. Is “Potomac Fever” a money thing or a power thing? Or both? When it came down to a choice between Trump and Bitcherly it was not hard to pull the Trump lever. She is a most vile, despicable, power hungry, piece of trash that Satan has ever unleashed in American Politics. To me, his greatest accomplishment was defeating her.

Trump screwed up by not bringing in people that were distanced from the prior administrations and the whole stench of “politics as usual”. He placed too much trust in ones that were not trustworthy.


>>>When it came down to a choice between Trump and Bitcherly it was not hard to pull the Trump lever. She is a most vile, despicable, power hungry, piece of trash that Satan has ever unleashed in American Politics. To me, his greatest accomplishment was defeating her.<<<KoB

Redleg NAILS it here. I went Cruz in the Primary, but there was simply no question what to do in the General.

hillary and devil.jpeg

Can’t agree with you more. I pretty much followed the same path. I voted for Trump because he wasn’t Hillary and was very happily surprised by his effectiveness. We knew he was a boorish arrogant prick when we elected him, but sometimes that’s how shit gets done.


Let’s not forget that Trump faced a soft coup d’etat from the day he was elected. All the organs of the 0bama regime were arrayed and determined to take him out. That is what that Jan. 5 meeting with the Obama gang in the White House is all about.

Old tanker

What I find incredible is the fascination with brain damaged candidates that the dems have and how they are still able to elect them to office. The fetterman debacle being the latest example of producing an obvious meat puppet for the folks really in charge to stage their operation. WTF???


Fetterman’s stroke came during his campaign, not prior to it. Even if you think he’s a meat puppet now, he wasn’t one to begin with.

Time will tell if his doctor is correct in that his speaking will improve over time. A friend’s brother had a stroke some years back, and did show improvement over time, but still has some lingering effects.

MI Ranger

A neighbor of mine had a stroke. He was in a wheelchair (powered) for over a year. You could barely understand him. He is now up and running around, speaks fine. I did not recognize him, thought he was a brother that looked similar.

But a high stress job is not a place for recovery! He should have taken the time to recover, and then run for office. He will either have another stroke that kills him…or he will be spending all his time in rehab no doing his job.


It’s a fair point on the stress, absolutely. Thought truthfully I have no idea how stressful it is being a Senator. For some who work hard, it is surely quite a bit. For others, I have the cynical suspicion that the hardest choice they often make is which expensive entree to choose at a fancy dinner with donors.

Regardless, I wish him the best of health. In the grand scheme of things, I think that even with a stroke, he’s less of a liability than the Senate’s allegedly senile museum piece, Diane Feinstein.


His stroke came prior to the campaign but not the election. Old Tanker’s question was how could the people vote for an obviously impaired candidate. Not, why would that candidate run.


I took the whole ‘producing an obvious meat puppet for the folks really in charge’ to mean that he was chosen to run as a meat puppet before he became one, in the eyes of some here.

Why he’d continue to run after the stroke? No idea. Pressure? Not the type to give up? I hope he’s taking care of his health, but the point remains when he was tapped to run, he hadn’t had a stroke.

MI Ranger

I totally agree with you. Complaining without offering a solution is just….(some word I can’t seem to remember)….Oh yeah WHINNING!! Not winning.
All that evidence, but none of it was admissable in court… it is all just whinning.
And definately yes to the second part. A Plan! Set fourth a plan to fight inflation, to bring businesses back, to get people working in all the jobs that no one wants, fight crime, fix the prison system, and rebuild our Police forces with people who want and deserve to be there (been hearing a lot of stories of people hired because no one else was available and getting busted for crimes of power). Fix the immigration system (illegal and legal) and our border, and deal with our huge trade gap and innability to sustain ourselves: fertilizer from Ukraine, Oil from everyone else, every part made in China, giving away our technology (don’t get me started on Vandium Flow Battery technology)…


You can bet Gropey and his bandaho’s will do nothing on the issues you raise. The next two years will look like the last. The Swamp rats are doubling down. Biden announced he intends to use his DOJ to take down Trump and bar him from running in 2024.

Slow Joe

I don’t know.
It looks to me that the key to winning elections is to mobilize your core supporters. Middle of the road approach seems to turn off the enthusiasm of your supporters and still does not wins you the independent vote, as independents in general are far more sensitive to media campaigns highlighting your shortcomings and hiding your achievements.

I think, and this is a soft position since I don’t have enough information, but I think that whatever DeSantis did in Florida might as well prove the right approach at winning national elections. He turned Florida red despite the state having a massive left leaning percentage of its population.

In the end, it has sadly become evident that arguing for the 3 core values of modern American conservatism (free market capitalism, small government and our constitutional freedoms), is a moot point as so many voters only care about getting freebies from the central government and party affiliation.


In the end, it has sadly become evident that arguing for the 3 core values of modern American conservatism (free market capitalism, small government and our constitutional freedoms), is a moot point as so many voters only care about getting freebies from the central government and party affiliation.

Amen! Allow me to add: this trade (quasi-tyrannical lords demanding fealty for furtherance of a top-down system) will erode this nation faster than bombs, ‘viruses’, and godless trannys.

PDJT was a warning to the establishment, now with his short comings laid bare, the next reactionary candidate with be much, much worse. The American Ppl will not stand idly by, and all of this psychological priming (i.e. CW2: Eclectic Screwgaloo) will put the nail in our coffin.

I’m not advocating it (violence, real insurrection, revolution, etc.) but identifying a fact of faction wherein the minority can become animated in a bloodlust for Liberty and Justice.

TL;DR: Storm’s a’comin, got sandbags?

Only Army Mom

Republicans too often put up crappy, unelectable candidates. When there is someone electable, they cannibalize them because they are not “pure” enough i.e., they don’t pass the abortion litmus test, they are either too pro- or con-Trump, they did or didn’t support (fill in the blank).

We accuse, correctly, the tolerant Left of being intolerant, then are far from tolerant of the independent plurality of thinking that is supposed to be the hallmark of our own party.

It used to be one side believes Big Government is necessary and the only right way, the other believes individual rights -state and personal – supersede government dictum like it says in the Constitution.

“Big Government is for the weak and the stupid because it hides those flaws in the individual”.

AT1 ret



Everything is downstream from immigration. Mass immigration has been a disaster for the country, it will destroy it in fact. The nation is on the cusp of becoming a California-style one-party state due solely to immigration. There’s no point in analyzing the details. The Dems start with millions of racial-bloc immigrant votes. Republicans have no choice but to talk about the failure of the “Red Wave” but one thing you won’t hear Republicans talking about is the non-arrival of the great Hispanic conversion. They’d rather die than acknowledge the failure of diversity, mass immigration, and multiculturalism. They’re pumping up Florida to avoid having to talk about reality. But reality bites even when you ignore it.

Particularly when you ignore it. The Republicans have been ignoring the impact of demographics for 40 years, even while people screamed at them to wake up. Now it’s too late, the tipping point has long been passed.