Student dresses as “Nazi”, Principal suspended

| November 8, 2022


A Chicago-area principal at Jones  College Prep was suspended over his handling of a student’s wear of a “Nazi” uniform on Halloween. This is a surprisingly knotty one – not as easy to judge as you may think.  The prinicipal, Joseph Powers, tried to take the middle road… and thereby proved the adage that if you don’t take sides and try taking a center line, you will get run over.

…Joseph Powers, but Powers explained to students the boy was dressed as a Communist-era East German soldier, Powers wrote Monday in a note to staff.  Boing Boing

On the one hand, the principal is shackled by that whole ugly freedom-of-speech self-expression thing the kids treasure nowadays – unless said freedom of speech disagrees with theirs. He could have sent the kid home, only to get sued for everything including his eyeballs because the uniform was a treasured inheritance from Grandpa in some Balkan fiefdom who died fighting the real Nazis, right?

Well, that turned out not to be the case. Although the uniform is identified as a 1980’s dress border guard uniform, when  the kid who wore it put it on parade, across the stage he goose-stepped across the stage and threw a Nazi-style salute. Pretty damn sloppy one, and I’m not sure anyone would consider this a stiff right arm.

Now, I am sure everyone has noted that the lack of coal-scuttle helmet is a dead giveaway that this is not Nazi-era, right? The East Germans did retain the goose-step, so the kid was actually correct. But now if it is even mistakenly perceived as Nazi, it is, whether it is or not.  There is more history with this kid, so all the students are real upset. It is being called racist, anti-semitic, and for all I can tell, unsanitary.

Twitter user tmg__alex documented the event, and shared that the student in question has “a history of racist, sexist, and now anti-semitic behavior. he’s been seen wearing clothing promoting anti-black slogans such as back the blue, blue lives matter, lets go brandon, etc.” Boing Boing

Oh my Lord, this kid is conservative! NOW I see why all the tar and feathers are out.

Info culled from Independent via Yahoo  NY Post as well.

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He may be conservative, but he sure be stupid! For the mods, I boinked up my user name on an earlier post, but it was me… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

tom reynolds

All kids are stupid but we don’t punish them for it,because they are kids. He is a victim of his brainwashed fellow students hysteria. I guess German commies are bad but Chinese commies are good.


Wait, he was pretending to be a communist soldier in Chicago and wasn’t made a hero? Baffling. The mayor we know for sure isn’t racist. She only gives interviews for black and brown people.


Ostdeutscher uniform, not nazi… dumbass couldn’t get that right.


I traded a couple MRE’s for that helmet. it’s on my garage wall currently.


Apparently you’re an antisemite. 😱


Sorta like the Kaiser attacking Poland in response to North Korea crossing the 38th Parallel, but okay.


Looks like this

download (1).png

Not a conservative, just a dumbass. Seriously, how many conservatives are in the city of Chicago?


About three… and the sure don’t know any better.


Weren’t there a couple of gay, MAGA supporting, African immigrants beating up poor hungry defenseless actors in Chi-town a few years ago?


So the story goes…


Don’t forget Subway being open at 2am in Chiraq.


But for Subway being open on that freezing night, that horrible racist hate crime inspired by the Orange Man never would have occurred, since it was sheer happenstance that those MAGA men encountered him on the street.


Um, Counselor, if ol’ Poe may be allowed to add to the evidentiary file: Those two gay MAGA men who’d had multiple prior carnal encounters with Jussie’s tushy and who were carrying a uselessly short length of rope fashioned into a noose, not a coil of rope sufficient for the implied threat of lynching. It was nothing more than a de rigueur racist symbol that Jussie apparently was so unthreatened by that it was still adorning his shoulders when the police finally arrived.

As usual, the devil in these racial hoaxes is always in the details… 😉 


And it wasn’t really rope. It was 1/4 inch clothes line. The hardware store not only didn’t have any MAGA hats, it didn’t have any thing that was for realz 3/4 inch rope.


Stupid people of the week thread early? Kid should have been a Rocky Horror Movie character. That would have been accepted.


“Trans” ‘fore it was cool(er) or something.
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Hack Stone

“I hate Jones College Prep Nazis.”

Elwood Blues


So do I…

Anna Puma

Uh wow, so many levels of stupid…


I’m not gonna dogpile the kid.
He’s a high-school kid. They are, by definition, stupid – as we can remember from our HS days.

I think I’m with the principle on this one, though.


Agreed GB, I’m with the principle. These kids are so ill educated that they are incapable of rational / critical thought. The postings by that little moron alex in the link shows what an idiot he is.. The fact that he’s offended by “blue lives matter” says just about all you need to know.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Then again the kid is emulating the new administration, I mean the new 1000 year 4th Reich run by Fuher Herr biden. Then again, Conservatives are called Nazis so whats the big deal./Sarc


I’m not gonna say that I and two others dressed up as WWII German soldiers … wearing the “proscribed symbols” … in high school … for a school Halloween party … in 1969 … and nobody cared.

I’m not gonna say it.

And if we did, we weren’t Nazis (well, one might have been).

Verrrrrry Interesting

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“But schtoopid”

Like the guy in my unit who went Trick-or-Treating as Hitler… in Germany (where that’s illegal, not just rude).

Army Air Force Guy

Whew, what a relief. The demand for bigots in the Chicago area was starting to outstrip supply.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Too bad. Hindsight is always 20-20.
The principal could have made this an instructive moment AND defused the situation.
“Johnny is wearing a 1980s era Communist East German border guard uniform. He is also marching in goose step and giving an upraised arm salute, suggestive of Nazi soldiers. I will give extra points to the first person who will give me a one page paper telling me if this march and salute are correct for the Communist – not Nazi – soldier of that era.”

Hack Stone

Stick around for the 2:00 mark to get the reference to President Elect’s comment.


Welp, when I first saw the pic, I immediately thought Vopo. I fail to see why the Progs all have their panties in a bunch, since they don’t seem to have a problem with our new American Stasi, formerly known as the FBI. And they seem to be fans of communist police states, where the one party government controls every subjects every move.


My brothers friend dressed as a Nazi and came to our house to show it off..Papa tossed his ass out while telling him…Read the history of WW2 before coming back over…

Mike B

I’ve got one of those Grenztruppen der DDR (East German Border Guard) uniforms that I picked up when the wall fell. Was stationed in Germany when it fell. It’s displayed on a mannequin I’ve named Dieter.

You’d be surprised how many visitors made remarks about it being a NAZI uniform. I collect militaria and have an eclectic collection of “Stuff”.

Oh and my post retirement ass couldn’t fit in that thing no matter what.

Herbert J Messkit

In 79 watched the East Berlin tomb guards “Stechtritt”. So can a student protest when someone wears a t shirt with a picture of a murdering commie bastard, Che.


No. Because Che Guevara was a liberator of the people, a freedom fighter. And by that, I mean murderous bastard.


I had thought the Alaska Airlines logo was Che.

Alaska Air.jpg

Well, as “woke” as companies are getting nowadays, the are getting like this:
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Should we (the natural born males amongst us, obviously) stone him to death for crimes against our feelings?

It seems like that sarcastic question will be legitimate discourse in eleventeen-and-a-half minutes from now.

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Green Thumb

Both idiots.