Short takes: Pelosi attacker illegal Irish?, OPEC+ on speed-dial, Dodge boo-boo, Phillies’ whining

| November 1, 2022

There is an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner which suggests David DePape, Paul Pelosi’s hammerin’ midnight caller, could be an illegal Canadian immigrant – speculating that if he never got a work visa and didn’t marry an American, after 20 years here he could be illegal.Washington Examiner  Very thin accusation… but since he has admitted he wanted to break Nancy’s kneecaps, maybe the truth is more sinister? Fox News  Maybe he is one of those dastardly Irish folks (after all, kneecapping was a popular activity on BOTH sides of the Troubles, right?) Hey, maybe we can start a new fake Internet rumor!


An United Arab Emirates minister says if the oil market needs help, OPEC+ is only a phone call away. Maybe the number not starting with 1-900 throws him?

The United Arab Emirates’ energy minister said on Monday that OPEC+ was always willing to balance crude oil markets if needed, and that if consumers require its help, the alliance of top producers was “only a phone call away.”

Reuters via Yahoo

Kinda makes you wonder if Brandon has the wrong number?


Dodge may be having issues with its ultra-fast halo cars they call “Last Call” editions. As they shift toward promised EV versions of muscle cars, the ‘Last Call” cars are promising 900+ hosepower internal combustion engines.

The seventh and final special edition model was slated to arrive at the 2022 SEMA Show, but that’s no longer the case. According to CEO Tim Kuniskis, the reasoning is rather explosive.

Dodge has already pulled the cover off of six of the Last Call special edition models, including highlights like the Challenger Black Ghost and the Charger Super Bee. That said, the automaker has been hyping fans up about the seventh model for weeks at this point.

“But we ran into some problems,” Kuniskis told media. “To be more precise, the modified V-8 has been blowing up when pushed to the limits in the Dodge test lab. We’re not talking about a minor breakdown. Apparently, the engines really have been blowing up.”

As R&T first reported back in July, rumors have swirled that Dodge is planning to unveil a variant of the Challenger capable of running on E85 fuel. This model was rumored to bring as much as 909 hp to the table, which is 202 more than the original 6.2-liter Hellcat engine provided when it arrived in 2015. In fact, that’s quite a bit more power than provided by the Dodge Demon, which makes just 840 hp when running on race fuel

Road &Track via AOL

While the average owner will never run their car balls-out for hours like Dodge does in testing, detonating drivetrains is NOT good pre-release publicity.



The Phillies are complaining that Maldonado of the Astros used an ILLEGAL BAT!!! in the first game of the World Series. The bats are an older model (Maldonado got his from Albert Pujols) which MLB says players who started after 2010 can’t use. Pujols was grandfathered since he started in the 1790s or so. It should be noted that Pujols in his best years could hit .300 with a table leg, and Maldonado is hitting something like .002 on his better outings – plus Philadelphia won the game. Quit yer whinging, guys! They’re as bad as the Bostonians still talking about “the Curse” years after they won the Series in 2004.

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If you haven’t heard a rumor by noon… start one.


My C8 is a bit faster than most every Dodge. It isn’t all about HP.

MI Ranger

I just wish they had made the C8 look more like a Corvette and less like a Lamborghini/Ferrari. The front end just does not look like a Corvette to me. But then I drive a mostly stock C5.

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Old tanker

Really??? I didn’t realize we had pro baseball teams that long ago. Is this guy part of the “undead” and can only play at night???

The bats are an older model (Maldonado got his from Albert Pujols) which MLB says players who started after 2010 can’t use. Pujols was grandfathered since he started in the 1790s or so.”

RGR 4-78

I thought it was funny, especially the part about the table leg.


“CDC Director Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Rebound Case”

“CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tested positive for COVID-19 again on Sunday, 10 days after initially contracting the virus.”

“Walensky, who is up to date on her vaccines, started a course of Pfizer’s antiviral drug Paxlovid when she first started developing symptoms on Oct. 21.”

“Her symptoms improved and she tested negative, but she tested positive again in an apparent rebound case on Sunday.”


Hopefully she keeps getting the vaccines…..


If you don’t like the “Lover’s Spat gone bad” story, just wait a bit bit and it’ll change. With all of the “muh diversity” promoting going on, Paulie should just embrace his perversion and take the hammering that he so desires.

prezzy sniffy joe IS a wrong number. Oil and gas naturally reproduces from the Earth’s Core. We been running out for 100 years now. 2 years ago we were EXPORTING oil.

Damn a bunch of overpaid, underworked cry baby pro “sports” players. Don’t watch none of them.


Saw elsewhere (many websites ago) he was possibly Canadian and entered the US on a visa via British Columbia.


Both the Irish Republican and Loyalist factions preferred the .22LR as the tool of choice for Kneecapping.
For those who really fucked up ( or required an extra strength ‘ message ‘ )
the ‘ Six-Pack ‘ was often used.
The 6pk being, a round in each knee, elbow and shoulder. Ouch


The Dodge special editions are #1, with car thieves, here in the Mitten State. Hell they’ve been stolen out of the holding lots at the Dodge factory. They’re faster than any cop car.
One guy bought a Challenger brand new two years ago, and it was stolen 3 times in the last year. Apparently, the 3d time was the charm, the driver wrecked it.

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USMC Steve

Maybe what with Dupape being a snowback, the socialist democrats will finally seal at least one border…