Elon Musk takes the helm at Twitter, fires top executives

| October 28, 2022

Elon Musk began his ownership of Twitter with actions that included firing Twitter’s CEO, CFO, and policy chief. He recently walked into Twitter’s headquarters, holding a porcelain sink, symbolizing that his pending purchase and pending actions should sink in with those following this event. He wants to do away with permanent bans on users. However, he assured advertisers that Twitter would not become a free-for-all hellscape.

From Reuters:

“The bird is freed,” he tweeted after he completed his $44 billion acquisition on Thursday, referencing Twitter’s bird logo in an apparent nod to his desire to see the company have fewer limits on content that can be posted.

The CEO of electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) and self-described free speech absolutist has, however, also said he wants to prevent the platform from becoming an echo chamber for hate and division.

Other goals include wanting to “defeat” spam bots on Twitter and make the algorithms that determine how content is presented to its users publicly available.

Yet Musk has not offered details on how he will achieve all this and who will run the company. He has said he plans to cut jobs, leaving Twitter’s 7,500 employees fretting about their future. He also said on Thursday he did not buy Twitter to make more money but “to try to help humanity, whom I love.”

In a running poll on messaging app Blind about whether Twitter employees will be employed in the company in three months, less that 10% voted “yes.” Of the 266 participants, 38% said “No” and over 55% chose the “popcorn” option. Blind allows anonymous messaging by employees to air their grievances where people can sign up with their corporate emails.

Musk fired Twitter Chief Executive Parag Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal and legal affairs and policy chief Vijaya Gadde, according to people familiar with the matter. He had accused them of misleading him and Twitter investors over the number of fake accounts on the platform.

Agrawal and Segal were in Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters when the deal closed and were escorted out, the sources added.

Musk, who also runs rocket company SpaceX, plans to become Twitter’s CEO after completing the acquisition and also plans to scrap permanent bans on users, Bloomberg reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.

Twitter, Musk and the executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


Before closing the deal, Musk walked into Twitter’s headquarters on Wednesday with a big grin and a porcelain sink, subsequently tweeting “let that sink in.” He changed his Twitter profile description to “Chief Twit.”

He also tried to calm employee fears that major layoffs are coming and assured advertisers that his past criticism of Twitter’s content moderation rules would not harm its appeal.

“Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences!” Musk said in an open letter to advertisers on Thursday.

As news of the deal spread, some Twitter users were quick to flag their willingness to walk away.

“I will be happy to leave in a heartbeat if Musk, well, acts as we all expect him to,” said a user with the @mustlovedogsxo account.

Could you guess which side of the argument most of the people, who are who are hinting on leaving Twitter, are? Reuters has more information here.

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In a meme:

A Proud Infidel®™

Eat shit and howl at the moon!

AW1 Rod

And THIS bitch was also shown the door on Day One!



According to a comment in the Twitter thread, Twitter employees have been locked out of the Twitter source code. SpaceX engineers are now examining it. 👏👍

You can bet that whatever censorious code is in there will not only be torn out, it will be announced publicly (although I wouldn’t expect an actual release of source code, but Musk isn’t exactly predictable).

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

VaJayJay Gadde was also shown the door…….
There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.


Reliable sources inducate that the door, unfortunately for some, did not hit her in the *ss on the way out with her box of office stuff.

Hack Stone

All of those upset with Elon Musk setting policy at Twitter can always leave and use another means to communicate. Have they tried True Social?



Yeah. They can learn to code….oh, wait…. 🤣


Too bad we can’t find a Birth Certificate showing Musk was born in the US. Anybody do a deep dive into the Vital Records Section in Hawaii?


Perhaps he too can be born in a hospital ten years before it was built, then write his autobiography that tells how he was born in Kenya, until he wasn’t.

USMC Steve

To be fair, that hospital did exist when Homey da Klown was born, it just wasn’t known by the name on his fake birth certificate until mid 1967.


Musk isn’t exactly conservative but he isn’t a full blown liberal retard either. He tends run honest and pro free speech so anyone opposed to that will be sent packing. It is a bit ironic, but that is ok.


I have a degree of respect for Musk. He may tilt toward the left, but no one does his thinking for him, he isn’t afraid to reconsider a position or decision, and he certainly isn’t afraid to take an unpopular view.


Normally I limit my politics to a few items like 2A. Musk understands why we have the 2A and agrees with the premise and then ridiculous ideas about it like;

“He also suggested imposing limits on the sale of assault weapons so that only those in specific circumstances, such as gun range owners and people living in a “high risk location, like gang warfare” can buy them.”


Could be worse, but really?


I believe that he is a Libertarian


Mr Musk,
Until you prove otherwise, in your actions, that they are not for the greater good, I grant you….

MOTHERFUCKING TROLL LEVEL 1,000,000,000,000  💖  🏆 

stadium wild.gif
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



I know the left/libtards out there are going:

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How come rob reiner didn’t move to Kanada along with all the twizzler shitbird employees who threatened to leave if Mr. Musk bought the twister company or I’ll call it Twitter now that he’s the new Topkick inthe outfit.


USMC Steve

Well, the libtards are already geting angry. Good. Musk should tell them if they don’t like having the same free speech rights as everyone else, they can get the fuck on down the road. Must suck not to be calling the shots anymore.

A Proud Infidel®™

The liberal moonbats are going apeshit and I’m seriously enjoying some Schadenfreude!


Get the party started!

download (2).jpg

comment image


I am proud of this African business owner.



AT1 ret

That’s gold right there.

AT1 ret

After he got upstairs.

A Proud Infidel®™

Correct me if I’m wrong, but i think that Elon Musk is more African American than Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg and a bunch of others of that ilk times 100.

Green Thumb



Simpy simps simping some more.

You all really enjoy sociopath billionaire cock.

Yet another billionaire trying to influence the national narrative by buying up information platforms.

Yay! Freedom!


You’re still a fraud. Still gobbling that antifa cock, Commissar? What we’re actually enjoying is watching all your liberal/progressive/socialist friends melt down because nobody at twitter will provide them political cover anymore. Free speech. Not just the speech you deem acceptable. I believe you probably served in the wrong army. The Soviets were probably more to your liking. You may go now, you’ve made you’re predictable squawk.


Your side of the aisle likes to control the narrative and shut out dissent of any kind. But nice try.

For a *supposedly* UCB educated person you’re a fucking retard. Is this why you can’t hold down meaningful employment?

As always — you’re a traitor and a fraud.

USMC Steve

You sound angry there, libtard. You had no problems with it when fuck up subhuman liberals controlled all the social media platforms, why was that?

Forrest Bondurant

Well, cockgobbler, you can always fall back on Fakebook and Democratic Underground, where your type like to silence opposing views.


> Musk fired…legal affairs and policy chief Vijaya Gadde.

So…..the Chief Twit got rid of the Chief Twat.