Weekend Open Thread

| November 4, 2022

Tuesday next week is the midterm elections. If you have not voted yet, make sure you get to your voting precinct this Tuesday. Because of the overturn of Roe v Wade, and potential overturn of other judicial fiats, many on the Democrat side believe that Democracy is “under attack”. Also don’t forget, Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to be the FIRST to remind all of The Adorable Deplorables that this weekend Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend, which will allow those not working overnight to gain an extra hour of sleep. Bonus is that extra hour allows Phil Make nor’easter an extra 60 minutes to work this weekend.



Hack Stone

He shoots, he scores. Hack Stone will be a kind and benevolent ruler over the Weekend Open Thread. Now, Avery your gaze.

Hack Stone

Avert your gaze.

And divert your glaze. (This comment directed towards Paul Pelosi)


HACKO!!! Damn it I totally forgot and am working someone’s travel. Oh well….15 minutes late.
Here you go Hack.


Because David belittled my choice of “standard” ammoz, in last weeks WOT, I have added  6.5×55 &.45-70. I specifically searched 6.5×55 and not 6.5 Creedmore. I can edit it.
I did the math, & filtered for lower shipping costs too. Some times it’s better to look at lower or free shipping than the price per round and other times, it works out the other way when you’re buying 500 to 1,000 rounds.
They’ll get ya either way.  😅 
And let’s not forget about the state taxes.  😑 
Some times there’s no tax & some times there is. That’s been a deal breaker for me at times.
Also, I’m paying for the convenience of having it shipped to my house, no fuss no muss.
Here’s your chart for today’s Ammo Prices.
If you want others posted, let me know.  :arandammo: 

New Ammoseek 11-4-22.PNG

What an I say – I tend to not trust new-fangled cartridges…say, invented after about 1910.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone really really needs to proofread prior to posting. Let’s try this again.

Hack Stone would like to be the FIRST to remind all of The Adorable Deplorables that this weekend Daylight Saving Time ends, which will allow those not working overnight to gain an extra hour of sleep. Bonus is that extra hour allows Phil Make an extra 60 minutes to work balls this weekend.


You STILL got it wrong. Your phone corrected Phildo’s last name. I move that Hack be stripped of his title and that it be awarded to the person who was “Segundo”. Oh wait, that was me. What a happy coincidence. 🤣


You Go, Mr. Stone!


That sounds like a Kamela quote:

“I congratulate the people I congratulate who are worthy of congratulations” 😋




Well, he DID call us adorable deplorables, so I assume he doesn’t hate everyone.

Commissioner Wretched

Way to go, Hack!




Top Ten for the first time in ages!


Congrats to the Hackest of Stones.

Taking the weekend off. I hope y’all are taking this time to get what may be needed for some trying times.

Be blessed.


Lucky you. I just got back from an Icelandic vacation and I have a fucking PHA tomorrow.

Commissioner Wretched

Rats of the Cong to Hack Stone! For him and for all, the week’s trivia is hereby offered! Enjoy ..

Did the United States once toy with the idea of stopping Earth’s rotation in the event of nuclear war?
By Commissioner Wretched

Six years in, the column is doing well. As you know, earlier this year it even spawned a book, Did You Know…? Yet Another Compendium of Useless Trivia, which is also doing well.

If you don’t have your copy yet, head on over to amazon.com and order it. I’ll wait.


Also, as we begin the next six years of this silliness, I will share with you what I eventually decided to do for Halloween.

Nothing. I didn’t even give out any candy to the costumed extortionists who roamed my neighborhood. I’m a cheap old so-and-so.

Commissioner Wretched

But I’m never, ever cheap with the trivia, so let’s get the next six years started right now.

Scary thought – when we complete the next six years, I’ll be 71 years old. By that time, I’ll be trivia!

Did you know …

… honeybees can get drunk? They can if they ingest any tree sap that has fermented. And if you think the penalties for humans driving under the influence are harsh, you should see what happens to bees that get snockered. If they’re even able to make it back to their hives, they are pounced upon by other bees who see the drunken bee as a threat to the hive. The punishment is far more harsh than humans get – some bees even lose limbs during the beat-down. (Next time I see one, I won’t say, “Go home, honeybee, you’re drunk,” since I know what will happen.)

Commissioner Wretched

… North Korea has a space program? The reclusive nation made its first attempt to launch a satellite in 1996, but the attempt failed. Three more launches took place between then and 2016, all of which were failures – but to hear their government talk about it, they were “glorious successes.” (How many of you thought when I said “space program” I was referring to the inside of Kim Jong Un’s head?)

… the first motion picture soundtrack released on a record was from a Disney film? In 1938, the recorded score of the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released as an album. (“Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the charts we go …”)

… Cyprus is the only nation on Earth without a national anthem of its own? The country decided in 1966 to use the Greek national anthem for itself as well. Additional trivia note: the Greek national anthem is the longest in the world, with 158 verses. (I can imagine Cyprus saying, “Let’s just use verse 136 for our anthem.”)

Commissioner Wretched

… pricing is important with products? Of course it is. Consider – when tater tots were introduced to the market in 1956, they flopped. Sales were bad because the price was so low. People assumed tater tots were not a good product and had no perceived value. But when the price for the product went up, so did sales. (Tater tots are okay, but give me old-fashioned shoestring french fries any day.)

A Proud Infidel®™

Curly fries are my first choice!


With cheese and bacon crumbles.


Poutine, baby. Crispy fries covered with cheese curds and gravy!

Commissioner Wretched

… the United States once toyed with the idea of stopping the Earth’s rotation in the event of a nuclear war? In his 2017 book The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, Daniel Ellsburg (born 1931) claims that the U.S. Air Force considered an idea to use ground-secured rockets to try and stop the rotation of the Earth in the event of nuclear missiles fired from the Soviet Union. The cockeyed idea was based on the thought that ballistic missiles are fired at essentially moving targets, and if you keep the targets from moving, the missiles … miss. The plan called for a thousand or so rockets laid along the ground firing in the opposite direction of the Earth’s rotation, which would be touched off on evidence of a Soviet nuclear strike.

Commissioner Wretched

The idea was silly, of course – the rockets’ force would dissipate in the atmosphere, not slow or stop the rotation of the Earth. And even if the rotation were slowed, the missiles would still land – off target, maybe, but they’d still go boom! In the extremely unlikely event of success, then came the problem of resuming the rotation. All in all, a very silly idea. (Crafted, I suspect, by one Wile E. Coyote out of the Acme, Inc. catalog).

Commissioner Wretched

… a Nobel Prize winner was rewarded with a lifetime supply of beer? Danish scientist Niels Bohr (1885-1962) won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922. As a reward, the Carslberg brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark, gave Bohr a house – one that was located next door to the brewery and which came with a pipeline that brought beer directly into the residence. (He did, however, draw the line at changing his last name from Bohr to Beer.)

… you can hear rhubarb growing? It grows so fast – almost an inch a day – that it pops, squeaks, and makes other odd noises. (Funny, I made the same noises when I grew.)

… moose are excellent swimmers? Moose are born knowing how to swim, and can swim for two hours at a stretch. They average a speed of about six miles per hour. (It stinks when a moose can do something I can’t.)


You can also hear corn growing. Remember the old saying: “On a quiet night, you can hear the corn grow”?

If the conditions are good, Field Corn will grow an average of 1.25 inches over an eight-hour period.


And in my neck of the woods, Ford truck owners swear that on a really quiet night, if you listen REAL close, you can hear the Chevies rusting.


I hadn’t thought of it, but I do believe they are right!


My Chevy is mostly plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, and other non-ferrous materials, so the C7 won’t be doing much rusting.


Is that because the ford trucks aren’t running?

Hack Stone

We knew for decades that moose are excellent swimmers. They can also pull a rabbit out of their hat.


…and Democrats can pull votes out of their asses!

RGR 4-78

I thought moose pulled squirrel out of hat.


And who said physicists were “Bohr-ing”? Party at Niels’ house!🍺

Last edited 1 year ago by MustangCPT
Commissioner Wretched

… a species of shark glows in the dark? The swell shark, which lives at a depth of about 1,700 feet below the ocean surface, is bioluminescent and emits a glow. The glow, however, is only visible to other swell sharks. (Well, isn’t that just … swell.)

… the world’s smallest reptile was discovered in 2021? Found on the island of Madagascar, the unbelievably tiny member of the chameleon family measures in at just 29 millimeters (1.14 inches) in length. (Which explains why it wasn’t discovered until 2021.)

… a species of tarantula is named after a famous country music star? Discovered in 2015 in the area near Folsom Prison in California, the tarantula Aphonopelma johnnycashi is named for country star Johnny Cash (1932-2003). The singer was selected for the honor because of his song “Folsom Prison Blues.” (It’s an honor, of course … but a tarantula?)

Now … you know!


Well, tarantulas are black and he was “The Man in Black”? RIP Johnny…Air Force vet.


But wait, there’s more to the story on The Man in Black.

Johnny enlisted in the Air Force on 7 July 1950 and got trained up as a Morse Code Operator. While serving in Germany, in March 1953 he intercepted a Soviet communique and is regarded as the first American to hear of Stalin’s death. Johnny was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant (with a lifetime membership in the NDSM Brotherhood) 03 July 1954.


Did not know about the Stalin thing, very interesting.


Thank You again, CW, for another great week of trivia! 👍👍👏👏


Congratulations to Hack Stone on becoming the King of the TAH Tavern.

Not first, but early. Make sure all you dickweeds get out and vote to overcome the margin of fraud so kindly supplied by the Democrats.

Last edited 1 year ago by NDHoosier

On station.


Present! D’s Cantina would like to take a moment to invite you all to the annual Cochise County Sheriff’s Charity Ride. Bring your motorcycle, Jeep, or side by side, there’s both on and off road rides. It raises over $100K annually for 10 different local charities. The Cantina will be closed until we return. Please enjoy this short video of the rollout!


Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D

Democracy is only “under attack” for dorks who hate disagreement.

Hack Stone

Notable birthdays for today include actor Matthew McConaughey (1969); Karate Kid Ralph Macchio (1961); Night Court actress Markie Post (1950 – 2021; Everbody Loves Raymond actress Doris Robert’s (1925 – 2016); Hot Lips Houlihan, AKA Loretta Swit (1937); unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin (1960); 12 Angry Men jury member Martin Balsam (1919 – 1996); and character actor Cameron Mitchell (1918 -1994), who starred as Captain Stiles in the 1989 cinematic classic Terror In Beverly Hills.

A day late, but 68 years yesterday marks the debut of everyone’s favorite radioactive sea monster, Godzilla. Indulge Hack as he shares some Godzilla trivia. After retiring from film making and following a nasty divorce, Godzilla started a new career making a fortune flipping houses. Also, in Japan, when students recite The Pledge of Allegiance, they say “One nation, under Godzilla…”


Why didn’t Godzilla’s radioactivity ruin the film used to make
the movie?

RGR 4-78

Time, distance, shielding?


Never be first. Never be last. Never ever volunteer.

  • Sage advice from a career E-4.

Never fly the “Weather Bird” during Blue Water ops.

  • “Go ahead and launch and let us know when you break out VMC.”

Never get a Special Instrument Card.

  • You’ll spend the rest of your Naval Aviation career hiding the fact that you have it.

When I finally retire, if I am ever asked what I am most proud of, I will reply without hesitation that the accomplishment I am proudest of is never getting “Bus” on my military driver’s license!🤣


Weather Guessers, Intell Weinies be like:

“Light to Moderate Turbulence in your OPAREA.”


“You have the window!”

Translation: We’re going to get the shit knocked out of us and we have no prayer of contact this flight. Yay.


I refuse to accept the results of Hack as ruler of the thread. Hack used his white privilege to seize control of the process and cheat.

This is not about me, It is about us. It’s about the democracy we share and our responsibility to preserve our way of life. Human error and a system of suppression that had already proven its bias. The TAH staff is understaffed, ill-equipped or simply unable to serve its basic function for lack of a power cord. The incompetence and mismanagement we witnessed in this week had been on display months before. So, to be clear, this is not a speech of concession. Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. As a man of conscience and faith, I cannot concede. Eight years of systemic disenfranchisement, disinvestment and incompetence had its desired effect. You may seek to vent your anger, or worse, turn away from TAH because it can be as rigged and rotten as you’ve always believed.

Viva la Revolution!!

RGR 4-78

Funny, sounds almost like you are channeling your inner Hillary.  😀 

Hack Stone

No need to worry until the invitations for the midnight picnic at Fort Marcy Park are sent out.

RGR 4-78

Just a “shot in the dark” but I don’t think I will attend. 😉 










I’m conflicted…oh wait, I never cared for “ring-knockers” in either branch. Maybe it’ll end in a tie…🤣



One member of the ninja family is a Ring Knocker Courtesy of the Hudson Valley…the other is a 90 Day Wonder/Comic Book Reader/Benning’s School For Boys OCS Graduate.

And we are both Mustangs…😉😎

And we can laugh with others about our nicknames that others give us…

Thanks for the smile! 👍👍



The (GO) Army Ground Pounders will pluck the feathers of, kick the stuffing out of The Aerial Artillery Platform Service’s Falcon. Said Falcon will then be placed in the stew pot to make some dumplin’s. The Southern Style (sans sugar) Buttered Milk Cornbread is already prepared and ready to convert to a skillet of dressing. gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd

The KoB was on Escort Duty today and not around to give Krayon Kid a run for his money on the TAH WOT. Another Duty for tomorrow will prevent me from seeing (live) the thrashing that (GO) Army will give (BEAT) AF and the Dawgs taking the Vols to the woodshed. DA Form 6 is a merciless mistress.

A Special Prayer lifted up for our very own Gold Star mom during this time frame. Sacred to the Memory and in Honor of, PFC Andrew Meari, KIA 1 Nov 2010. Never Forget. Video was posted 4 Nov 2010.



THANK YOU so much for sharing the video about PFC Andrew N. Meari.

Rest In Peace, Soldier.


Never Forget.

Yes, a special prayer for our Gold Star Mom.

Getting dusty here in our AO.


Far across the Chattahoochee
To the Upatoi
Stands our loyal alma mater
Benning’s School for Boys

Forward ever, backward never
Faithfully we strive
Toward our final destination
Follow me with pride
(or “Follow me and die”)
When it’s time and we are called
To guard our country’s might
We’ll be there with head held high
To lead in Freedom’s fight
Yearning ever, Failing never
To keep our country free
The call is clear, we meet the task
For we are Infantry



One member of the ninja family graduated from RANGER School 4-78 (see pic in thos post).

We also found your RANGER class picture, rgr1480 (see next post for your picture.).

We cannot find rgr769 RANGER class picture.


Here’s your RANGER class picture, rgr1480! 😄


What a small world that another TAH commentator (RGR 4-78) was in the same RANGER class that a member of the ninja family was in.

RGR 4-78

That is the biggest thing that POSers don’t realize.

“Everybody who has served is known by the people they served with” nobody serves in a vacuum.


Who knew there would be two (2) TAH commentators who attended the same RANGER Class, 4-78.

The US Army/US Military is indeed a very small world.


Green Thumb

Class 6-00 Bitches!




My class picture was taken in Florida right after the tab pinning formation. It is not available on any website.


If you look at the one Ranger School class photo for the 1969 fiscal year, you will see that the class is rather small when compared to these two class pictures you put up. That is because the pictures above were taken at Benning before the class was winnowed at Darby and the latter two phases. My class lost about 40% of its students by the time our class pic was taken after the tabbing ceremony in Florida.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls while avoiding calls seeking clarification of his Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims.


Naval Aviation (includes Marines) says:

Good on ya, Air Force! Well played!

God forbid that we should ever dare to offend the Russkis…



sky dick.png

From Fetterwomen?


Funny, but I’ll tell you if someone threatened to shoot one of my dogs, they’d never find him.


My dogs would be eating good, for days!


“On this day in history, Nov. 4, 1980, Ronald Reagan elected president, heralding ‘morning again in America. Champion of conservatism outwitted political elite to win the White House”


“The Republican challenger won 44 states and 489 electoral votes to just six and 49, respectively, for Carter.”

“Reagan proved one of the most popular presidents in history, winning 49 of 50 states in his re-election bid in 1984.”


We will never see his like again.


But remember how the MSM ridiculed him endlessly, especially in his last term.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember watching the results of Ronald Reagan’s reelection on the “Boob Tube” with the D-rat reporters almost in tears, that was some delicious Schadenfreude!

A Proud Infidel®™

PRESENT and I award myself Honorary First once again.



They let me out of the prison, so I’m here. Just a mite tardy.

Congrats to Hack on his FIRSTness.

Got a twofer Monday – cardiologist and oncologist. Expecting excellent news from both of ’em.

Rain at the GB Compound – turnips are starting to come up. Mrs. GB blessed us with cornbread and blackeyes for supper. Yum, yum!

Y’all have a great weekend. God bless us, every one.


Thank You for sharing, Graybeard! Prayers for your upcoming visits on Monday-Thank You for staying positive! Please keep us informed.

You and Mrs GB and the GB Compound have a great weekend as well!


Thank you ninja.

Looking at my lab reports on-line, my PSAs are the lowest since they’ve been since 2012.
My blood pressure over the last two months has averaged 122/73, pulse average 64.

It is not hard to be positive with those numbers. God has been good to me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Graybeard

Update for anyone who cares:
Cardiologist said “You’re doing fine, I don’t need to see you again. I’ll discharge you to your PCP.”
Radiologist said “You’re in remission.”

God has been gracious to me.


Joe Biden Boasts Only All-Electric Cars Will Be Manufactured in America by ‘3035’
Joe Biden Boasts Only All-Electric Cars Will Be Manufactured in America by ‘3035’ (breitbart.com)

 🙄  😉  🙄  😉  🙄 


Sounds about right.

Hack Stone

Will the car manufacturers being procuring their parts from Spacely Sprockets or Cogswell Cogs?


“Hack! Stop this crazy thing!”


As a show of his commitment to AEV’s, maybe Joe can specify in his will that he is to be buried in his Corvette. But I bet Jill or Hunter won’t be down with putting a car worth $200K in the ground.


More like this:




For those of you not aware, the NFL shattered another ceiling when the Carolina Panthers hired the first transgender cheerleader. Catch Justine Lindsay this weekend on the sidelines… or not.



Take a knee now, bitches.


Thanks for the flashback to 2006…
2 Carolina Panthers cheerleaders moaning in a restroom stall.

As Jerry Seinfeld said in the 90s…
“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Both were arrested and charged, 1 with fake ID to get in the bar.


2006 Carolina Panthers 2 Cheerleaders in a stall.jpg
Hack Stone

Bama loses again. LSU wins in nailbiter in OT w/ 8 lead changes, 32-31. No Roll Tide for playoffs it looks like. Would need tons of help.

Hack Stone

So what you’re saying is that Russians are the Old World version of Florida Man?

A Proud Infidel®™

Set the clocks back yet again:

“Hello Darkness, my old friend,
You’re coming now at 5 PM, …”