Biden Claims His Son “Lost His Life in Iraq”

| October 13, 2022

In a speech that he gave on Wed – President Joe Biden claimed that his son, Beau, lost his life in Iraq.

Biden says son Beau ‘lost his life in Iraq’ during Colorado speech

President Biden erroneously said that his son, Beau, “lost his life in Iraq” during a speech in Colorado on Wednesday.

“I say this as a father of a man and won the Bronze Star, the conspicuous service medal, and lost his life in Iraq,” Biden said.

Beau died of brain cancer in 2015.

Biden made the speech on Wednesday near Vail, Colorado, where he designated Camp Hale as a national monument.

Biden said in a 2019 speech that he believes Beau’s “exposure to burn pits” in Iraq “in my view, I can’t prove it yet, he came back with stage four glioblastoma. Eighteen months he lived, knowing he was going to die.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to the White House for clarification on Biden’s comment.

Burn pits, died later, close enough… right?

Come on, man!  Give me a break.

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Daisy Cutter

Both of Biden’s sons seem to have experience at stirring up 5hit.

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Is there such a thing as the “conspicuous service medal”?


AKA the Spotlight Ranger Award.


How about the “suspicious” service medal.
We seem to get a lot of those around here.


It’s an award given by New York to its organized militia.

Skivvy Stacker



“I’d like to say a few words about my son Beau. Beau, are you out there? He was supposed to be here today, I guess he couldn’t make it.”

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Skivvy Stacker

Oh, that just wrong….that just SO WRONG man….so sick an WRONG….

I like you. 😎 

A Proud Infidel®™

“C’mon Beau, stand up for everyone!”


He also said (per Gateway Pundit): “To stand there on the edge of a cliff in the Rio Grande to, you know, looking at one thing and it’s just, there’s not many cliffs but then head up to the Grand Canyon… I’ve climbed it from the river up and I’ve looked at it from the top down,” Biden said.” Umm Joe, its the Colorado River. Rio Grande in on the the border a place you and the Border Czar avoid.


They probably figure it’s close enough for Government work.

Hack Stone

278 miles between the two. You could see how he was confused.


This is just a guess but I figured he thought the Grand Canyon was actually IN Colorado instead of Arizona. Or maybe he thinks the border is at the Grand Canyon now?

It’s getting disgusting. It was bad before but the stress of trying to campaign and keep up with a travel schedule was beyond his mental acuity in 2020, now it is impossible.


“There I was, knee deep in diesel fuel and stirring paddles…”

Hack Stone

How do you “win a Bronze Star”? Are there talent and swimsuit competitions when you compete to win the Bronze Star? Do viewers call in and vote contestants out of the competition?


If you win, please describe your hope for the future?.. and please include the phrase “world peace” in your answer.

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And who would you like to thank that without their support
you could not have prevailed?



BONUS for the CRICKETS moment.
As good as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.


Whirled peas.


Go to Iraq as son of VP. Lawyer the hell outta some stuff. Punch ticket, go home.


At the time, among the majority of units, the BS was a participation trophy EOT award for everyone grade E-7 and above. Many of those for whom it was a first tour didn’t know that and just got lucky. It’s about as close to “winning” an award as one can get.


My first Iraq tour I received an ARCOM as an end of tour award. My second Iraq tour I received a BSM as an end of tour award. The big change between tours was I was promoted from SSG to SFC. I feel like I did more to earn my ARCOM than I did my BSM, but my old Platoon might disagree about that.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I hear the “he”/’She” won such and such a medal all the time on the radio.and on a cable news station I used to watch which turned into another cnn station. I never heard anyone on the radio or cable say Awarded a medal unless it was a Military person or Vet.The movie Heartbreak Ridge had the Marine telling his friends that Gunny Highway won the MOH. Where was the tech advisor.


How close did Beau ever really get to a burn pit?


It wasn’t 18 months, either.
Beau Biden passed away 5 1/2 years after
he returned from overseas.

Biden also blamed the truck driver (“who drank his lunch”)
for his 1st wife running a stop sign and causing not only her own death,
but the death of their daughter.

Joe Biden lied about my dad being drunk
in crash that killed his wife and daughter…
he’s got a nerve calling out Trump]

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RIP Curtis Dunn.


Actually, Misanthrope, fairly close when you consider that his brother, Hunter, is the human equivalent of a burn pit… 🤔 

RGR 4-78

More of a toxic waste spill than a burn pit.

HAZMAT cleanup, anyone?


The closest he got was at a cookout on Camp Victory.

Overheard at awards board: Well what award do we Maj Biden?
Well, his dad is the freaking VP! A Bronze Star you idiot!

Plus Big Ray Odierno GAVE him a Legion of Merit posthumously. Surprised Stupid Joe hasn’t upped it to the MOH.


That’s where Joe got the “Conspicuous” from, the beginning of the citation on anyone’s MOH. He tried to use it, but, as usual, Joe fucked that up, too.


Just surprised Corn Pop wasn’t involved in some way.


This will all get tied together in the Biden grand denouement. Corn Pop may visit Hunter in prison and not unlike the Star War’s Darth Vader character, he will reveal to Hunter that he is his father.


Maybe Corn Pop could be his real dad. Corny could be so light skinned the gang gave him that nickname. Hunter’s genetic makeup could explain his propensity for ho’s and crack.


Nah I’m waiting for some riveting story of action and suspense from good ol’ lunch bucket Joe.

One set in a pivotal fight in a desert oasis against an even more radical Al Qaeda breakaway element, led by the radical cleric Al-Corn Popshabazz. A tale of drama, suspense, action, and perhaps even a 10% chance of a cameo for the “big guy.”

Ya know, stuff of legends.


Look, everyone knows now! See how his fame spreads like a scented cloud from your furry back-side when you have had one too many crackers!


And some folks think that there are 81 million people who actually voted for this senile fool.


Honestly surprised there weren’t more. 81M is only about 25% of the population. I suspect a lot more people than that are idiots.


I think he also landed in Bosnia with Skanky Hillary.

A Proud Infidel®™

And dodged Snipers alongside her as well!


What did this “nominee” win?

Silver Star?
Or a gift card to Golden Corral?

Mentioned yesterday on Midweek Open Thread.
See for yourself.

Hack Stone

Yes, that is fantastic. As in a fantasy. He secured the nomination for the Medal of Honor, now he just has to successfully campaign for it. Just hope that he doesn’t have to wait as long as Hack Stone has been waiting on his end of tour award from his last 3 year 5 month tour on Okinawa. 22 years and 5 months counting, if it doesn’t get here soon, Hack may have to make a phone call.


Ha Ha, got you beat. I’m still waiting for my retirement award. It’s been 30 years and 10 months now that I’ve been checking the mail box and it still hasn’t shown up. /smile


I retired Sep 30. My counter has just started.


I got lucky. I got my retirement award about a week after I got my DD214. I still haven’t bothered having my DD214 amended to include my retirement award though.


When I left the Viet of the Nam, I received no end of tour awards; and I had extended it for three months. In my last six months, I formed and led a provisional Ranger unit, later took command of a demoralized, shot-up rifle company when I had less than a month left in country, and almost got killed three times during that three-month extension. I’ve often thought my conflicts with brigade headquarters, which was led by morons from the Pentagon rushed to RVN to get their combat tours before the war ended, had something to do with it.


This is terrific. I’m going to start introducing myself as an Article 15 nominee. I never got one, but people thought about putting me in for it, I’m sure.

Hack Stone

It’s an honor just to be threatened with one.

Hack Stone recalls the time that the SNCOIC of the Recruiting Office he was serving his sentence at threatened to write him him up for disrespect.

Hack Stone: When was I disrespectful to you, Gunnery Sergeant? (Said with the most contempt possible)

GySgt Dickface: When I was interviewing a prospective female recruit.

Hack Stone: The only female I recall you speaking to was Jennie, and she is only 15 years old. The Major sure would be interested in why you are spending so much time with a girl who isn’t even eligible to enlist for another two years.

Game over, asshole! He ended up getting kicked out with no retirement for all of the shady shit he did while on Recruiting Duty.

RGR 4-78

You put the grindstone to gunny dickface.

Skivvy Stacker

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say; “He died in Vietnam” if the person met their end through Agent Orange exposure 30 years afterward. I don’t think it would have been said had it been 5 or 10 years either.
Is it possible that exposure to something in Iraq could have been the cause? Possible, but unknown, because that form of brain cancer is rare, and not enough is known about it’s cause. It does seem to be related to other types of brain cancers, and at least one brain disease that causes dementia-like symptoms….which would go a long way toward explaining Cotton Eye Joe.


According to what I read, glioblastoma is the most common brain cancer. There is no evidence to link it to burn pits. Moreover, I fail to see why there would be any lawyering to be done next to a burn pit. Joe ‘s fallacious suppositions in this regard are just as bogus as his claim the truck driver who his wife pulled in front of “drank his lunch.” It is possible that pigs could fly, if they had wings. But we will never know.


“Cotton-Eyed Joe”

How perfectly descriptive…


He is an old guy with a failing mind who lost his son from brain tumor.

A brain tumor likely caused by toxins.

I know two soldiers that died of cancer not long after their tours in Iraq.

Iraq deployment has been associated with elevated rates of brain, breast, and lung cancer.


You should’ve stopped after the first sentence. There’s no more proof that his cancer was caused by toxins than there is that my two bouts with cancer (post Desert Storm and OEF/OIF) were. Possible, absolutely. This is also a man who spent most of his adult life blaming the death of his wife and child on a drunk truck driver. Biden is incapable of telling the truth. His life is one big fairy tale. But, you seem to like him. You know, frauds of a feather and all…


SFD D and I remember that burn pit at Bagram.

One ninja family had skin cancer WAAAAAAY BBEEEEEEFORE 9-11…a portion of the face had to be cut out and reconstructed.

The other ninja is a-ok. Good genes. Family passes away from “old age”.

We both have been around “Burn Pits””…again, anyother ever served in the South? Anyone had to burn human waste materials?

Sorry, Joe Biden. Beau died because he had cancer of the brain. Johnny Cochran had it as well.


Anyone served in the Scouts and burned trash when camping?


The burn pit at Balad hit me worse than any other place. There was no place to avoid the smoke. Did a job on my already fucked up lungs.


Are there any lies of Biden’s that you won’t defend and/or excuse?


Bullshit, deployment is not associated with higher risk of breast cancer. There is zero proof that his cancer was due to toxins either. It is extremely unlikely he was even close enough to a burn pit to smell it.


Thousands of people are diagnosed with glioblastomas every year, it is the most common brain cancer. Practically none of them were anywhere near a burn pit in Iraq.


For once we agree, Lars. Ol’ Poe also believes that Beau Biden’s early demise may have been caused by toxins.

Embedded in his gene sequence by his totally toxic father, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr…. 🙄 


Very astute observation, Poe.


And Beau’s fate was the best of the offspring of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. The others – partly from self-inflicted actions, but those may be due to the totally toxic father – are worse off.

Skivvy Stacker

And none of that proves that Beau Biden’s brain tumor was caused by his service in Iraq.
An association of elevated rates does not translate to causation unless those cancers can be directly linked to the toxins involved.
And your two soldiers are anecdotal at best, since we don’t have any way of checking to see what kind of cancer took them, if they had a family history of that type cancer, or if they actually had that cancer before they deployed.
And I believe that you’ve just acknowledged that Joe Biden is not fit to be president.


Beau was nowhere near the burn pit …in fact there was no burn pit on VBC …there was an incinerator on cropper miles away, but it was not operational when Beau was there….I also served with the hero lawyer, ate at the same chow hall where his biggest choice of the deployment was which entree to choose…Beau actually served in the prosecuting Soldiers


Yeah, prosecuting snuffies in an air-conditioned hearing room is pretty heroic and hazardous duty. Plus, there was always the threat of paper cuts. I am sure that was really challenging legal work proving that PFC Numbnutz was caught smoking hash or snorting whatever.


Commissar, To Be Fair…

We know plenty of folks who never served who ended up passing away from cancer.

Infants. Toddlers. Youths. Teenagers. Middle Age. Elderly.

We also know plently of folks who did serve and ended up passing away from cancer. Boots On The Ground. No Boots On The Ground. From their Mid-20s to 102 years old. Some never went to a burn pit.

Anyone where did “Burn Pits” during their Scouting Days? 😉😎

So many different forms of Cancer. Causes? Genetic? Environment?

Ted Kennedy died from brain cancer. So did John McCain. And Lee Atwater.

Biden needs to prove Beau was sitting and working next to a Burn Pit at Camp Victory.

When you have the chance, please read this article. Biden should be ashamed of himself for using his deceased son for a “LOOK AT ME!” moment. Narcississm at its best.

“The New York Times Is Wrong. Joe Biden Is Our Greatest Fabulist”


I should have already died from campfire smoke even though I was never in scouting. I sat around campfires every night at civil war events. My son and I stunk so bad of campfire smoke, horse sweat and BO, my wife made us strip in the garage before we could enter the house.


Thanks for the link to the story of the litany of Biden’s never ending parade of whoppers. They make Trump’s exaggerations pale in comparison.


I can’t remember if I have posted this before…


Yeah, Joe knows what it is like to be shot at. There was this time at Band Camp…. That is why he developed that stutter as a teenager. But after he graduated summa cum laude with that PHD in psychology, he cured himself.


For rgr769 and NDHoosier:



“Burn Pit Registry Is Failing To Help Track Vet illnesses, Experts Say”

“The nearly decade-old Veterans Affairs registry to track burn pit illnesses and help veterans get care for those injuries is achieving neither of those goals.”

“Our findings conclude that there are no refinements or improvements that will allow the registry to serve as a population health surveillance system.”

“Because there is no way for registry participants to update their health information, there is no way for the registry to accomplish this goal or even to monitor health.”


I’m already in the registry. VA was quick to check me out, sent me to a pulmonologist for a full check. Didn’t reveal much that the VA didn’t already know.

Yesterday I get a bill for $375 from the pulmonologist. WTF.