Man, 68, pistol-whipped and stomped in Delaware store

| September 30, 2022

An Asian man, 68, was living his American dream. He was running his jewelry store, Solid Gold, in Wilmington, Delaware. However, a man he thought was a potential customer pulled out a pistol. The attacker, Calvin Ushery, 39, proceeds to pistol whip the older man, to stomp him, and to assault him with a hammer. The attack happened for 20 minutes, leaving the victim bloodied with head injuries. According to the son, the victim spent time in ICU and now has to relearn how to walk, read, and talk.

From the New York Post:

Sickening video shows an elderly jewelry store owner getting pistol-whipped and stomped on the head — before he was hit “full force” in his skull with a hammer during the brutal, 20-minute robbery, according to kin.

Footage shared by the 68-year-old Delaware store owner’s family shows a man dressed all in black — including a mask — initially pretending to show interest in the jewelry at Solid Gold in downtown Wilmington on Sept. 15.

But then he suddenly grabs the Korean American store owner near his throat — and appears to hold a pistol to his head.

Despite his victim not appearing to resist, the black-clad thug then slams the weapon into the elderly man’s head.

Even though the first hit seems to completely daze the store owner, the attacker still hits him two more times with the weapon before allowing his victim to slump to the floor behind a store display counter.

Still not done, the attacker clambers over the counter — and starts stomping on the seemingly unconscious man’s head.

The brutality was caught in just 36 seconds of footage from the 20-minute attack and raid that the store owner’s son, Steve Suh, said was otherwise too traumatic to share.

The New York Post and Fox News have additional information. Diom Lim TV provides additional information on a thread on Twitter.


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pookysgirl, WC wife

We’ll hear that his attacker was recently released from jail/prison in 3… 2… 1…

Green Thumb

If only Obama had a son…


A gold coffin and roadshow of funerals woulda followed.


Just google his name in Delaware. Dude has a rap sheet that reads like a solid resume. He is now locked up on $130K bond. Which is ridiculous. He can’t make money to pay his lawyer while locked up.


Maybe he could tell his lawer where he hid the $100K worth of stolen jewelry.

A Proud Infidel®™️

And I’m sure that Delaware has plenty of Gun Control Laws to prevent business and home owners from defending themselves against goblins like that.


What is needed here is a few “Rooftop” Koreans to toss this despicable feral pavement predator off of a roof and see how high or how many times it can bounce on the pavement. A clear case of attempted murder. Wonder how long his rap sheet is? Maybe this digusting piece of trash was just trying to collect some reparations for the legacy of slavery since so many slave ships were funded and outfitted by Deleware Corporations? I think instead of reparations we should look into some repatriations.

Until these types of crimes are swiftly and publicly punished, this type of behavior will continue. Another reason why I CC, EVERY.WHERE.I.GO!

AW1 Rod

I’m sure this piece of shit won’t get the punishment he clearly deserves.

I’d like to see him get the Clyde Shelton treatment (see “Law Abiding Citizen”).


If he’d been ventilated by a passer-by or cop, after the looting and rioting in the name of ‘justice’, his momma woulda been hooting, wailing ‘n slobbing about how “he was a good boy”.

Many lives ruined over one idiot’s ‘looking for a come up’. SMMFH.

Prior Service

Too bad there wasn’t some sort of AI device programmed to start pumping shotgun shells at chest height if the proprietor goes down and the rest of the sector is clear. I could never be a store owner.


I thought the lefties were blaming conservatives for “Asian hate”


Not to be a bigot, but objectively from news reports the vast majority of anti-Asian attacks are black-on-Asian, with white-on-Asian running a distant second. WOA exists, but either the media is trying to fan racial hatred by showcasing BOA or the majority is BOA.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m more and more of the attitude after the Brandt/Ellingson (say his name) murder, and now this atrocity, that private citizens need to develop a vigilante frame of mind.
You KNOW that the Libtard (in)justice system will give these perps a slap on the wrist, with justification of “society done me wrong”.
Both these perps (and more to come), need to be stalked, and some dark night, executed. At that time, though the Libtards will hoot, holler, scream, and “chimp out”, there will be justice.
Carry everywhere. Keep your head on a swivel.

Herbert J Messkit

“Accidentally” release him. Hunt him down and kill him.