NG LTC chases bus filled with seniors because he thought it had South American migrants

| October 3, 2022

Lt Col Chris Hoffman

Naturally, there’s a PTSD defense to all this. Nevermind that an O-5 should know better than to do any of this. I can’t help but wonder if all the media/Democrat/elite panic about DeSantis’s sending migrants to Martha’s Vinyard radicalized this man who’s spent decades in service of his country.

From Army Times;

The actions of a lieutenant colonel with the Massachusetts Army National Guard are being investigated after local press reported that he followed a bus carrying senior citizens on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard after assuming South American migrants were on board.

Lt. Col. Christopher Hoffman, 51, saw a tour bus of senior citizens headed toward their East Falmouth hotel Sept. 19 when he noted a Florida sticker on the bus, the Cape Cod Times reported.

Hoffman followed the bus for more than 10 miles, terrifying everyone on board, according to the driver, Michael Vaughn, who spoke to the Cape Cod Times.

“He thought there were immigrants on the bus,” Vaughn told the newspaper, following a verbal altercation with Hoffman after they reached their hotel. “He harassed us to death.”

An incident report by Falmouth Police Department Det. Christopher Bartolomei said Hoffman may have been impaired or suffering from a mental health event, according to the Cape Cod Times. The department did not respond to a query Thursday afternoon about whether charges were made against Hoffman.

“He stated he was driving and saw the bus go around the rotary on the highway,” the detective wrote in the report. “He stated he got upset because the bus had Tallahassee on it, and he thought it was more migrants coming from Florida and began following it. He stated he got upset and followed the bus.

“He spoke about a friend that he could not get over from Afghanistan and he got emotional about this and was mad that the migrants were here and not his friend. He seemed passionate about this,” Bartolomei added.

The incident involving Hoffman is “currently under investigation,” according to the commander of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, Col. Mark Kalin.

If you want to hear more about the migrants, the article then devotes several paragraphs to the topic.

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Sounds like this LTC might have a short in his headset.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Once again, DildoCrat abuse of the English language continues.
If the Lt Col thought there were “immigrants” on the bus, then he didn’t need to worry.
But if he thought there were “ILLEGAL ALIENS” on the bus, why didn’t he (and the bus driver) say that?

(I am SO glad I’m retired!
“This is my DD214. There are many like it, but this one is mine”)

Are you too starting to think that maybe the NG isn’t retaining the best and brightest?

“The DD214 is my strength and my shield, and with my song I praise it”


In left/libtard Blue State MA, they sure don’t.


So… The (soon-to-be-former) LTC ‘activated’ himself and proceeded to terrorize people based on a hunch by “hijack[ing]… [a] common carrier thereby causing anxiety, unrest, fear, or personal discomfort to any person or group of persons”?
When “shall [he] be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 20 years”?

Oops, Colonel. Major oops.


Sounds like an idiot ’60s radical hijacking a bus to Cuba. (Paging Bill Ayers! Have you or your old Viet-of-Nam times’ buddies been talking to this man?)

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Skivvy Stacker

It’s a hell of a time driving to Cuba. You drive a little ways, then come up for air, then drive a little more and come up for air, then drive some more and come up for air…..

Anna Puma

Fvck you Hoffman with an artillery simulator… you decided to play vigilante

And trying to play victim bingo with his service.The flaming razar wired encrusted penetrating rod of Shaitain awaits him


Bear in mind, he tried to stop a bus from going to Martha’s Vineyard (an island) in his self-appointed adventure.

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A noble mission. Another 50 illegals would have broken the place permanently.

I wonder how much the FBI spent to track down the former CI agent who organized the first bus ride?

Hack Stone

They were traveling in an AAB, Amphibious Assault Bus.


“Land the Landing Force.”

Splash tracks!


Unless he served at Ft. Bliss he doesn’t get to claim PTISD.

Dave Hardin

I can’t get over this former Soviet from Ukraine that keeps following me.

How do I know if I caught the PTSD from her?

No urge to follow buses…yet.


If you had a field of tomatoes that needed picking you would have chased that bus like a crazy tick hound. At least that is what the VPOTUS says.

Hack Stone

Did she say that or Nancy Pelosi? Hack was thinking it was Nasty Pelosi who think that the only job LatinX are good for is picking tomatoes and tending her vineyards.


It was the female drunken ultraprogressive from California who likes to play race politics and is always saying dumb things on the world stage.

There can’t be more than one, can there?


Barbara Lee comes to mind, as does Maxine Waters.


Kamal-toe Harris?

Dave Hardin

Ok, I threw up a little reading that.


Prefer Peggy Lee…

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Is she hot?


Reference the story about the LTC: If it wasn’t a sad situation, it would be funny.

Who knows…LTC Hoffman may end up being featured in the next Duffel Blog.

JR Majewski did!!! (Remember him?)

“J.R. Majewski Recalls Moment He Killed Bin Laden”

“In an exclusive interview with Duffel Blog, the Air Force veteran and current candidate for an Ohio congressional seat detailed how he became single-handedly responsible for killing Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted man, during what he insisted on referring to as “just another day in the life of a combat veteran.”

“I remember it fondly, the night I, and I alone, got Bin Laden on a classified mission. I did a HALO jump in after the other team members’ helicopter crashed, and as I was barrel rolling over to the wall to take cover, I told the guys — this sumbitch is mine.”

“That’s when Majewski, who separated from the Air Force as an E2, took over”.

Hack Stone

Maybe he was still upset that Major Margaret Houlihan dumped him for Colonel Donald Penobscott and he had a meltdown?



Masshole NG LTCs be craycray.png
Forrest Bondurant

^^^ Reminds me of another (former) Major who posts here from time to time.




Smart does not naturally follow rank.


* Administrative Officer at Massaschusetts Army National Guard
Oct 2021 – Current

* Assistant Chief of Staff, Massachusetts Army National Guard
Aug 2020 – Oct 2021

* Deputy Commander at Massachusetts Army National Guard
Sep 2019 – Aug 2020

* Operations Officer at Massachusetts Army National Guard
Aug 2017 – Sep 2019

*Executive Officer at Massachusetts Army National Guard
Aug 2014 – Jul 2017

*Operations Officer at Massachusetts Army National Guard
Jul 2013 – Aug 2014

* Chief of Deployment Cycle Support and Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, Massachusetts Army National Guard
Jul 2012 – Jul 2013

* Operations Officer at Massachusetts Army National Guard
Aug 2009 – Jun 2012

* Aviation Security Inspector at Transportation Security Administration
Apr 2004 – Jul 2007

* Transportation Security Manager- Baggage Screening at Transportation Security Administration
Jan 2002 – Apr 2004


* Advanced Military and Operational Studies (AOC) and Intermediate level education (ILE) at U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

* BA at Norwich University Military College of Vermont

* College Prep at Bridgton Academy

* College Prep at Bishop Fenwick H.S.

He also served time with the US Army as an O3/CPT in 2004 at Tikrit, Iraq, possibly as a Field Artillery Officer.

The Stranger

Paging KOB!
Looks like one of yer Ossifers went cuckoo. Come get your boy.

The Stranger

At last, SOMEONE topped that lunatic Engineer LT in Virginia who stole that mobile command post vehicle and took it for a joyride!


He had the munches ok.

The Stranger

No, I think that the LT stated that the voices in his head told him to do it. 🤣


“Lieutenant Accused of Taking Armored Vehicle on Joyride Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”


Let’s hope they keep the vehicle keys locked away at the looney bin where they are keeping him.


The LT, Joshua Phillip Yabut, was arrested AGAIN in February 2022.


“Soldier Charged In 2018 Military Vehicle Joyride Arrested Again”

Hack Stone

Joshua Phillip Yabut is still waiting for that call back for the Junior Executive position at All Points Logistics.


Damn, he goes from TSA groper to S3 (probably Bn) at the MA Nasty Guard…


Leaf Peepers?

RGR 4-78

Could be, it is that time of year.


In the meantime in Massachusetts, a Cape Cod Man who was accused of murdering his Mother and burning her body on her front lawn, dies from choking on wet toilet paper while in custody.

Bridgewater State Hospital (Massachusetts State’s Mental Institution) refused to take a “suicidal” Adam Howe, forcing authorities to send him to a jail where he later committed suicide.

“Massachusetts Mental Hospital Rejected Accused Killer Now Dead”

“Bridgewater refused to take Mr. Howe saying they didn’t take Section 12 commitments. They would only take someone committed under Section 18. Bridgewater houses the state’s criminally insane and is run by the Department of Correction.”

“Massachusetts Man Charged With Mom’s Murder Chokes On Wet Toilet Paper, Dies In Custody”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

A self-imposed TSS (Taxpayers Savings Shot), even if the “shot” was wet TP. How thoughtful of him.


Soros and co. getting them back to Florida.


“I can’t help but wonder if all the media/Democrat/elite panic about DeSantis’s sending migrants to Martha’s Vinyard radicalized this man who’s spent decades in service of his country.”

Yup. While I certainly don’t condone what this knucklehead did here, we may unfortunately see an increase in this kind of behavior as people get pushed closer and closer to the breaking point of “I can’t take it anymore” by the relentless shrill shrieking of the media/Democrats/elites.


Out of genuine curiosity, why do you (and Mason) feel there’s media/Democrat/elite panic about this? Because that’s certainly not how I’ve seen it. There’s frustration that people were lied to and treated as a prop in a stunt, certainly, but .. no panic that I can see.

I was going to reply the same to Mason but figured maybe that was just his view. Since you’re echoing the same sentiment, I’m now truly curious – where are you seeing panic among Democrats on this? Could be I missed it, or it could be that when we consume media primarily of one bias, we get a skewed view of things. I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.



You have no idea what media I “consume”, so please don’t presume that you do. And my only use of the word “panic” was contained in my direct quote of Mason’s statement above. I didn’t mention “panic”.

I’m simply making the observation that we may see more of this kind of aberrant behavior from vulnerable people who react improperly to the relentless shrill shrieking of the media/Democrats/elites, regardless of the current issue at hand.

Everyone needs to tone down the incessant ear-splitting rhetoric before things go too far.


My apologies for the assumption – since you quoted the ‘panic’ bit, I just figured you felt similarly. No offense was meant. I’d have pulled out Top Gun quotes for that.

I agree with you that toning down the rhetoric is for the best, absolutely.


If you are talking about the key Democratic players; why would they panic? Everything is going according to plan. A few buses here and a plane load there won’t make a bit of difference in the 50,000 illegals running across the border every single day.

Of course they are annoyed. They got called out on their lies and hypocrisy. But that doesn’t mean that they will stop. It may mean that fewer people believe their lies.


The ‘they’ here is Republican Governor Charlie Baker, right? And here’s an article about how things went:

Basically, they were housed and fed on the island for a bit, with the community coming together, not panicking. And then they were taken to JBCC because that offered far more available housing, as well as access to lawyers & health care. So the National Guard makes sense, no?

I guess I just don’t see a panic. It seemed like a fairly rational choice. What would’ve been a better one, from your perspective?


C’mon, LC, using RINOCRAT Charlie Baker as your Republican red herring to make the Massachusetts response seem bipartisan is blatantly disingenuous.

And the community “came together” to get those inferior little brown people out of there as quickly as they could.

Liberals, including RINO’s like Baker, have always been famously strong proponents of “Not In My Back Yard” civic policies.

You and ol’ Poe both know that if all the folks involved in this act of civic rejection of poor people of color were Republicans, your kind would be howling “Racism!” at the tops of your voices… 🙄 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

“There’s frustration that people were lied to and treated as a prop in a stunt…”

LC, what you see as a stunt, most here see as an overdue statement, and a damned effective one at that, as the liberal media has suddenly and amazingly “discovered” the existence of an illegal alien problem.

Young Poe once had a rodeo cowboy friend who insisted that if you want to get the focused attention of an intransigent head of livestock, a hard punch in the muzzle usually works wonders. When they get through the usual sneezing fit, they tend to be much more amenable to suggestion.

That’s how Poe sees this: Texas and Florida governors gave the Donks a totally unexpected smack in the kisser, and it certainly looks like they got a whole mess of jackasses’ attention.

Yours included… 😉 

Skivvy Stacker

I can see them blaming DeSantis, or Trump for this. Or both. Or MAGA Republicans….or all three. What the fuck, they’ll blame half the country, January6th, DeSantis, Trump, transphobia, Little Red Riding Hood, the Tooth Fairy (oops, maybe not, that would be homophobia), and the entire 1967 Green Bay Packers.

Skivvy Stacker

I don’t buy his story. Not one bit of it.
He was pissed off because he thought more migrants were being brought in from Florida…nothing more or less than that. He decided he was going to do something about it as a “patriotic citizen”. So he did exactly what he is NOT SUPPOSED TO DO and took the law into his own hands. He wound up harassing a busload of old people, scaring them half to death, and making Veterans look like unexploded ordinance. When caught he switched on the “you can’t blame be because PTSD, that’s why!” mode.

RGR 4-78

That picture, when you see it uncropped makes him look like Zippy the Pinhead.

The Stranger

The return of…
William Blake!

The Stranger

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post with breaking beer 🍺 news!

I’m back in Texas for some training in Houston and, as I mentioned previously, I tried a new bock beer, Karbach Brewing Crawford Bock, when I was last in Texas around a month ago. Tried it in a bottle and it was nice. Just tried it on tap and it gets a big thumbs up 👍 from me.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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A Proud Infidel®™

“An incident report by Falmouth Police Department Det. Christopher Bartolomei said Hoffman may have been impaired or suffering from a mental health event, according to the Cape Cod Times.”

That, or is he also a batshit-crazy moonbat seeking any attention he can get?

“The incident involving Hoffman is “currently under investigation,” according to the commander of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, Col. Mark Kalin.”

TRANSLATION as I see it: “We’re going to take our time shuffling paper about it while hoping the attention dies down, then we’ll sweep this shit under the rug.”


“That, or is he also a batshit-crazy moonbat seeking any attention he can get?”

His Democrat party membership card would serve as irrefutable proof of that… 🙄 

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper

He was suffering from a mental illness, all right. Long term, incurable TDS. It causes much worse mental illness than the PTS of D. There is no drug cure for TDS. There is only a base metal cure.


Holy fucktardery. Hope the MANG does something other than pat him on his pathetic head.

The Stranger

He’s got over 20. If it starts looking too bad for them, he will quietly retire.


That’s exactly the kind of go getter we need for the EM-50 UAV project.