Majewski demoted for driving drunk, not for fighting

| September 29, 2022

It appears that J.R. Majewski got in trouble for driving drunk, not for a fight as he previously claimed. He was stopped for driving drunk while on a US military base in Japan. He subsequently was punished and demoted. Majewski acknowledged this fact. However, as of the linked article, it did not look like Majeski explained the inconsistency between what actually occurred versus what his campaign claimed occurred. He wants to remind the audience that this incident happened over 20 years ago.

From the Associated Press:

Majewski’s campaign said last week that he was punished and demoted after getting in a “brawl” in an Air Force dormitory in 2001. Military records obtained since then by The Associated Press, however, offer a different account of the circumstances, which military legal experts say would have played a significant role in the decision to bar him from reenlisting. They indicate Majewski’s punishment and demotion were the result of him being stopped for driving drunk on a U.S. air base in Japan in September 2001.

The documents, which were provided to the AP and independently authenticated, present yet another instance where the recorded history of Majewski’s service diverges from what he has told voters as he campaigns while using his veteran status as a leading credential.

In a statement, Majewski acknowledged that he was punished for drunken driving, though he didn’t address why his campaign previously said his demotion was the result of a fight.

“This mistake is now more than 20 years old. I’m sure we’ve all done something as young adults that we look back on and wonder ‘what was I thinking?’ and I’m sure our parents and grandparents share these sentiments,” Majewski said.

Since starting his campaign to unseat longtime Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Majewski has repeatedly said he was a combat veteran who served a tour of duty under “tough” circumstances in Afghanistan. By his own account, he once went more than 40 days in the country without a shower due to a lack of running water.

His story came under intense scrutiny last week when the AP, citing military documents obtained through public records requests, reported that he did not deploy to Afghanistan as he claimed, but instead spent six months based in Qatar, a longtime U.S. ally, where he helped load and unload aircraft.

The latest revelation that Majewski was demoted for drunken driving adds another wrinkle. Last week, the AP asked Majewski’s campaign why his military service records showed that he was not allowed to reenlist in the Air Force and left the service after four years at a rank that was one notch above where he started.

The Associated Press has additional details here. Thanks to the ninjas that pointed to this story.

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Don’t Be a Menace to South [Japan] While Drinking Your [Sake] in the Hood

“This mistake is now more than 20 years old. I’m sure we’ve all done something as young adults that we look back on and wonder ‘what was I thinking?’ and I’m sure our parents and grandparents share these sentiments,” Majewski said.

Yeahbut, you lied about it. Integrity is a m-th-r f-ck-r and you’re out of vowels, you tubby skank.

Hack Stone

“I’m sure we’ve all done something as young adults that we look back on and wonder ‘what was I thinking?” said every GI who married that dependapotomus they meet in the Del Mar Enlisted Club.

RGR 4-78

“I’m sure we’ve all done something as young adults that we look back on and wonder how the hell did I get back to the barracks.”

Green Thumb

Still trying to find my way….

Mike B

So drunken brawl sounds better than DWI, when padding your resume?

Wonder if they teach that during the transition class/briefing.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mike B
Green Thumb

I told you, he probably got his ass kicked and then went on a bender feeling sorry for himself and thinking of ways to re-frame the narrative.

Obviously, booze did not help.

Hack Stone

Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through the military, son.


Thankfully, if you chose that route, it won’t be a very long one

The Stranger

Actually, it is a way. Not saying it’s a good way or even a smart way, but it is A way!🤣

Hack Stone

He said he was busted for brawling to gain some Gate 2 Street Cred.


Disappointed in him.


Probably his campaign manager suggested it “it will make you look like a tough guy who doesn’t take crap from anybody.”

Green Thumb

By the look of his porker ass, he was trying to rat fuck someone’s secret stash of sweets, got caught and got “dealt with”.

That, or he tried to put his finger in someone’s ass when he thought they were passed out.

The Stranger

Hey! You try to steal my candy stash or my liquor stash, we goin’ to squabble! As far as the other, I got a shovel and I have no problem digging a hole.


So the real question here is, did the GOP really have no-one better than this assclown to run, or is he a dem plant, designed to make sure the commies keep the seat?


Be carful, some ’round here would label that as ‘batshit crazy conspiracy theorizing’.

The self-selecting circlejerk of a two-party duopoly can’t be questioned, or else!

Last edited 1 month ago by Roh-Dog

I hear ya Roh.. there’s plenty of things that have come to pass over the last decade that if you’d told me of em before that time, I woulda labeled you as a tinfoil hat type.. Scary that fact has become weirder than fiction..


He would be character actor of the year if that were true Fyrfighter.

I’ve seen stupid and I’ve seen fake stupid. That man is denser than desert hard pan and as straight as the Mississippi.


Fair points sir, but that doesn’t necessarily exclude the dims pushing him as their chosen candidate so he’s a sure loser.. Wouldn’t even mean he’s aware he’s being used for such…


Now there is some truth in that. CNN absolutely backed Trump hard in 2016 under the delusion that he could never, ever be elected. They probably knew this guy was a phony months ago and dropped it when it was too late to replace him.


Is it really that hard to believe there are dumbasses in the Republican party? I mean, have you looked at Congress lately? In order for your theory to be valid, the entire Ohio Republican establishment would have to be drooling morons and the democrats would have to be absolute geniuses.

Unfortunately, political party managers seem to be a lot like the VFW and AL: So desperate to recruit “real veterans” that they don’t bother asking any questions (and given that most of them are not veterans themselves, they don’t even know which questions to ask – which is an excuse the VSO’s DON’T have.) So you get clowns like Majewski who probably floated to the top of the candidate pool on the strength of his “service record” because no other veterans were running and nobody thought to apply any scrutiny to his claims.

Green Thumb

The occasional turd will float.


Not hard at all MJ, that’s the problem. and sadly, I’d suggest that if they can’t even take the time to properly vet their candidates, maybe the Ohio establishment IS a bunch of drooling morons..

And not suggesting that the dims are genius in any way at all, but there have been plenty of examples of them switching party during primaries (like Liz encouraged them to do), in order to try and get the candidate they view as the weakest on the ballot, so no reason to believe this couldn’t be an example where they actually got it right.. after all, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while..


Fyrfighter and others,
The GOP had others.

The GOP primary was a 3 way race, between
a sitting Ohio State Rep
a sitting Ohio State Senator, and
a (phony) Afghanistan Combat Veteran America Firsty.

Here are the results.
Phony J.R. won with (only) 36% of the vote.

Had either of the other 2 dropped out and endorsed the other,
Phony J.R. would already be in a rabbit hole,
albeit with his phonying history safe and intact,
ready to deploy another day.

2022 OH GOP Primary BallotPedia 1.jpg
Last edited 1 month ago by MarineDad61

That is a pretty weird assumption. Trump backed Majewski and there is no reason to think he wouldn’t have won if one of the others had dropped out.


It’s a common assumption.
It’s exactly what happened in my district in 1992.
3 way Dem field, 2 from the majority county, and 1 from the fringe of a small county.
1 of the others was clearly a better choice,
but the 2 Berks County favorites split votes,
and Tim Holden, a remote Schuylkill County sheriff,
even with a secretary sex scandal
and a new divorce underway,
got through the Dem primary,

Holden held the seat for 20 years,
and is now the head of PA LCB.


Worse, read the 2002 election on the Holden link above.


In some states, driving drunk will get you lionized as a senator…but only if you’re a demonrat. Maybe he should have impregnated and then murdered one of his campaign aides driving around drunk. Then run as a demonrat.





Steve 1371

You mean like taking his Oldsmobile Delmont. For a voyage to the bottom of the sea?

Green Thumb

This clown is rapidly shifting from Turd to Extra Turd.


Thank You, the besig, for posting this.

Here are the documents that Majewski posted last night on his Twitter.

He still has not acknowledged that he was Bar from Re-Enlistment.


One can find his other DUI Record at this link (Document different from the ones he posted).


Why would one keep these documents? I am sure he doesn’t consider this DUI incident one of his finest hours. This could be forgiven if he wasn’t an unrepentant serial liar.


In some of the earlier documents posted along with the DD214. It appears while he may not have been approved for reenlistment he was retained in the Air Force Reserve for several years.

Hack Stone

If this Congress doesn’t work out, maybe he should reach out to Jared Stern and see if Prudential Associates plans on opening any branches in the Toledo Ohio area.

Green Thumb

Or Phil Monkress at All-Points Logistics.

Put these two blowhards together, and the illegal-obtained taxpayer-funded bucks will roll in….


Hack Stone and Green Thumb,
Or, if J.R. needs to get the F out of Dodge,
he can turn up in Nevada.

The Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass
could use a(nother) new phony,
and put him to good use.

At a flag line on the courthouse steps.
Or a chili feed,
as it looks like slopping it up in chili is right up J.R.’s alley.
(Photo June 2022)

2022 06 02.jpg

At the very beginning of this video, Majewski claims that his Biological Grandfather was the Secretary of the “Original” Hell’s Angels. He states that his Grandfather was mentioned in Sonny Barger’s book.

Research indicates the “Original” Hell’s Angels was formed around 1948. Since Majewski mentions Barger, we are speculating that he talking about the Oakland CA Chapter.

Majewski Maternal Grandfather was Richard R. Blazey. We seriously doubt he was the Secretary:

Majewski’s Paternal Grandfather was James Randell Studdard, born in 1935, died in 2003. Based on research, we seriously doubt the was the Secretary as well.

We DID find a Ronald Bernard Jacobson who is listed as being the Secretary in 1965.

hells angels.jpg

Ronald Bernard Jacobson passed away in 1972 in Idaho. His headstone indicates he was a SP4 in the US Army.

ron jacobson.jpg

J.R. Majewski ALSO made a claim on a podcast (somewhere)
that he will produce his pay stub (LES)
with “Imminent Danger Pay”,
as PROOF that he served in Afghanistan.

The LES with IDP is now out there.

Now waiting for J.R. to repeat that pay stub proof claim publicly,
since it’s already well known to many veterans,
that Imminent Danger Pay
was given to those deployed to many countries and areas,
including QATAR.

In 2014, Qatar was 1 of 20 areas removed from IDP.

2014 2.jpg

Here is the paystub!


I was very aware about Qatar and Danger Pay since I spent time there in 2002, way before Majewski showed up in theater.



We still don’t believe his Biological Grandfather was the Secretary of the Hell’s Angels.

In fairness to him, those stories may have passed down from his family.

Most likeky, he never questioned any of those stories.


“those stories may have been passed down from his family”

If true then it means that lying about his background is a “family tradition?”


Here is the top half JPG and link to the 2014 IDP story.
You know, just in case you need it.
Like tomorrow. Or Monday.
You’re welcome. 🙂

2014 1.jpg

IDP means nothing. We got IDP for being in Haiti for Operation Uphold Democracy in 1994 – 95 and it wasn’t even considered a “combat zone.” No combat decorations and no right sleeve patch.

Still got IDP though.


We got IDP in Somalia, 1993. Got the right sleeve patch, BUT we weren’t in a tax-free status because Somalia wasn’t considered a “combat zone”. Meanwhile, Kuwait was enjoying all the perks. I never did figure that one out.

Green Thumb

Much like The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) removing VA logos and “Native American Owned Business” from his – All-Points Logistics – website back in the day.

Hack Stone

Removed with no explanation. No one at All Poinrs Logistics ever asked why the company website no longer lists Phil Monkress as a Navy SEAL. Kind of like Stalin having people removed from photographs.


I haven’t deep dived on a TAH thread in a long time. It is so nice Green Thumb is still calling Monkress a turd.


Welcome Home. Some things will never change.

Hack Stone

A day without calling Phil Monkress of All Points Logistics a turd is like a day without sunshine.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Why don’t you fess up Ma jerksky and be majestic about it

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s doing his opposition plenty of favors!

The Stranger

Well, seeing as I used to be Air Force and managed to complete my hitch without a “dormitory disagreement” or a DUI and also seeing as I served honorably in both Iraq AND Afghanistan with the orders and DD-214’s to prove it, I hereby make a motion that we drop the ASSteroid of Insults on this “Magnificent Fellow”. Who’s with me?


I second The Stranger’s motion! Can I get an AYE?





Paging ChipNASA…Paging ChipNASA…Please pick up the White Courtesy Phone…ChipNASA quit mooning over OAM and pick up…

Translation; BOOM!! is Alabama (rtr) Army speak for AYE. We have now met the TAH Rules of Order for the Deployment of the Vaunted TAH As(s)teroid of Insults. We have a Motion, a SECOND, and an AYE. You are cleared HOT.


Who knew…. that…
Stolen Valor alleged against Ohio GOP House Candidate
David | September 22, 2022 | 102 Comments

… would turn into four (4) VG/TAH articles?
In only 7 days?

3 on Phony Afghanistan Combat Veteran J.R. Majewski, and
1 on Phony Navy SEAL “Uncle Rick” Jones.

Since the lying, denying, and scapegoating by J.R. continues,
a new article #5 on J.R. by VG/TAH is a real possibility.

Last edited 1 month ago by MarineDad61
Daisy Cutter

They prove to be so much fun when they double down.


Daisy Cutter,
From the grave,
Uncle Rick is surely double disappointed,
for J.R. f’ing up his own life,
for J.R. (inadvertently) outing Phony Navy SEAL Uncle Rick.


Check out what our very own beloved thebesig commented on Majewski’s Twitter account!!

You Go, thebesig…Kudos!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍



This guy’s a complete amateur, separating his DUI from his “combat service” like that. I know a guy who got a DUI on Disney Drive. I wish he would run for office – I’d vote for a guy who can screw up that spectacularly anytime.


Drunk too much Listerine and blew that 15mph speed limit like a cheap hooker, awright!


Sock puppets! I want sock puppets!


We all want sock-puppets, but they seem to be a thing of the past. We don’t even have the wives and/or girlfriends coming here to defend the POSers.


Maybe he was loading and unloading aircraft an a runway similar to the one “I almost joined the Marines” Hillary landed on in Bosnia. You know, under fire and all.


Sounds like this Peter Sniffer is ready for Politics…

Old tanker

I seriously doubt anyone would “forget” having to deal with the legal repercussions of a DUI trial, conviction and sentence. It’s time for this mental midget to fade away lest someone mistake him for biden’s stand in.

Hack Stone

For those of you Semi-Fascist Ultra-MAGA Adorable Deplorables who don’t pay attention to the external links that TAH is kind enough to provide, here is another instant classic from Duffel Blog.


Yesterday (October 3),
OAN doubled down on Majewski’s anonymous vouch “MSGT Jason”.

OAN showed only partial views of his DD-214.
Key ingredients never shown, or REDACTED.
Overseas details.
Discharge details.

NOTHING in the displayed portions of DD-214 indicating that
“MSGT Jason” was in Afghanistan (NOR Qatar) either.

This looks troubling,
as if “MSGT Jason” ALSO had BAD SERVICE.
Year of final pay grade is year of discharge (demotion?).
The Air Force still has “retainability requirement” for promotion, yes?

This is a BUILD graphic of the “MSGT Jason” DD-214
from the OAN video screenshots.

DD-214 views begin at 1:20 in the video.

2022 10 03 OAN MSGT Jason vouch DD-214 BUILD.jpg

Why does an Air Force E-7 get out at 16 years, 8 months, 12 days?
And WHY can’t he show “Honorable Discharge”?


Maybe that two months of lost time in Block 29 of the DD214 (AWOL/DFR’d?) had something to do with it. Or maybe Fat Boy Program?

Last edited 1 month ago by Claw