Team Biden responsible for Nord Stream Pipelines event?

| September 28, 2022

Radek Sikorski is a former Polish defense minister. He is currently a member of the European Parliament. He posted an opinion that the United States may be behind the incident with the Nord Stream Pipelines. Currently, this is just speculation, some pointing to a statement that Biden made regarding the pipelines. Sikorski later pointed the finger at the Russians themselves.

From the Dan Bongino Show:

Former Polish Defense minister (and current member of European Parliament) Radek Sikorski, took to Twitter to hint that the United States was responsible, tweeting out a photo of the sabotaged pipeline with the caption “Thank you, USA.”

Poland’s Secretary of State Stanis?aw ?aryn disputed Sikorski’s apparent claim, and called them an act of “gross irresponsibility.”

While any involvement from the Biden administration is pure speculation at this point, it wouldn’t be out of character considering their public statements.

Biden pledged in February that he’d prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming operational in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “If Russia invades,” said Biden, “then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” When asked by a reporter how he’d do that considering it’s in German control, he added “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Tucker Carlson furthered the case of potential Biden admin involvement on his show last night, noting of Biden’s language; “Notice how he phrased that. He didn’t say, ‘I will pause the delivery of gas from Russia to Germany.’ He said there won’t be a Nord Stream 2. We’ll put an end to it. We’ll take it out. We’ll blow it up.”

Tucker also pointed out that Biden isn’t even the only person in his administration to share this kind of rhetoric, citing comments from State Department official Victoria Nuland, who said in January that the pipeline would “not move forward” if Russia invaded Ukraine “one way or another.”

The Dan Bongino Show website has additional information and videos on this link.

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Taken in isolation idiot says lots of things he takes back later. In context, not all surprised.




I can believe sabotage, just confused who benefits. The pipelines aren’t in use delivering natural gas to Europe, so Russia isn’t losing a funding stream. But, attacking the pipeline would be an overt act of war against Russia. So who done it? And why?

Working on answering my own question.


Well, there is Norway, Denmark, UK, and Poland given that a new pipeline from Norway through Denmark into Poland is about to commence operation…

Don’t sleep on an NGO here either. There are some very violent and extremist groups in Europe who would do this just to stop ANY flow of energy.

While this seems like an extremely difficult thing to do, cutting pipelines is actually trivial. Even undersea pipelines and cables are very vulnerable to damage.

In fact, underwater pipelines and cables are cut by accident around the world. It is not frequent, but often enough that there are companies that specialize in such repairs.


All very valid, and point to my conclusions.


I would use the diamond charge of C-4. It was designed for cutting pipe. If I had the diameter and wall thickness I could tell you how much C-4 it would take to do the job.


Admiral Vindman has no comment while eating a Chalupa with nazi sauce.


OH NO, I’ve been found out!!!!

Me 2.gif
Hack Stone

Remember when the Left said that Donald Trump was mentally and that he would start World War III? Crazy times, just glad that we don’t have to deal with that anymore.


But if Trump had started WWIII it would have been the best war ever. No finer war, a war to end all wars. A beautiful war, everyone would agree that would have been the top of all wars.


Imagine no Commies, Trannies or Islam too…a World of Freedom just for me and you…If John Lennon had lived, a New Imagine song right after Give Nukes a Chance.

RGR 4-78

We would have won it bigly, now, not so much. 🙄 


Who do you think had that capability? We’re not talking about stealing a candy bar from the grocery store, this is one of the hardest Seas to transit unseen.
Where is the sonar net? Any sub that passed thru Great Belt or Oresund Straits would be known to all NATO countries.

So implicitly everyone knows it was us, or the larger-us (read: NATO), or by elimination it was RF.

Again, I’ll point out the fact Russia gains little to do this, other than force some security guarantees on the terrestrial routes (i.e. the Ukrainian route…). Also, if it was the RF, why were our P8s pinging the Baltic all last week? Did they see something and not say something?

This was a misstep by RAND and the Puppet-in-Chief until a whole lotta evidence to the contrary is leveled.

When we all get an unhealthy dose of I-131 in 6 months?… I TOLD YOU SO.


I wouldn’t put Sweden or Finland off the list of suspects too (longshot maaaaybeeee Poland)

Whoever did this better have their affairs in order. Bad bid’ness

meme from the PDW

Why he dood dat.jpg

Now -Dog. I don’t opine on infantry tactics. Sonar net? Choke points?

Don’t need to transit through them if you are already there. If not, and you have an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP)-capable boat it won’t much matter.

Back in the Good Old Days my P-3 crew dropped flares on a submerged Russian submarine’s oil slick, trying to light it off. What do you think we’d do with this?


Marvin would finally get his Earth Shattering Ka-BOOM!

Far out Waves, Man. Let’s hang 10 on our boogie boards.


My lay perspective may not be nuanced, but from the open source info on SOSUS (or equivalent) never fell out of use. (gladly looking for info to the contrary!!) To your point about oil slicks and transiting subs, any country to your knowledge have the correct oils to avoid spotting?

I agree with the premise that you wouldn’t have to avoid detection if already there. It’s quite possible that these devices have been there for months or years.

The planting of such advanced tech is really letting it hang out there.


Well Dog, I’m not normally one to jump right in to your normally batshit crazy conspiracy theories but where there is smoke there is fire. The Biden ant farm is hereby declared guilty until proven innocent. We should proceed to sentencing right away.

USMC Steve

Why not? That is the SOP of the socialist democrats for so many things.


Not really concerned with guilt, my worry is casus belli.

Tomorrow 0800 Eastern Putin will drop some words off for the world to ruminate on.

Stay tuned.


State Dept. says Americans in Russia should GTFO now. (Specifically aimed at dual-nationaks who might be drafted, but addresed to all U.S. folk there on general principles.)


That does ring of the other shoe dropping. The more I think about this more I hope it isn’t true.


Wonder if Brittney Griner will listen to the warnings….

Oooh, wait….


It’s too late. She has already been drafted. Just has to pass the pee test.


Be good experience for her


Anybody look at the Oracle of Omaha? He has experience in shutting down pipelines and providing Rail Tanker Cars to haul the product that the pipeline was to carry. What did he know and when did he know it?

BNSF dispatchers were unavailable for comment.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Only a pipe dream, know what I mean Jelly Bean


Maybe Biden was looking for Jackie?


Given his condition, relying on anything Joe Biden says is foolish.

Old tanker

It’s a bitch when all of your comments and speeches are recorded on video. I have to say that in this case, obozo was absolutely correct when he said, “never underestimate the ability of joe to f things up”. The dems are really out of freaking control.


So… just throwing this out there. I ain’t an expert, and I don’t play one on TV, but follow my logic and see if it goes anywhere.
So, Russia is already bankrupting itself and destroying its military on this Ukraine thing. By the time all is said and done, the ChiComms may be able to just walk in and take over. Killing this pipeline, (and making it look like it was us Thanks Druncle Joe!) will make it even harder for them to recover if/when Ukraine ever ends.
Meanwhile, they are pulling the strings of the death of our economy via the aforementioned Drunk Uncle Joe the Puppet in Chief… and once Russia collapses under the weight of Ukraine, and the US collapses under the weight of pure woke stupidity… who is left standing?

Just a thought. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Of course, on second thought, if the ChiComms are the ones pulling Puppet Biden’s strings… then they could have just ordered him to do the deed and we could both be right. eh?


Big difference between “we can do that” and “we did that”. Can do that? Almost anyone can…there is an entire industry to repair accidentally damaged underseas pipelines and cables. Usually the initial culprits are anchored ships in the area, but with underwater explosions detected, probably not. For those saying ‘if the Russians did it, how did they do it undetected?’ local naval authorities say there have been a high level of Russian ships and subs transmitting the area. Cui bono – it hurts Germany and the US, it helps Russia. Me, I look to follow the money.

Mustang Major

SSN 23?


my working presumption. we’ll see if she pulls in jolly roger hoisted…


Would Pedo Peter and his “friends” do this… I’d say yes, especially if it accelerates their agenda.