Who says Pay-to-Play is dead? New Yorkers bilked for ~$250,000,000

| September 24, 2022

Charlie Teberle has been a big hitter in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s fundraising – his family alone has donated $330,000 to her coffers, and his wife held a fundraiser for Hochul only days before she authorized a state of emergency in New York.  Said wife, Nancy, is a sales executive at Digital Gadgets, Inc.

State records show Tebele gave $2,000 to Hochul in May 2021 while she was still lieutenant governor under Andrew Cuomo while he was battling for his political life amid a litany of scandals that led him to resign in August 2021.

He gave $25,000 more on Nov. 9 before holding the Nov. 22 fundraiser where his wife Nancy Tebele – a sales executive at Digital Gadgets, according to her LinkedIn – gave Hochul $18,000 while Charlie Tebele chipped in $5,150 more, public records show.

Right around that time, the couple’s son began working for Hochul’s campaign as an intern before landing a paid gig as a “finance associate” for her campaign in May 2022, according to his LinkedIn.

Tebele and his family have given Hochul, Delgado and Benjamin a total of $333,000, according to records from the state Board of Elections, before Hochul formally ended the state of emergency earlier this month.

Well, the family that pays together, plays together, right?

Political donor Charle Tebele hosted a campaign fundraiser for Gov. Kathy Hochul last November — just four days before she declared a state of emergency that paved the way for his company to receive $637 million in no-bid state contracts.

The state bought 52 million tests from Digital Gadgets at roughly twice the price paid by places like California that bought directly from a manufacturer — all while Tebele and family members funneled $300,000 to Hochul’s campaign.

NY Post

Her spokeswoman Hazel Crampton-Hays said in a statement that the governor had nothing to do with the procurement process and was not involved.  California paid about 45% less, costing NY taxpayers about $250 million more than Califonia paid – I’m sure that is all a coincidence. As a former sales guy, I have to wonder what the commission is on a $637,000,000 sale is?



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Hack Stone

Sounds like a sweet deal. Any chance that All Loints Logistics can get into that action?


All Loints Logistics??


Skivvy Stacker

I think he meant All JOINT Logistics.
His brain is soft from all that weed.  😎  😉  😊 

A Proud Infidel®™

Sounds to me like the perfect opportunity to sell some outdated Red Hat Software!


“…wonder what the commision is…” Probably just slightly less than what a Director of Media Relations draws.

Figure no less than 5% unless, of course, it is calculated on a % of GPD (gross profit dollars). That can range from 15-40%. Either way, I’d swap $330K to make the commission on either the total $s figure or the GPD figure. A no bid contract for that amount would surely have to be approved at the highest levels. “…was not involved.” Riiight! And that liquid running down my back is rain. Bet the taxpayers didn’t get a reach around either.

RGR 4-78

The communist politicians don’t even try to hide their political graft any longer. They know when they are caught that little or nothing will be done to hold them accountable.


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Old tanker

Says the governor was not directly involved. Could be true, she could have just given the tasking to her campaign director and the head of the ny chapter of the dem HQ to do it for her.


I’m beginning to think NY is working hard to become Haiti.


Check This Out:


“Unused NYS Hand Sanitizer To Be Discarded In Rochester”


“More than 700,000 gallons of unused — and unusable — ‘NYS Clean’ hand sanitizer will be brought to Rochester to be discarded.”

“The hand sanitizer was made by state prison inmates in 2020 during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“The state is now paying Kodak $2.32 million to bring the unused product to Rochester, where it will be distilled for use in manufacturing. The process is expected to take about 10 months.”

“The sanitizer has been sitting on an old airport tarmac in Oriskany, Oneida County, just outside Utica.”

The original story:

“700K gallons of NYS Clean hand sanitizer went unused after COVID. What will NY do with it



Caption Under The Picture:

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced March 9, 2020, that New York will make its own hand sanitizer, NYS Clean, using prison workers to fend off a shortage due to coronavirus.”

A Proud Infidel®™

So whose palms did Kodak grease to get that contract?

Skivvy Stacker

The entire Empire State is ALMOST as corrupt as the City of New Orleans.