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| September 11, 2022

HPD: Suspect shot by officers, 2 others arrested after chase in north Houston
The suspect stopped his truck and rammed into patrol vehicles multiple times during the chase, according to police.

Author: John Diaz
HOUSTON — A man is in the hospital after being shot by officers following a chase, according to the Houston Police Department.

The chase started just after midnight Saturday near the North Freeway and West Little York.

Police said they performed a traffic stop and ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle. The driver refused and then sped away, which led to the chase. As police chased the suspect, the driver stopped the truck and slammed into patrol vehicles several times.

Police then realized during the chase that there were three people in the vehicle. After multiple attempts to stop the chase, the driver eventually pulled over near the intersection of West Mount Houston and the North Freeway.

All three suspects then ran out of the vehicle, and an officer noticed the driver had a weapon in his hand. The officer fired multiple times at the driver, but it’s unclear how many times he was hit.

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They’re Not Even Trying

2 women shot, including 1 by police probing incident in Ogletown involving firearm

Esteban Parra, Delaware News Journal
Two women were critically wounded Friday night in a pair of shootings — one involving police officers — at an Ogletown apartment complex.

New Castle County police were dispatched about 8:30 p.m. to the first block of Fairway Road in the Hunters Crossing Apartments for a report of a domestic-related incident.

“The initial caller advised the suspect was armed with a firearm,” said Lt. James Leonard III, a police spokesman.

Two uniformed officers arrived at the scene and found a woman shooting a firearm, Leonard said.

Both officers fired their weapons, striking the woman in the torso, he said. The 30-year-old woman was taken to Christiana Hospital where she was listed in critical condition early Saturday.

While at the scene, officers found a 26-year-old woman near a vehicle.

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Man shot by officers amid chase involving stolen U-Haul

by: Rachel Van Gilder
GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — What started as an investigation into a stolen motorcycle turned into a chase that spanned two counties and included a stolen U-Haul truck and also involved officers from two departments firing shots before the suspect was finally caught, authorities say.

The suspect, whose name wasn’t released, was taken to the hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound after the Friday chase, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office said. His condition was stable.

Both Walker officers of Ottawa County deputies fired rounds but it wasn’t immediately clear who actually shot the suspect.

Two deputies also sustained minor injuries when their cruisers were hit. They were expected to be released from the hospital Friday night.

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Wood TV

Thanks to our own Gun Bunny and UpNorth for the links.

This was not an act of terrorism, but it was an act of war.
– George W. Bush

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AW1 Rod

If a day went by WITHOUT a TAH story from Houston, I would suspect domain hijacking.

Houston is as bad as Baltimore.


There, Austin and Hell Paso are Blue State sh*thole enclaves in Texas.


KHOU is bookmarked on Chromie. It is my FIRST (ht 2 Hack Stone) stop on my Daily news feed search for FGS. Hit there like it’s Dr. Pepper…10, 2, and 4. Don’t always get a FGS, but it is a daily plethora of crimes against citizenry. Lady Friend did contract engineering work in Houston back in the late 70s/early 80s, could go to most of the areas with few problems. Wouldn’t go thru there now in less than re-enforced Heavy Rifle Squad strength.

Delaware…Baby Daddy fight?

Those lads needed a U-Haul to get the new piano over to choir practice.

Odd how a “Religion of Peace” has a stated goal of killing those that don’t agree with them. But they’re not the only ones to do so.

Loves me a little ginger girl! I ain’t skeered of ’em.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Except in Houston, the citizens are allowed to shoot back.

Beato may seek to change that.


Tallywhagger did not post this spam.


comment image


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

The Pirates Cove

Old tanker

We have a spammer operating here.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was just reading the 80 bucks an hour from Tallywhagger and poof you blasted it into space or wherever that stuff goes. I have to google the definition of spam but not the stuff in the can. How long has this been going on????. I have a spam thing on my PC but still don’t know why it is called spam.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Goes allllll the way back to an old Monty Python skit. I’ll have to find and post it here for your edification, education, and entertainment.
Unfortunately I’m on my kindle fight now.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The definition of “spam” as junk email goes back to the early 70s.

ANd here, in all its extended glory, the full SPAM skit (albeit with Asian language subtitles). Enjoy.


Tallywhagger did not post that spam

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Nice looking Chick in the pic. Last time I saw an MG mounted on a helo was the Air Force Huey that was brought down into the hanger bay with an M60 mounted on the right wheel strut so the pilot had to move the helo nose up or down. Guy watching it had an Aussie hat on and an M-1 Carbine with the mags taped together which I found out later wasn’t good for the clip holding the mag due to the weight. Now I’m wondering if the MG was a Browning .30 Cal. Would any of you Air Force Gals/Guys know if they used Brownings in 1965???. I have to say Gals first since I can’t get out of the 50’s.


The Saco-Lowell M37 machinegun was a Browning .30-’06 upgrade with an improved backplate, extended charging handle, and could be converted to feed from either the left or right side. It was produced from 1955 to 1957 and was in use until the late 1960s. The M37C model was an aircraft machinegun that lacked the sight bracket.
The M37E1 was the same weapon rechambered for 7.62mm NATO and the M13 link belt. Conversions were done by Rock Island and Springfield Armory. It was used from the late 1960s until it was replaced by the M73A1 / M219 machinegun starting in 1970.

The skid-mount for the UH-1 and OH-23 was called the XM1. It attached dual M37Cs to the struts of the skids; each machinegun had 500 rounds of ammo. The M2 was a similar system that used M60 machineguns; each carried 650 rounds of ammo.

The Stranger



As a follow-up to the stolen U-Haul story, the guy has multiple warrants from all over the USA. The judge set his bond at $300,000 cash or surety. And he hasn’t even been arraigned on the stolen motorcycle/stolen U-Haul charges, or pointing a gun at a police officer yet. Some of his pending charges elsewhere must be enough to even get a judge’s attention.

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