MN governor accused of Stolen Valor

| September 9, 2022

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) claimed to be a retired Command Sergeant Major in the Minnesota Guard during his campaigns for both Congress and to be Governor.

According to CSM (ret.) Tom Behrends, who served with Walz and took his place when Walz resigned, Walz was a provisional CSM who got out when he learned he was due to be deployed to Iraq in May 2005. The MN Guard says he never retired as an E-9, did not complete required class or course work, and says he is a retired Master Sergeant/E-8 if I read the article aright.

Behrends again tried to draw attention to the story in 2018 when Walz announced his run for governor.

“It kind of just sat there, you know, when he was a congressman. He bragged that he was a retired command sergeant major and the highest-ranking person ever in the House,” Behrends recalled. “Then, the state of Minnesota came out after 2018 after this was exposed and they said, ‘Well, he can say that he served as a command sergeant major, but he can’t say he’s a retired one because he’s not.’ ”

Behrends continued: “He was saying that and there were campaign letters coming in the mail saying that.

Behrends was next in line for the position and was asked to take Walz’s place. He went on to serve as the unit’s command sergeant major in Iraq on a nearly two-year deployment, “all while Walz began using that very title as a congressman,” Collin noted.

On his campaign website, Walz says the following about his military service: “In 2005, after 24 years in the Army National Guard, Command Sergeant Major Walz retired from the 1-125th Field Artillery Battallion. When he retired, Tim was the highest-ranking enlisted National Guard soldier in southern Minnesota.” (Emphasis added.)

So technically Walz can claim he is retired, technically he was a CSM, but he is not a retired CSM as he claims. Oh, and according to Liz Collin of Alpha News, Walz’ contract wasn’t up until September 2007 so when he pulled the pin he had enough remaining time for the Iraq tour and TIS remaining for two years time in grade.

“He abandoned us. What the hell kind of leader does that? As soon as the shots were fired in Iraq, he turned and ran the other way and hung his hat up and quit,” said Behrends…

Behrends has erected a sign on the side of a silo on his farm in Brewster. It reads: “Abject Failure! Walz is a traitor! Vote Him Out!!”

A little purple prose there – Walz did not run under fire, he never went. But I think it’s safe to say Behrends is not gonna be on Walz’ Christmas card list.

Wait – isn’t Minnesota the state which elected Jesse Ventura, too?

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From his Campaign website:

“Tim’s dedication to public service began soon after graduation from high school, where at the age of 17, Tim enlisted in the Army National Guard. In 1989, he was named Nebraska Citizen-Soldier of the Year.”

“Upon his 1990 return from teaching in China, Tim served full-time in the Army National Guard. He joined his battalion overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2005, after 24 years in the Army National Guard, Command Sergeant Major Walz retired from the 1-125th Field Artillery Battalion. When he retired, Tim was the highest-ranking enlisted National Guard soldier in southern Minnesota.”


Tim Watz, 1981.

2018 article about his Military service:

“Citizen Soldier’ Walz Honed Leadership In Uniform”

“I’m certainly proud of my military service, but it’s one piece of me. It doesn’t define me,” he said, adding of voters, “I certainly wouldn’t ask them to elect me because of that alone.”

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Not a CSM….

Not a SEAL… (Jesse Ventura, 38th Governor of MN)

Just reinforces the notion that politicians lie.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was under the impression from reading the link in another thread yesterday that he separated from the National Guard but did not have the requisite time in to be “retired”.

So, Command Sergeant Major/E9? Magic Ball says “Most Definitely No”.

Is he actually retired? Magic 8 Ball says “Answer Hazy, Ask Again”.


Couldn’t find article. Maybe they were talking about not getting a pension until 60?

Retired CSM? Nope.

Frocked CSM for a while till it got hard? Yep.

You saw that a bit everywhere. He seems one of those guys that ran for the exits in the mid 2000s after the foolish invasion and occupation of Iraq turned into more of shooting match and they replaced active duty units with ANG and Reserves. At some point in 2005-6 the majority of forces in Iraq were Reserves and that is right when everything went full Thunderdome in Al Anwar.


“The Truth About Tim Walz”

“Many of the dates and time frames are from his official discharge document and the reduction order reducing him to Master Sergeant.”

“His official retirement document states, SOLDIER NOT AVAILABLE FOR SIGNATURE.”

“On September 10th, 2005 conditionally promoted Command Sergeant Major Walz was reduced to Master Sergeant.”


“Answer Man: Is Walz’s rank rank?”

“Dear Answer Man: I know your expertise extends far and wide, but what about matters pertaining to the military? U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, the DFL nominee for governor, claims to have retired as a command sergeant major in the Army National Guard, making him the highest-ranking enlisted soldier to serve in Congress. But is that true? My understanding is that he did not fulfill all the requirements to hold the rank of command sergeant major, so how can he claim to have been a CSM, as he does in his campaign materials and promotions? — Inflated rank”


“I turned to the Minnesota National Guard to resolve the question. When a person is promoted to command sergeant major, the promotion is considered conditional until the solider completes U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy. Another clause stipulates that the solider will hold the position for two years after graduation.”

“Walz retired as a command sergeant major, but his rank was later changed to Master Sergeant, one rank below, because he did not complete the requirements to hold the rank into retirement, according to documents provided by the Minnesota Army National Guard. Consequently, Walz’s retirement benefits are those of a master sergeant, not a command sergeant major.”

“Even so, it is OK for Walz to cite his CSM rank in his biography and campaign materials because he, in fact, served in that rank, according to Master Sgt. Blair Heusdens of the Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs Office.”


Walz was born in 1964, so we speculate he will start drawing benefits as an E8 in 2024 when he turns 60.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Holy shit, he was born in 1964 when I was aboard the LPH 3, now I realy feel old but then again, age is just a number.


Ditto. In 1964, I graduated from high school.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Graduated HS in 1963 and a couple of months later, joined the Navy and we both can agree on “where the f..k did the time go”


I graduated in ’63, spent two years, and all my money, in college, then enlisted in the Army.
Got home and told the folks, just before NBC news announced the first day of casualties in the Battle of the Ia Drang. My mom was less than thrilled. My dad told her, “well at least he didn’t get drafted”.


From the article:


From 2020:

“A billboard near the town of Fosston, Minnesota had a humorous message for the Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz. It read, “Governor Walz- Northern, MN is trying to see things from your point of view.”


Check this out.

In this September 2022 article, August Johansen was invited to be a Guest Speaker at an upcoming 9-11 event:

“Union City Stair Climb To Honor 9/11 Firefighters Will Have Special Guest”

“On Saturday, September 10th, Union City and Discovery Park of America will host the annual stair climb to honor firefighters lost on 9/11, and there will be a special guest.”

“August Johansen was a HazMat unit commander with the New York City Fire Department on 9/11 and was in the North Tower. Johansen will be in Union City for the event and will share his story of that day. He retired from the NYFD in 2020 after 25 years.”

He lied.

Stolen Valor’: Former NJ EMT Who Fabricated 9/11 Involvement Smoked Out On Social Media


“A former North Bergen and Jersey City Medical Center EMT was removed as a guest speaker at a 9/11 memorial event amid a social media uproar over bogus claims that he’d been at Ground Zero as a New York City firefighter.”

“August Johansen, 45, had his photo published along with a story about his participation in a 9/11 fundraiser in a Tennessee town that’s coincidentally named Union City.”

“In the photo, Johansen is wearing an FDNY patch on his polo shirt.”

“The Sept. 1 story about him listed a 25-year history of service to the Fire Department of the City of New York, including promotions to assistant chief and battalion chief in the Bronx and then Manhattan. It also said he’d been in the North Tower during the attacks and commanded a hazardous materials unit during both the rescue and recovery missions at Ground Zero.”

“Johansen had never been a city smoke eater.”


Lowest of the low. May he be inflicted with every ailment that every firefighter that served that day has and never know honor.



These Embellishers/Liars just don’t get it, i.e. someone out there knows the truth.

They evidentually get caught.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What a shit bird that guy is with 9/11 coming up. Capt Terry Hatten FDNY Rescue 1, Kenny “Igor” Marino FDNY Rescue 1 and members were lost that day and were also members of the Long Beach NY Volunteer FD at one time with Kenny moving back to Long Beach. Also lost FDNY/LBFD members John Eldrich and Billy Quick due to post 9/11 illness along with NYPD/LBFD member Richie Wentz, and LBFD Volly Mike Ornouer…. Brink’s co worker “Joey” Trombino never made it out of Tower 1. Will always remember the 343, so RIP guys and will see you at the top of the stairs.



A Proud Infidel®™

He looks like he never met a jelly doughnut he didn’t like!




Dat’s a lotta neck.




What a cocksucker.


I’ll just leave this right here: COCKSUCKER! (ht 2 Mick) Can I get a BOOM and a SHACK?

Chicken sh^t embellishing POS. And brought shame to my Beloved Artillery. I recommend we shove a rammer up his azz and use him to clean the tube of an 8″ howitzer.


Every branch has her black sheep. I enlisted as a 12B – the most famous (notorious) graduate of that school was Timothy McVeigh. After jumping over to the longer-haired side of the house, the most intellectually challenging school was DLI – so that brings two degrees of Kevin Bacon to Bradley Manning and one of the 9-11 fucktards, as well as Lee H. Oswald.

While I’m not big on sympathizing with gun bunnies (real men look them in the eyes before turning them to pink mist), your legacy is much more pure than most.


Stop Loss only works on the little people?


I don’t recall National Guard Field Artillery being under Stop Loss in 2005. But maybe?


My entire state was stop loss, lots of senior, full time NCOs weaseled out of deployment and retired during it.

Hack Stone

Well, since the Woke Left honestly believe that men can become pregnant, any male GI looking for a way to weasel out of his obligation has another option.


Sooooo if I follow Walz’s logic here… I’m a retired 1SG and I need to upgrade my TAH handle.

Nope. That’s not how this works.

Hack Stone

Just refer to yourself as Honorary 1SG. Worked for Bernath.


Nope. I’d rather be a real SFC.


Genuinely asking. I was a MSG upon retirement, but I was technically in a 1SG slot. Acted as one, at times, as an E-6 & E-7, but never as an E-8 (outside of MTOE slot). Orders at the time read 1SG, but I never wore the diamond. 214 says MSG.

Never wanted or cared to be a 1SG (no offense to those who did), as I seemed to garner more clout as a MSG overseas (everyone assumed I worked for a COL, rather than a CPT). However, as the whole retirement hoop-jumping was more focused on three-year ETS rather than retirees, I never received a real answer to this kind of thing. Am I a retired 1SG or a retired MSG?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

He sould have taken his classes and courses instead of Walzing around doing zip.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


He didn’t want to get caught standing when the music stopped.


Wheel of Fortune….

_cting J_ck

Can I buy an “a”?


Why is anyone surprised? Democrats try to steal everything else they can.

“I’d like a side of stolen valor to go with these stolen tax dollars, please.”

Fuck Joe Biden
His whole career’s a scam
About the citizens and taxpayers
He never gave a damn.


He looks devastated by the Queens passing…..

Hack Stone

That’s because he is under the impression that her passing will be the end of Dairy Queen.


Retired Acting CSM = MSG, Ret.

Hack Stone

Q: What do you call a Staff Sergeant Select?

A: Sergeant.

A Proud Infidel®™

So, Governor Walz is bouncing off the walls over his Stolen Valor being exposed, how appropriate, and I hope he bursts into flames the next time he takes a shit.


Know who else was Governor of Minnesota?

Skivvy Stacker

He has been a thorn in my personal side for the last 4 years. He’s been especially liberal in his application of pandemic restrictions and exercise of “executive powers”. He has the personality of someone who takes it for granted that he knows best, that the rest of us automatically love him, and that he can’t do anything wrong. He DID turn tail and run in the Summer of 2020 when the riots started in Minneapolis. He could have had the National Guard called in and he didn’t. He ordered them pulled back. He supported the “peaceful protests”, and condemned the “murder” of George Boyd, or Foid, or whatever his name was (even before the autopsy showed there was no compression fractures of the neck or hyoid bone, and no bruising of the neck). He’s a goddamn disgrace to my home state.
And yes, we elected Jessie Ventura. In our defense, we were left unsupervised.

The Stranger

Ok, I’m going to try again since I brought this up in the thread where this story broke…we have a motion, a Segundo, and a Sí for the ASSteroid of Insults on the table for this cocksucker.

Josey Wales

Tim Walz.


Josey Wales’ Redbone Hound

Rim Ralz?