Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, dead at 96

| September 8, 2022

The longest reigning British monarch in history, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has died at age 96. Many are probably aware, but she was a veteran of World War II. During that conflict, while she was a princess, she served as an officer in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She was trained as a driver and mechanic and left the service as a junior commander (the female equivalent of an army captain). In 1952, after the death of her father, she became Queen of Great Britain (and numerous other Commonwealth realms) and reigned for more than 70 years.

It was reported earlier today that the queen had taken ill and her family rushed to her side at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. It’s now been confirmed that she has died, surrounded by family.

The King of Great Britain will now pass to her son, Charles. Unless he takes a regnal name (a change of name upon coronation similar to what popes do), he will reign as King Charles III. Prince William, his eldest son is now the heir apparent to the throne and is expected to be named Prince of Wales.

Source; Fox News

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A graphic display how long she ruled.

The Stranger

QE2 was a class act so, even though I am vehemently opposed to the whole concept of the monarchy and “divine right”, I will say that I mourn her loss. It seems that she viewed her role as one that came with great responsibilities and comported herself accordingly as demonstrated by her service in WWII. However, the majority of hereditary rulers are total and utter shitbags, including the new king that you reference. It also seems that the majority of her family would fit into that category. I look forward to the day that people cast off this vestige of ignorance even if these monarchs are figureheads and ceremonial in nature.


I agree with that sentiment. You do have the select few that were actually good (or at least competent, YMMV on all of this) and had their heads on straight like Charlemagne, Queen Elizabeth I, or Ivan I, Peter the Great, and Catherine II. Than you have the ones that never should have gotten the position to begin with which I would say tends to happen far more often than not.

I must admit, I only know very bare surface level knowledge of the monarchs that I just mentioned. So, once again, your mileage may vary.


Rest in peace.


P.S. Last head of state to have served in WW2, too.


Snuck out as the crown princess and partied on VE Day at 19, too:

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Charles in charge. This is going to suck.


I was half expecting her last words to be “Charles, you’re dismissed. William, take the throne.”

The Stranger

That would have been epic.

RGR 4-78

Bonny Charles is definitely a s#!tbag, they would be better off without him or them.

Great Brittan’s problems are more in line with the treatment of their subjects which should be citizens in a Constitutional Republic, instead of a Constitutional Monarchy.

A Proud Infidel®™

I doubt if Charles has ever even had to wipe his own ass!

The Stranger

Apparently that used to be an actual job in the royal household:


And one with some prestige attached since this individual was typically a close confidant of the king. Still, you couldn’t pay me enough to wipe another man’s ass.


Wait, you mean…


At least it’s not Harry and Meghan the Murk?


RIP classy lady.

The end of an era.

While not a fan of nobility I pray the people of the UK know peace and that God gives King Charles III the wisdom to rule them wise and fair.

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All royalty are one world government types. They always have been.

The Stranger

I agree with you, that whole royalty thing has got to go. They WERE the original “one world government” up until WWI, when you consider that all of the rulers that started that war were related, with the exception of the Ottomans, and they controlled most of the world’s landmass and population through their colonial conquests. And by the way, let’s call that royal house by their proper name, Saxe Coburg-Gotha.


God may have his work cut out for him. Poe has read elsewhere that Charley is a non-believer, which is understandable considering his leftwing views… 🤔 

The Stranger

That’s kind of fucked up considering that one of his roles as king is to head up the Church of England.


It ain’t your grandparents Anglican Church no mo’.
They’re a church in name only at this point with their worship of man.

The Stranger

Well, my grandparents were Catholic so not their church. Yeah, a church founded because some king wanted a divorce really isn’t a church to my way of thinking so it’s no surprise they’ve ended up where they’re at.

Forrest Bondurant

Only time will tell if this will fast forward uniting Ireland and an independent Scotland.


Sic semper…

jer nows.jpeg

Something I said to earn ire?
Rebuttals are not your strong suit. I forgive you.


5JC got downvoted also. Probably Major Moonbat/Commisar Poodle trolling.


I was trying to provoke conversation, but people rarely know or care about having a formed opinion.
Sadly we live in a ‘feelings over facts’ society now.

Full disclosure: I’m the one that DVed 5guy. They’d be better off removing the lot’v’m, imvho.


Not a big “dance on old people’s graves” type myself; but you have at it.


No one is dancing.


Only surviving Brit Royal that I liked. The Queen is dead, long live the King! Charles is a twat.

The Stranger

Ok, I like that. I’ll drink to that, but then, for those who know me (and to know me is to love me), I’ll drink to just about anything.

54-40 or fight! 🥃


Anyone born after June 2, 1953 has never known a world without Queen Elizabeth. I strongly suspect that applies to maybe 95% of the readers. Believe I read that only one other monarch IN HISTORY served longer.


I think that the Queen Mother held on as long as she did because she really didn’t want to turn the Throne over to Good Time Charley (read Camilla). I think that a lot of her gene pool skipped a generation and part of another.

Godspeed and Rest Easy to a Class Act. Not a fan of a Monarchy, but she did play the hand she was dealt with flair. Enjoy your version of The Afterlife with your Corgies and gin. I will toast you with a pint of Stout.

The Stranger

Well, I had found my Canadian Club 12 for a REALLY good price the other day, so I guess I’ll toast the old girl with a dram of it seeing as CC’s original distiller, Hiram Walker and Sons, was the only North American distillery with a royal warrant, which was renewed under QE2. 🥃


I really like Elizabeth. Heck, that was my beautiful Irish born mother’s name. I say rest in peace, but one thing I can’t do is refer to her as “your majesty”. I have the double whammy of American and Irish genes all screaming not to do it. We both exerted ourselves mightily to rid ourselves of monarchy, but not our decency. So again, RIP Elizabeth.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dunno…..She may not be MY queen, but she was A queen, and a fairly awesome one at that. So I would have no problem referring to her occasionally as “your majesty”.
Charles, on the other hand……….


FWIW, Queen Mother is an official title (like Queen Consort) and the last Queen Mother was Elizabeth’s mom. She was a Queen Consort when the king was alive, and became the Queen Mother when Elizabeth ascended if I understand the titles correctly.

Dunno for sure – I read “A Connecticut Yankee ” annually to keep my views on hereditary royalty in perpective. Hint – Mr. Twain was NOT a Royalist.


Luck played a huge role. Had her uncle, King Edward VIII, not abdicated the throne….


I wonder what she had on Hillary?

The Stranger

Maybe she had proof that Epstein didn’t kill himself! After all, wasn’t one of her sons, Randy Prince Andy, a running buddy of Epstein’s? Oh shit, I may have stumbled onto something. If you guys don’t hear back from me tomorrow, it’ll be because I’m in jail for putting down some fool who tried to “Arkancide” me.🤣

Hack Stone

Just don’t accept any invitations for a midnight picnic at fort Marcy Park.

The Stranger

Shit, I’ll go there just to flip the script!


Liz was a class act. King Charles is a squish.


Don’t give up the beret for the crown!

download (1).jpg
RGR 4-78

That’s a lot of bling, what war/s did he serve in?


Bunker Hill?


Coler me impressed, he was a JUMPER!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6CDOqqIrL4&w=560&h=315%5D

Dragoon 45

Those are pilot’s wings.

The Stranger

As I recall, he was a carrier qualified F4 Phantom pilot…still a shitbag.

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British jump school is run by the RAF.
But 110% royale wings now.
I earned a set during Royale Dragen.


They have a video of his water jump in 71, almost died.

BlueCord Dad

When I heard that the Queen passed away I remember a classy thing she did on September 13, 2001. When the guard changed at Buckingham Palace she ordered The Star Spangled played. Fair winds and following seas ma’am. 🇺🇸🇬🇧

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Saw lot of people in that video singing, and with allergies, too.
Pass the hankie, those allergies are contagious.


Damn! Sure got dusty in here.


She really was a class act. Glad to have sworn an oath to her as an Aussie when I joined up.

RIP your Majesty.  😥 

Commissioner Wretched

My allergies suddenly kicked up like they haven’t in a while.


Rest in peace, good Lady. God be with your family now.


Bless her heart, she thwarted that sissy son to her dying day, for that the world owes her.

This presents a fine opportunity to liquidate the monarchy.

The Stranger

I concur. I think Monty Python’s Holy Grail sums it up:


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One of the funniest scenes in the flick.

But the best line was (and I paraphrase), “How did you know he’s the king?” “Cause he’s not covered in shit!”


Patrick Stewart, Macbeath act 5 scene 5, says it the best.


Queen Liz didn’t actually die. She moulted and took on another form.

Prior Service

RIP. Now it’s King Charles ‘da Turd. If he had any balls he’d proclaim himself King Arthur II, but fortunately he doesn’t.


I wonder if his reign will end like Charles I?