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| September 7, 2022

Brit to sail Atlantic in…huh?

Well, if you thought Sir Francis Chichester was a bit loony for sailing around the worls in a 16 meter ketch, or even the fella who crossed the Atlantic in a 5’4″ boat in 1993: Andrew Bedwell is going to try sailing across the Atlantic in a ONE METER long boat. He is 6′ tall, so not quite twice as long as the boat.

“I’m under no illusions that it’s going to be easy. But all my life I’ve taken on unusual challenges, though this is the ultimate,” Bedwell told Robb Report. He adds: “My wife thinks I’m crazy.”

Robb Report via Yahoo

Ya think? Oh, yeah, and he will be eating the boat’s lining for food. Gotta see this one.

Las Vegas woman arrested at airport for being “too good looking”

Hend Bustami, 28, was arrested at McCarren Airport Harry Reid Airport, she says because she is “too good looking”, calling the officers “perverts” who had “never seen anyone as good looking as her”. Apparently the fact that she allegedly stiffed the airport Chili’s by walking out on the tab escaped her. Quick bit of Googling turned up pics and a profile which says she is ‘highly skilled’ as a waitreess and receptionist. You would think a waitress would avoid stiffing a fellow server.Hell, I’m a sucker for brunettes and I wouldn’t call her pulse-pounding. I’ll take “High Maintenance” for $1000, Alex.

Insider via Yahoo

Detroit bank accused of “banking while black” discrimination

A 71 year old retired lady, Lizzie Pugh, is suing the Detroit-area Fifth Third Bank: on a church outing she won a slot payout on a church outing to a casino – they paid as usual with a small cash payment and a check. When she took it to the bank to deposit it, THREE white employees told her it was no good – and tried to hold onto the check. After much arguing they eventually gave it back, whereupon she opened a new account and deposited the check at a Chase bank. None of the bankers would call the casino to verify the check, and understandably, were reluctant to call the police when she protested.

…Pugh explained her intentions to open an account, and then handed the employee her casino winnings check.

The employee asked Pugh where she worked, and requested her driver’s license.

Pugh obliged, explained that she was retired, and that the check was for money she had won at the casino. The check contained the casino’s logo and address, Pugh’s name and the same home address listed on her driver’s license.

On the memo line it read: “SLOT JACKPOT”

“She left the room. She came back and she told me that the check was fraudulent, and she could not give it back to me,” recalled Pugh, who protested. “I’m like, ‘Why? It’s not fraudulent.’ ”

The employee called in a second bank employee.

USA Today via Yahoo

Some severe dumbassery at the future Lizzie Pugh Bank. Hard to believe they let people that stupid touch anyone else’s money.

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I live near Vegas. I prefer to call the airport Fucking Harry Reid Airport. Just rolls off the tongue.


Must be related to my former Congress Critter, Steny Fucking Hoyer.


Yeah, that was my name too for ole Steny when I lived in the People’s Republic of Maryland, Frederick sector. Didn’t use it much, though, cause I was too busy swearing at God damn Jamie Raskin, who sadly for me was my congress critter.


That is going to be settled out of court. Lizze and her lawyer will receive nice checks after signing a SF 312.

Hack Stone

Yeah, but no bank will cash it.  😛 


Ben Crump’s School of Racial-Extortion has been setting up franchises all over.


David: Here is another short take.

Keep Up The Great Work!

“Man Who Served In Army Under An Assumed Name Sentenced To Time Served And Community Service For Passport Fraud”

“U.S. District Judge Sarah E. Pitlyk on Tuesday sentenced a Missouri man who has been living under an assumed name since he used it to enlist in the U.S. Army 37 years ago to 100 hours of community service and the time he’s already served in jail.”

“DeLeo Antonio Barner, 60, will also be on supervised release for three years.”


“St. Louisan Who Stole Man’s Identity for 30 Years Faces Jail Time”

“St. Louis-born Barner joined the military in 1981 after high school. According to a court filing from his attorney, he wanted to “escape the violence plaguing” his hometown.”

“He was dismissed from the military in 1984 for “missing a readiness alert.” The misconduct was minor enough that it did not warrant a court martial but serious enough that he could not re-enlist.”

“Barner joined the military again, this time under the name of Joel Sanders.”

“The exact method by which Barner stole Sanders’ identity is unknown, though court documents say he “obtained” the identity “from City Hall in St. Louis” in the 1980s.”


“While serving in the U.S. military he was stationed in Berlin, Germany, for six years, earning multiple medals, including one for good conduct. He received a medical discharge in 1988.”

“He remained in Germany and for the past 30 years has worked for security firms there. He built a civilian life as Joel Sanders. At the time of his arrest had a German girlfriend and eight kids, six of whom still reside in Berlin.”

“Barner’s life as Joel Sanders came to a screeching halt in June 2018 when the real Joel Sanders, the man whose identity Barner stole, applied for health insurance and was told that, as a veteran, he should contact the Veterans Administration.”

“However, as far as Joel Sanders knew, he’d never served in the military.”


Nobody ever fingerprinted this guy? Prints should’ve been in the system from the first enlistment.


Another journalist who failed First Grade math;

He was dismissed from the military in 1984 
Barner joined the military again, this time under the name of Joel Sanders.

While serving in the U.S. military he was stationed in Berlin, Germany, for six years, earning multiple medals, including one for good conduct. He received a medical discharge in 1988.

Skivvy Stacker

Miss Bustami has an IQ the size of her left boob.


I’m sure her sugar daddy got her the best boobs on the market.

Skivvy Stacker

Her MMA name is “Boostemup” Bustami.


Mr. Bedwell best be careful the Iranians don’t mistake him for a Navy AUV and drag him on board.


Everyone knows the 5/3 is the exclusive bank of the Klan. ffs

This asshole’s story stinks and when the truth comes out will yahoo or this idiot retract?

Not holding my breath.


Andrew Bedwell may end up regretting his choices – and visiting Davey Jones’ Locker unexpectedly, tho’ I ‘spect he’s got a chase vessel for resupply & emergencies if he’s not totally looney.

Hend Bustami aka Hi-end Bust-a-mi is, by all evidence, cray-cray. And we all know to stay out of and away from cray-cray. And “too good looking”? Whatcha been drinking there, girl?

Lizzie Pugh’s (“phew”) story has an odor to it. Not that it is not possible, but…


I’m at a loss as to why the bank would try to keep the woman’s check.
If they don’t like Black people, and don’t want to have a black person‘s bank account, they could just refuse to open the account. Offer some bullshit reason And send her on her way to do business elsewhere.
But why would they try to steal the check?
It would take the work of one second to call the casino and see if it’s a real check.
Could someone please explain it to me?


> Andrew Bedwell is going to try sailing across the Atlantic in a ONE METER long boat.

At the rate the US Navy is going, one-meter-long boats will constitute the bulk of the surface fleet.


“…sharks will be lining up to be eating him…” FIFY

IDC SARC would stiff her. He’s used to cray cray.

Gonna make bank there is more to this story.