Survivor of communism warns Americans about socialism

| August 27, 2022

Survivor of Mao’s China compares Chinese Cultural Revolution to Critical Race Theory and other leftist initiatives. (Young Americans for Liberty/Twitter)

Xi Van Fleet received attention for a speech that she made at a school, criticizing Critical Race Theory. She recognized the themes from indoctrination she received in China when Mao was still in power. No matter how much the left in the West want to sugarcoat it, socialism has a sinister intent beyond the fact that it does not work as advertised. Xi Van Fleet sees parallels between what happened under Mao, and what is happening in the US as a result of what the left is pushing for.

From Fox News:

XI VAN FLEET: I just want to say it’s so ironic. 36 years ago, I run away from socialism when I left China to come to this great country for freedom. Today, so many Americans [are] abandoning freedom and arriving into socialism. They have no idea what socialism is about. I lived under Mao’s socialism. When the government controls everything and makes all the decisions big and small and decide how much grain, meat [and] cooking oil I could have. What I should learn in school, where I should live, and what job I should have and how I should think. In the socialist society I lived under, there was no choices. There is no freedom. And that’s what people do not know. Socialism becomes such a diluted word and it’s intentional. I can tell you, China is a socialist country. Cuba is a socialist country and so is North Korea. They are a socialist country run by communist parties. And what’s the difference? What’s the difference between socialism and communism? Not much. Socialism is the initial stage of communism, according to Karl Marx.

Fox News has the article and video here.

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Funny how their respective Border Patrols jave gims yo keep their people IN. I guess that is the preferred Dem solution to the border crisis: turn our country into a shithole no one would want to move to.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just look at the likes of Chicago, San Foo-foo, LA and a few other hellholes and you see JUST WHAT the leftist elites want to turn the USA into, Venezuela is another fine example.


Lars will no doubt be along to refute their warning and remind us that China is and never was communist.


Don’t forget that socialism isn’t communism. And Nazis weren’t socialists.


Duh…Socialism has never been done THE RIGHT WAY before…everybody knows that.

Stalin, no.
Hitler, no.
Mao, no.
Uncle Ho, no.
Pol Pot, no
The Kims, no.
Castro, no.
Maduro, no.

It’s never been done the right way.


He’ll say she didn’t have full access to information and didn’t know enough to comment.

The Stranger

Quit baiting that cocksucker. The place is much more pleasant without him. Seriously, next time he decides to profane this place with one of his comments, you should respond with something on an unrelated topic like food and wine pairings, fishing advice, gardening tips, etc.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

She shouldn’t be making speaches like that since she is talking against the demoRatic new Socialist party and is now most likely under the parties weaponized FBI/Gestapo’s scrutiny.

A Proud Infidel®™

All I ever ask commie socialists is “JUST WHERE and when has socialism ever succeeded?” and you get a blank stare while they change propaganda quotes and talking points.


An educated, free thinking person doesn’t have to have lived under a socialist/marxist/communist despot to see what is happening here. Even Ray Charles can see it.

I say again, we have been voted into it and we’re gonna have to shoot our way out of it. We can’t keep them out with the Ballot Box, we can’t get them before a Jury Box, so that only leaves one box left to use…the cartridge box.


“Communism always fails!”


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The Stranger

Here’s hoping he OD’s or gets jacked while buying crack.


He may not remember it happened. Just sayin’.

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The Stranger

I don’t give a fuck what he remembers as long as he’s in the ground.

Old tanker

The lady knows of what she speaks and folks would be well served to listen to her.