Marine vet gets lighter sentence for testifying against Army vet

| August 18, 2022

VA NG Cpl. Jacob Fracker got probation for his part in the January 6 fun and games after testifying against Thomas Robertson, an Army vet who was also a Rocky Mount, VA policeman. The above selfie was snapped in the Senate building after they allegedly donned gas masks and fought with DC police.

The relatively light punishment comes just days after his companion at the Capitol that day, Thomas Robertson, 49, of Ferrum, Virginia, was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for being part of the mob that attempted to stop Congress from certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory.

Fracker, who had deployed as a Marine to Camp Leatherneck and Helmand, Afghanistan, from 2011 to 2013, looked up to Robertson, who had claimed to be a graduate of the Army Ranger School and to have a Purple Heart.

But prosecutors said those claims about his military record were lies. Robertson had served in the Army, but had embellished his service in his retelling to Fracker.

“Mr. Fracker was the victim of Mr. Robertson’s lies more than anyone else, because he truly lost the life and career that meant so much to him, due largely to Mr. Robertson’s urging,” the attorneys wrote.

Military Times

On the one hand, it ain’t nice to lie to someone and it’s nice to see a poser off the streets. On the other, “he made me” didn’t work for the various kids I’ve raised and “The Devil Made Me Do That” is a comedy routine so old the comic is long since dead.

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More information reference Robertson’s Military Service:

“Robertson also misled the court, Rocky Mount police, journalists and friends about his military achievements. He has indicated in various interviews and conversations that he trained as an Army sniper, Ranger and Parachutist in the 1990s; served as an Infantryman, Sniper and Sergeant when he reenlisted in the 2000s; and received a Bronze Star and was awarded a Purple Heart after an injury.”

“FBI agent said that Robertson was discharged three weeks into Basic Training in 1991 for “lack of motivation”; he reenlisted in 2006 but served as a Military Police Officer and had no apparent training for any other specialty. He spent about eight months in Iraq with the Virginia National Guard and then went to Afghanistan as a contractor in 2011. He was injured there, but contractors are not eligible for the Purple Heart.”


BTW, IMHO, the Washington Post article sited above is a better article and written in a more professional manner than the Military Times article that David posted.

It is very obvious that either Travis Tritten, the Author of the Military Times article or the Military Times or perhaps both do not care about President Trump based on some of the sentences in the article. The Washington Post article is silent on President Trump.

Here are some of the sentences from the Military Times articles that are irrelevant to the story. Very unprofessional. Not being unbiased. Believe it or not, the Washington Post was unbiased in reporting the story.

You Be The Judge:

“The mob had been whipped up by former President Donald Trump, who called them to D.C. and gave a speech nearby that day, again lying that the presidential election had been stolen from him.”

“He believed Trump’s lies that the election was “rigged” and posted that he would be part of a “counter insurgency.”

USMC Steve

If they shitcanned him in boot camp, why would they then let him back in? Seems like a stupid thing to do to me.


Yeah, so in 2006 they were literally letting people in convicted of murder, arson and burglary to fill the ranks. Till shockers… we suddenly had a gang problem out of like nowhere.


All I can say to that is “Bowe Bergdahl”. Washed of the Coast Guard in 26 days (2006). 2 years later, Army says C’mon in! That worked out well.


Robertson got fracked


Here we go again:

  • Army Sniper
  • Ranger
  • Airborne
  • Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart

— SIGH —

Straight out of the well-worn, dog-eared pages of the Official TAH POSer 101 Handbook.


Bronze Star w\ V

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

What, no motor sickle? Where’s the dog, mirrored shades, doo rag? No claim of the dreaded PTSofD? Like he’s not even trying. I’m sure that the Boys in Cell Block C will make sure he is qualified for the Purple Taint Award.



“Fracker, who had deployed as a Marine to Camp Leatherneck and Helmand, Afghanistan, from 2011 to 2013”; something wrong with that statement, likely the media.

Amazing he got away with telling all those lies for so long. Doesn’t anyone check paperwork anymore?