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| August 14, 2022

Chesapeake Bay Punt Guns

No charges filed in Anderson shootings that left 2 dead, 3 injured
by: Jacob Burbrink

ANDERSON, Ind. — Two June shootings that lead Anderson community leaders to take action has been ruled to have been in self-defense.

The shootings happened at 16th and Madison. Just after midnight, police were called out to a shooting. Two people were found shot. A few hours later, another shooting happened in the same place with three people shot.

One of the victims died shortly after the shooting. He was identified as Landon Hill. Anderson police confirm a second person died as a result of the shooting. He was identified as Steven Childress.

The Madison County prosecutor confirmed that an investigation into the shootings determined that both shootings were in self-defense.

The investigation found that Hill shot Childress. Another unnamed person shot Hill.

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Fox 59

Nice part of town. Remind me not to go there.

ECSO: Fatal Apartment Shooting Was Self Defense

ECSO investigation rules Oakwood Terrace shooting death as self defense

Benjamin Johnson, Pensacola News Journal
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office investigators ruled Thursday night’s shooting death in Oakwood Terrace as self defense and will not make any arrests, according to an ECSO Facebook post Friday.

Morgan Lewis, ECSO spokeswoman, told the News Journal that there was “an altercation which lead to gunfire.”

No further details on the circumstances of the shooting were released.

Original Story

A man was fatally shot Thursday evening in Escambia County, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

ECSO deputies responded to the Oakwood Terrace apartment complex at about 6 p.m. and found the victim, according to ECSO spokesperson Morgan Lewis.

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Yahoo News

Police: Woman shot boyfriend in self-defense
The woman told officers that the man threw her to the ground and she was afraid for her life.

JESSUP, Pa. — A woman shot her boyfriend in Lackawanna County Thursday night, but he is the one facing criminal charges.

Police say the woman was acting in self-defense when she shot Eric Stepkovich at a home in Jessup.

The woman told officers Stepkovich threw her to the ground, and she was afraid for her life.

Police say she shot Stepkovich in the leg with a pistol she is licensed to carry.

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Eric is weapons grade stupid attacking a police officer. Hope getting shot for his troubles hurt a lot.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”
– Søren Kierkegaard

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Hey, Ed. You OK? That Navy coffee not strong enough? That Jessup PA story was in the Saturday FGS you labeled as Sunday, and again in the Sunday FGS.

Need a double shot of Black Rifle Coffee to wake up?

Looks like Anderson IND has some trash trying to take itself out….


I can believe that the sheer number of articles submitted for your beneficent consideration can get confusing.
Especially those of us of a *ahem* certain vintage.

And if you didn’t post anything, we’d have to find another way to poke atcha, wouldn’t we?


Deja Vu all over again, GB? All this time travel got the boy Stepping in a Slide Zone? Stuck in the Days of Future Past? Resarching today’s gun pr0n reminded him of what (beat) Navy gonna be doing during an upcoming competition come December? Punt!

Good to know that one can still defend themselves against trash.

Only certain groups have the right to free speech now. Burning Old Glory is OK. Burning Pride Flag? Hate crime.

That thar Black Haired Beauty has got legs like I like! Feet on one end and…well…you know… MERCY SAKES!


Here is a bit of justice, long in coming from 1987.

RIP SPC Darlene Krashoc. Your murderer has been caught, finally.

Burn in hell you SOB. Preferably, die slowly and screaming.


I printed out the article on the Punt Guns and showed it to my
Chessie puppy. He ate it.


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The Pirates Cove

MI Ranger

Interesting stories about those Punt Guns…
Miss thanng up there, has her weight on her front leg…seems a bit unstable


Most Ms Thangs ARE unstable!