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| August 13, 2022

Suspect Attempts to Surrender at Grocery Store After Police Chase Winds Down But Cops Aren’t There

A California police chase came to an anti-climactic conclusion this week when a suspect in a car alleged to have been stolen tried to turn himself in, only to be met with an absence of cops.

KTLA and other regional outlets reported on Thursday that the ultimately abandoned chase in question started when Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers noticed an alleged-to-have-been-stolen Kia in the Downtown Los Angeles area a little before 10 p.m. local time. Later, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) took over the chase, which also saw the driver making his way to the San Fernando Valley before returning to DTLA.

When the suspect started running red lights near the University of Southern California, CHP is reported to have ceased their involvement in the potentially perilous pursuit, although another LAPD vehicle is said to have briefly followed the suspect before also backing off.

Ultimately, at around 11:25 local time, the suspect is reported to have stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of a Ralphs supermarket. While he exited the vehicle and then put his hands over his head, there were not immediately any officers on the scene, or still in pursuit, to take him up on this apparent offer of surrender. Initial reports on the incident, notably, do not mention whether or not the individual was later taken into custody.

Complex has reached out to reps for the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department for comment on this widely reported incident and will update this post accordingly.

Source; Yahoo!

Man arrested for stealing marked Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office car, deputies say

A man was arrested Saturday morning for stealing a marked Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office car, deputies say.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office said Michael Bryant, 43, was booked into the Mecklenburg County Detention Center and charged with injury to personal property, larceny of law enforcement equipment, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Bryant was arrested by CMPD officers and was held in custody on a $2,500 bond. He is set to be in court on Monday.

Deputies say they are still investigating the incident.

Source; WSCO-TV

Minneapolis tries to spruce up street barriers with motivational messages

This should brighten up your day while you’re being carjacked

The City of Minneapolis has moved to spruce up some of the unsightly, recently-installed barriers its placed downtown to curb illegal street racing,

New stickers featuring motivational messages were added to the temporary bollards on Monday, with a city spokesperson telling Bring Me The News it was done “to add more visual interest.”

The barriers, located in the Mill District, include messages such as “See you downtown,” “The best part is you,” “Glad you’re here,” “It’s patio season,” and “Find your new favorites.”

The messages were added in collaboration with the Mpls Downtown Reanimation effort, for which the Minneapolis Downtown Council is “tracking key news and metrics while highlighting open restaurants, retail locations and skyway hours.”

The barriers were set up along 2nd Street at the Portland Avenue intersection in early July to limit through traffic while allowing residents and employees in the area to have access to their homes and work.

The decision came after a Fourth of July incident in downtown Minneapolis where groups were walking and driving around neighborhoods shooting fireworks at people, cars, police and residential buildings, as well a

Parts of the Mill District and downtown have been popular locations for illegal street racing, with barriers set up on several other blocks of 2nd Street.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman Garrett Parten tells Bring Me The News the plan is to keep the barriers in place through October, “or before the snow starts to pile up.”

Parten added that there will be a listening session in late August to allow residents in the area to have input on whether they should stay or go.

Source; Bring Me the News

Man allegedly shot into own car during attempted theft at gas station, police say

A man is charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting into his own car after someone jumped inside it at a gas station.

On Aug. 9, Memphis Police (MPD) officers responded to a shooting at a Valero gas station in the 2800 block of S. Perkins just before 1 a.m.

According to an affidavit, a man identified as Kenneth Petty told them he left his 2018 Chevrolet Trax running while he went into the store.

He said he saw someone get into his car.

Petty was armed with a 9mm handgun, and fired the weapon as the suspect got into the vehicle, police said.

He told police he shot into the vehicle to prevent theft.

After being taken into custody, he told police he had a friend take the gun before officers arrived, according to the affidavit.

Police found 19 shell casings at the gas station.

A juvenile sustained gunshot wounds to the ear and shoulder during the incident, records show.

Petty was taken to 201 Poplar.

He’s charged with attempted second-degree murder, possession of a firearm, and tampering with/fabricating evidence.

Source; Yahoo!

Academic Who Published Paper on Masturbating to Child Porn Under Police Investigation

Police have launched an investigation into a British PhD candidate who has published a “research” paper centring around him masturbating to child porn, Breitbart News can reveal.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has said that an investigation has been launched after University of Manchester student Karl Andersson published a PhD research paper on his personal experiences of masturbating to the “Shotacon” subgenre of Japanese manga comic books that focus on often highly sexualised portrayals of prepubescent or pubescent boys.

Anderson claimed that in order to “understand how [people] experience sexual pleasure when reading shota” he conducted a three-month “experiment” of masturbating to paedophilic comic books, taking notes during every “session”.

“I would not be allowed to have any other sexual relief during this ‘fieldwork’ in my own sexuality: no regular porn, no sex with another person, no fantasies or memories — it had to be shota every time.”

In his paper, published by the peer-reviewed academic journal Qualitative Research, Andersson admitted that “the age of the characters and the explicitness of the sex, as well as in the readers’ views on whether or how sexual desire for fictional boys is connected to sexual attraction to actual children.”

Yet despite acknowledging the illicit nature of the material, he said that he found interviewing others inadequate for his study, writing: “I realized that my body was equipped with a research tool of its own that could give me, quite literally, a first-hand understanding of shota.”

Describing one such masturbation “session”, Anderson wrote in his notebook in September of last year: “Started reading on the toilet: Boy who is staying with relatives happens to see his same-age friend masturbate… The boy who has admitted to everything has nothing to lose, so he throws himself over Tokio-kun and starts sniffing his cock and licking his smooth balls, and while waiting for the shot I came!”

Possession of drawn child pornography is a crime in the United Kingdom, and it seems likely the materials indulged in by Andersson would meet this definition, given the paper’s own description of “very young boy characters [who] would greedily jump over the first cock that presented itself” in the material — content of which Andersson wrote: “That worked for me”.

Source; Breitbart

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Looks like Petty’s offence isn’t going to be a Petty one. Not a Petty good shot to fire 19 rounds and only hit the kid twice although Petty said he was just firing into the car.


teh stoopid, strong it is.

Mpls needs a good air strike…that would help beautify it.

Child pr0n/molesters need to die…a slow painful death.


These drag queen teachers pushing sex on 5 year old’s should all be castrated, that’s what they want anyway… Give them what they want, with a rusty knife and not the Tetanus shot afterwards…


At times its a wrasseling match between SPOTW and FGS. Today’s went to the right place.


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God, those people need to die, just die.
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I can’t wait for someone with a big bold marker to casually walk along and change those “motivational” boundaries into “DEmotivational” boundaries.