Minority voters who vote Republican demonstrate racism

| August 5, 2022

Don’t want to deal with the impacts of leftist policies? Racist. (r/The_Donald)

MSNBC guest Christina Greer, a political science professor with Fordham University, claimed that Latinos, Asians, and Blacks who vote Republican also push white supremacy. The other guest, Kurt Bardella, claimed that making America great again entails removing the equality that was gained over the years and going back to when minorities were not seen on equal terms.

From Fox News:

During his commentary, Bardella trotted out the usual leftist talking point of the MAGA crowd looking to devalue minorities. He sated, “When they say let’s make America great again, what they mean by that is to take us back to a place where people who look like you and me are devalued, where people are not seen as equal.”

The DNC advisor continued, saying MAGA supporters want a world “where women don’t have the same rights, where people of color are less than their white counterparts. That’s what they mean by going back. They aren’t even trying to hide it.”

Bardella asserted, “we cannot divorce them [the GOP] now from the white nationalist, racist elements that are overriding them.” Later in the segment, he claimed that the GOP has been passing voter suppression laws to keep those non-white groups from the ballot box.

Greer agreed with Bardella, saying that Donald Trump “excavated what has always been a factor in this country. Don’t forget, I mean we are founded on white supremacy and anti-black racism, capitalism, and patriarchy.”

Though she went farther than Bardella, arguing that now some minority groups are pushing white supremacy themselves.

“We also realize that, you know, you don’t need white people for white supremacy anymore, the same way you don’t need, you know, just men to have patriarchy. We see women uphold it quite well – paging Amy Coney Barrett and her friends,” Greer stated, before explaining how various minority groups are being pulled into white supremacist ranks.

Fox News has the story at this link.

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Another not so useful idiot that needs to read a history book…and then go EABOD.

Odd how most Black Folks were Republicans until LBJ decided that they would be voting demonrat for the next 300 years.


He phrased it a little more colorfully than that but the point stands.

This gov-imposed ‘separate but equal’ is just as disgusting as the de facto-type enforced by idiots and petty tyrants back yesteryear.
How we will all truly “overcome” without an organic approach to building individuals, families, and by then result a nation?
I am glad many cultures are embracing the promise of Americanism and casting off the shackles of false promises.

…and justice for all! (caveat: without the commie shit that provably does not work!)


“Voted for Eisenhower ‘ciz Lincoln won the war.”


Sing along if you know the words:


Deleted. Show tact next time.



He meant “stumpremancy”


Nah, he meant to say “Stumpresidency”

The Stranger

Oh for crying out loud. You know, after a generation or two, most previous immigrant groups just saw themselves as Americans. Hell, I’m first generation and I’m an American FIRST! White supremacist, my brown, Mexican ass…


You’ve just been deceived into that belief by the racist, patriarchal, colonialist white man.  😉 




That too.


What if your first gen and the folks who came in WERE patriarchal colonialist white men?


Don’t know. I’m fifth gen Irish, my ancestors weren’t exactly able to do much colonizing.

The Stranger

They colonized the hell out of some taverns in Hell’s Kitchen!


Nah, my ancestors colonized Utah.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

two shit birds on MSNBS

USMC Steve

The good thing is that basically no one saw this. MSNBC has like 39 viewers at this point.

A Proud Infidel®™

My only question is just how much MOE shit-for-brained are those booger- munching Elmer’s Glue-guzzlers going to get? JUST LIKE the Nazis and Communists, they go on all-out screaming contests against those who dissent with them.


[…] This Ain’t Hell notes that MSNBS is still garbage […]

The Daley Gator


Well, hell, everybody who doesn’t vote Democrat is “racist” according to Democrats.


Not only that but once you become a Democrat you get awarded the immunity idol. You can say all kinds of racist stuff, wear black face, take showers with your pre-teen daughter, grope the womenz, lock kids in cages and no one gives a damn about their dignity so long as the pork keeps flowing and the borders stay open.

Gryunt Monglaar

Only vaguely on topic: seeing “Kurt Bardella” made me think of Robert Berdella, and I really, really didn’t want to think about him today.