Medicaid must cover gender transition surgeries

| August 5, 2022

A federal judge in West Virginia ruled in favor of Lambda Legal, a group representing LGBT interests. West Virginia’s Medicaid program must now cover gender transition surgeries. The judge argued that the applicable Medicaid exclusion would violate the 14th Amendment, the Affordable Care Act, and the Medicaid Act.

From the Washington Examiner:

The judge also outright dismissed the claim that gender transition surgeries are not medically necessary, saying the argument is “wholly unsupported by the record, and importantly, is refuted by the majority of the medical community.”

An initial lawsuit challenging the state Department of Health and Human Resources’s blanket Medicaid exclusion was filed on behalf of Christopher Fain, who was denied coverage for a testosterone prescription under Medicaid, and Zachary Martell, who is married to a state employee with healthcare coverage.

Fain and Martell were rejected from being covered for a bilateral mastectomy, which led Fain to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 600 transgender residents who faced rejections for Medicaid coverage.

Shauntae Anderson, another plaintiff in the lawsuit, called Chambers’s decision “lifesaving” in a statement .

“I am excited to finally have access to the healthcare I deserve. The exclusion negatively affects my health and wellbeing as well as the health and wellbeing of other transgender Medicaid participants in our community,” Anderson said.

Lambda Legal attorney Avatara Smith-Carrington issued a statement after the ruling saying that transgender Medicaid participants in the state deserve to have equal access to healthcare that “cisgender Medicaid participants receive as a matter of course.”

“Protecting and advancing health care for transgender people is vital, sound, and just,” Smith-Carrington said.

The Washington Examiner contacted the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

Chambers’s ruling comes as more Republican-led states seek to impose bans on gender transition treatments for minors, despite the Justice Department’s recent attempts to counter such bans by invoking the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

The Washington Examiner has the balance of the article at this link.

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This is what happens when normalize mental illness / deviance…


I guess next we will have Medicaid paying for limb amputations for the head cases that want to be amputees. If doctors can cut off perfectly healthy organs to cater to deranged trannies, why not the obsessions of other mental cases?


Oh FFS, when will it end? Seems like “gender re-assignment surgery” would be classified as “elective surgery”. IDGAF if you want to chop off or add to your issued parts. But don’t make me pay for it.


It is elective surgery. I guess the gals that feel they need bigger boobs to be happy will be entitled to gov’t paid boob jobs.

RGR 4-78

I wonder what the NSN for rock hard stripper titties is?


Although I’m unable to provide you with an NSN for the items in question, I can give you the NSN for the bag they came in:

8425-01-515-9555 Brassiere, Size X-Small, Color Black, Spandex./smile

RGR 4-78

Over the shoulder boulder holder.

MI Ranger

Why is it that people who believe they are another gender than what they appear to be, seem to be laking their own funds to have these “required” surgeries?

Ohh, wait….because they have mental issues and can’t think rationally and hold a meaningful job which would allow them to experiment on their bodies with thier own funds! Sorry, didn’t realize I already knew my own answer!!!….carry on.


Please spay or neuter your pests.


I don’t wanna see anyone hurt, but when these two clowns simultaneously fail at their jobs…

At least unHolyweird will finally have a good script?


Heh. Like DC Films Bat Girl? Disney’s Lightyear? Or Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder?

Hollywood isn’t in danger of getting a good script anytime soon.

This is the extent of my interest in pop culture.


Officer and a Gentalzim

USMC Steve

I suspect if they appeal they will shove it up this judge’s ass. This is an elective surgery and if they go from the angle that allowing it is contributing to someone’s mental illness, they should prevail.