Shoot Down SanFranNan? Uh, no.

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OK, that is not a picture of Nancy Pelosi from her younger days. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

A Chinese writer, Hu Xijin, a ‘journalist’ (read: propagandist) for the state-owned Global Times, has stated that if Pelosi does visit Taiwan and her plane has a fighter escort that it would be an “invasion” and that warning them off, firing warning shots, or even shooting them down would be justified. And we thought we were the only ones with journalist issues.

If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is [an] invasion,” tweeted Hu Xijin, a columnist for the Chinese Communist Party-controlled Global Times. “The [People’s Liberation Army] has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction.

Taiwan’s status was addressed when President Biden spoke Thursday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to readouts by both governments.

During the discussion, Xi warned Biden that “those who play with fire will perish by it,” according to Beijing’s Foreign Ministry.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would not confirm or deny whether the Chinese leader threatened the president, telling a reporter at her briefing Thursday, “I’m not going to speak to that statement, that comment that you just read out.”

Biden said last week that the US military believed a Pelosi visit to Taiwan was “not a good idea now,” but Republicans led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) say the speaker would hand China “a victory of sorts” if she backs down. McConnell’s wife, Trump administration Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, was born in Taiwan.

“If ineffective, then shoot them down,” Hu added.

NY Post

You know, unless a foreign dignitary is involved in REALLY SERIOUS stuff like terrorism (you reading this, Iran?) their personage is pretty well sacrosanct anywhere in the world, and assassinating one is an open act of war. Might recall a certain fella named Ferdinand whose death started WWI?  Now, journalists, especially working for state organs, do not just pop off and say things like this without offical clearance – well, conceivably, off-the-cuff when they shouldn’t, but generally the sort of government who uses journalists as unofficial propaganda mouthpieces are pretty unforgiving, too, and mouthy reporters wind up covering Miss Yak-Milk 2022 conventions in Lower Slobolvia in short order.

So this looks like an official trial balloon intended to twist Biden’s tail a bit more. As is, if he tells her not to go, he looks weak and ineffective. If she goes and the Chinese do anything rude, even a close mid-air brush, without retaliation, Biden looks weak and ineffective. I’m starting to see a pattern here. (Most likely rational outcome if she does go: US fighter escort to Taiwanese air space, then a hand-off to a large force of Taiwanese fighters. Just a guess.)

Regardless, it is a rule: do not mess with our people. It’s one thing if they smuggle weed-laced vape in where it’s illegal, it’s another to mess with someone who is legitimately in line to be the President. She may a power-mad past-her-best-sell-date crone… but she’s OUR power-mad past-her-best-sell-date crone.  Just like the guy mouthing off about his ugly wife in the bar – WE can talk shit, you cannot.

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All that Aegis hardware floating around doing nothing.
Decades of R&D gone into it. Careers made.
China ain’t gonna do shit


Taipei is the only one who benefits from the US getting dragged into a shooting war over the Taiwan issue.

China would be stupid to move against the Speaker, unless they truly believe Biden is so feckless as to not receive that as an act of war and respond in kind.

I sincerely hope he’s not quite that feckless.

Prior Service

What a choice: accept an unacceptable affront to the nation or lose Pelousy in a flash and a puff of smoke.

Lucky we “pivoted to the Pacific” and built back the right (eg Reagan era) force structure out West. Oh that’s right—never mind—we squandered both that force and the remaining force’s readiness so dealing with the aftermath of smoking Her Lowness would be a serious challenge.
Historic note: Pivoting to the Pacific pissed away readiness in Europe while gaining none in the Pacific-a Democratic two-fer.

Prior Service

Side note: if that WAS a young Pelosi she would’ve pulled a lot more votes…


Probably not much need to worry about PLAAF fighters messing with San Fran Nan. Too obvious and no deniability. It’d be radar signature a-go-go for them if they came out to play.

I’d keep an eye on the PLAN instead. They could theoretically pump a ship-borne SAM from one of their widely dispersed “small boys” into her ass while she’s still feet wet out over international waters, and then try to say “What? Who, me?”.

Think about it. Unless there are national assets overhead that just happen to be looking in the right direction at the moment of the shot, or the USN just happens to have assets close to the shooter when they pull the trigger, good luck developing irrefutable proof that the CHICOMs did it.

Without irrefutable evidence, would such an incident be enough to trigger the start of WW3?

Takes international provocative/antagonistic “gamesmanship” to a whole new level…



Amateur Historian

With her plane towing an aerial billboard saying, “Taiwan is NOT part of China!!”

Bets on how long her plane will stay airborne?


Come on man!

Who is really going to be upset enough to want to start a war over her? Nobody who is willing to fight I can tell you that. The same people that would flee the country during an invasion that is for sure.


Her office matters.

Despite any issues with her behavior, politics, or character, she holds one of the most honored seats (slightly less-so, while she occupies it) in the world.

If cancer was trying to kill her, I might root for the cancer (are we already at war with cancer?).

If China tries to kill her (they’re not that stupid), it demands more than a strongly-worded letter in response.


Third option, the drunk old bitch sees the story and shits her Depends faster than she did on Jan 6 and she decides not to go.


Miss Yak-Milk 2022 conventions in Lower Slobolvia

…Hey, now – I was at the ’19 convention, and it was pretty decent. Food could have been better, and don’t get me started on the yak hair thing, but the gift bags were awesome.


Nothing like a good little war to distract from the upcoming elections. All part of the plan, Comrade.

And Ms Young Tenderony Thang? Getting ready for when prezzy creepy sniffy comes to her Catholic High School Graduation Ceremony.

Old tanker

I have no doubt biden will cave in to his employers, the chinese. They own him and have already paid for him.

Daisy Cutter

If the Chinese really wanted to do damage to our country, they would let Pelosi live and prosper.


EXACTLY! Same attitude as Putin.

why attack.png
jeff LPH 3 63-66

BZ Xijin on your article, you peeps protect your borders like we do/Sarc


Just some Sabre rattling by the CCP which will somehow end up with Hunter signing another billion deal where the Biden Crime Family gets its cut.


I’m torn, my magic eight-ball says, “Fuzzy, try again” and the fortune cookie says, “May you live in interesting times.”

Space Cavalry riding the Rods Thor as it was written long ago…


This was meant for internal consumption to bolster Xi’s upcoming President-For-Life proclamation. That does not excuse the content or mean it should go unchallenged.

Quite the opposite. In a sane administration (there I go again) the Chinese Ambassador would be cooling his heels waiting entry into the Oval Office for an official ass-chewing. Right before the screaming media blitz. Get their attention? Go to DEFCON 4 when Pelosi’s plane is airborne.
Sadly none of this will occur, and it’s up to Nan salvage any shreds of dignity for the US.

Last edited 9 days ago by AW1Ed

Nan and Dignity are like Yen and Yang, the two shall never meet.

Is Obama’s policy of absorbing a first strike still in place, his people, if not Berry in his box is really running the show?


While cooling, the ambassador is entertained by music.

Instrumental, “When Johnny comes marching home.”

Hanging on a coat rack, a class A jacket of an Air Force major and a beat up cowboy hat.


USMC Steve

Biden IS weak and ineffectual. The Chinamen don’t need to do anything at all to demonstrate that. Everyone with the exception of the socialist democrats in America are aware of it already.

Forrest Bondurant

Mean Tweets from China are okay.

Gryunt Monglaar

What if we ask real nice?