Tony Dow dead at 77 – no, he’s alive – and others

| July 27, 2022

Man, all the ‘Beaver’ jokes are just too easy. But at least he took time to serve in the National Guard. Given his age, it was probably a case of the studio pulling strings to keep him from heading a few thousand miles west, but at least he did something during a time when many did nothing but protest. Recurring cancer did him in yesterday the 25th according to his wife.

Later on the 26th a correction was issued – apparently his wife was mistaken and he is still with us. I suspect he is in rough shape for such an error to be made, here’s hoping his transition to the other side is easy and peaceful.

Added info -Mr. Dow passed July 27.

May as well throw a Navy vet in – one of my personal favorites, L.Q. Jones died earlier this month on July 9. If the name doesn’t ring a bell (sad after a LONG career) he was Three-Fingered Jack in the ’90s Zorro movie among many, many other roles,  and directed the Harlan Ellison written cult classic “A Boy and His Dog”.

One we missed along the way was Sidney Poitier, a giant in American cinema, who died back in January. He volunteered and lied about his age to enlist in the Army. The Army was not a good fit for him, and he wound up faking illness to get a section VIII discharge (notably, he confessed faking to the Army shrink, who allowed the discharge anyway.) Not much loss to the Army, but a good deal for Hollywood. A great pioneer who was always a class act.

Only non-military death I saw of note today – Yoko Shimada, the lady who played Mariko on “Shogun” (back before most of you kiddies came along) died. When “Shogun” came out it was unique in that it was a mini-series using Japanese prominently without subtitles. Every language nerd at places where they translated foreign stuff was learning all the Japanese they could from the show. Even heard European linguists telling their bosses “Hai! Wakarimas!”. Linguists are wierd…

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“Larry Storch, Comic Actor In TV Sitcom ‘F Troop,’ Dies At 99”

“Larry Storch, a comic actor best known for his role as a bumbling corporal in the 1960s sitcom “F Troop,” set at the fictional Fort Courage in the Old West, died July 8 at his home in Manhattan. He was 99.”

“During World War II, he served more than three years in the Navy. One of his shipmates was a fellow New Yorker named Bernie Schwartz, who told Mr. Storch of his ambitions to be an actor.”

“Bernie Schwartz later became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars under a different name: Tony Curtis.”

He and Tony served on the submarine tender USS Proteus.


Rest In Peace.


Larry Storch…A WWII US Navy Veteran.


Larry Storch, Navy Veteran.



Johnny Carson?


Thank You, Mick!

You are correct! My error!

The picture was posted on a Website that stated it was a picture of Larry Storch in a Navy uniform:

Great catch!


Plus, wasn’t Storch enlisted? The person in that photo is wearing an officer’s cap.



Mick was correct about the picture being Johnny Carson.

You are correct that Johnny is wearing an Officer’s hat since be was Commissioned an Ensign during WWll. He served on the USS Pennsylvania.

You are also correct that Storch was enlisted.

As with Mick, great catch!

Thank You both for correcting my error. Lesson Learn: Double check and validate info from a source before posting.


Hack Stone

This is not the first instance that announcement was placed on line only to rebuked later. Examples include Daniel Bernath being named an Honorary Chief Petty Officer, Phil Monkress claiming to be a US Navy SEAL, and KOB claiming First Comment for This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread.


Bernath has come up once too often of late, and there are noobs onboard who are not familiar with the saga.

I’ll just skip to the end.

Hat tip to ChipNASA.

bernath headstone.jpg
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His legacy will be the impacts he made in his life…
First in Portland, OR at the Bi-Mart Store when he crashed his car into a pallet of soil by the handicapped parking spot while claiming to be a disabled veteran.
The last impact was when Bernath’s plane plane crashed in a wooded area outside a gated community in southeast Bonita Springs as he flew to Everglades Airport in Everglades City.  😜  😷 


Don’t forget the impact when he ran out of fuel and crashed some distance from his destination airport in Oregon, the state that said he was of such poor character it wouldn’t license him as a lawer.

Hack Stone

As long as we are rebroadcasting some of the classics, please indulge Hack Stone as he brings out a few of his originals from the This Ain’t Hell Roast of Daniel Bernath:

Q: What do you call a pilot who crashes his airplane 200 yards short of the runway because he ran out of fuel?
A: The Plaintiff.

Q: How do you know that Daniel Bernath has been in your refrigerator?
A: The NTSB is removing a Cessna from your vegetable crisper.

Q: what’s the difference between Daniel Bernath and a 50 pound of manure from Bi-Mart?
A: Some people are not repulsed by the smell of the manure.

Q: Why didn’t Daniel Bernath ever make lodging arrangements when traveling?
A: Because he knew that he could always find a place to crash.

Green Thumb

Someone should drop a huge, steaming pile of Phil Monkress right in front of that headstone.


Four (4) years ago, 26 July 2018, our beloved SFC Jonn Lilyea left us for his journey to Valhalla:

Jonn served as a Platoon Sergeant in CO C, 1/41st IN, 3rd BDE. which was attached to the 1st IN during DESERT STORM.

Rest In Peace, Soldier.


Never Forget.


Jonn was buried in August 2018 at Arlington National Cemetery:

Hondo shares his tribute to Jonn on 27 July 2018:

Thank You to all who are now carrying Jonn’s TAH mission and legacy.

Headstone Front_902960.Jpeg

Thank you for these posts, ninja. Platoon Daddy was heavy on my mind yesterday. Allowed myself the rare seegar with a good shot of Crown to his memory on evening past. Jonn is probably pleased as tickled pink punch with the fine job that is being done here to carry on his work. He may be a bit disappointed that a number of the commenters have become MIA. I hope that he will be one of FIRST to give me a Welcome Home when we meet on Fiddlers Green. Rest Easy, Good Sir, the perimeter is secure and we know that you are in the overwatch.



Hack Stone

Hack remembers the rain stopping as his ceremony began, and the President’s helicopter flew overhead, coincidentally. As soon as the ceremony concluded, the downpour resumed.


We also remember.

Commissioner Wretched

Jonn allowed me to post my weekly trivia nonsense. I truly appreciate that.

Rest well, SFC Lilyea.


RIP, SFC Lilyea. See you on the other side, ‘mano. First round is on me.




Rest in peace, Jonn.
Still miss you.




Didn’t see much of The Beaver back in the day. Lack of an in home Tee Vee and no ABC Channel locally. Since my medical retirement I do get the re-runs on ME TV. I do love my trifecta of Barbaras (2 showings of Billingsley and one of Hale, hubba hubba for Classy American Beauties) FIRST thing of a morning. Do remember some of the controversy and talk of Mr. Dow’s entrance into the National Guard instead of active duty back yonder. Lots of folks served in the NG back then. I have no issues with that. I do have issues with embellishers that served for a bit bit in the NG and now make claims to being a War Hero in the Viet of the Nam Times. Many others got multiple deferments. Hugh Beaumont was a CO, but still served as a medic during WWII.

Cancer sucks. I do pray that the Hospice Folks make Mr. Dow’s crossing over a peaceful one.


Like you said, he wore the uniform, unlike 4 of our last 5 presidents (3 of whom pulled strings to avoid service). My brother was NG, fought in the battle of Baltimore 67 or 68- those guys were under fire. I was regular army, never got shot at.


I can remember a certain amount of mutual teasing between NG & ArmyReserve, and draftees & enlistees in my AIT company. No hard feelings, though.


That’s sad that Yoko Shimada passed away. I love Shogun and it, the novel and miniseries, taught me the basis for my Japanese.


I’ll just add that I too remember L.Q. Jones. One of my favorite character actors.


I liked LQ Jones in Casino as County Commissioner Pat Webb.


You know that character was based on Harry Reid, right?


No, that character was the senator played by Dick Smothers


Shit, you’re right.


A real weasel of a character


Jones made his film debut in 1955 in Battle Cry and was under his birth name Justus McQueen. His character’s name in that film was L.Q. Jones. He liked the name and decided to adopt as his stage name for all of his future roles as an actor.


The Beaver served in the AF Reserve as well. Different generation.

Hack Stone

Didn’t he die in Viet of The Nam?

Rumor has it that Shelley Winters was on The Tonight Show and said that Beaver was killed. Not sure if she ever actually did say, though you will probably find 50 people who will swear that they saw her say it on the show, even if that is not the case. Chalk that one up to The Mandel Effect. For those of you Adorable Deplorables unfamiliar with The Mandel Effect, it is a false memory, like finding an old VHS tape of Walk Like A Man, and remembering that it was the funniest shit you ever watched, but when you play it again, you want the last hour and 26 minutes back.

Hack saw online that a Jerry Mathers, but not “the Jerry Mathers, was killed in Viet of The Nam. Hack was at The Wall, and looked through the book listing all of the Americans killed, and there is no one by that name listed.


Liberal lies were so much easier to spread before the internets. These days you need a ministry of misinformation and the megaphone of 90% of the media to even attempt to spread such lies.


And don’t forget CSPAN, whose effect I think is underrated.


David wrote: “Later on the 26th a correction was issued – apparently his wife was mistaken and he is still with us.”

Not anymore.

Rest In Peace, Tony:

“Tony Dow, ‘Leave It to Beaver’ star, dead at 77, son confirms: ‘He is in a better place’
Dow, known for his role as Wally Cleaver, died Wednesday morning, his son Christopher confirmed to Fox News Digital”


Air Force vet & actor Fred Ward passed away in May ’22. Had a 40+ year career in the films. Starred in ‘The Right Stuff’, ‘Escape From Alcatraz’, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins’, ‘Tremors’, and many others.
Fred Ward – Wikipedia

The Stranger

I remember watching Remo Williams – The Adventure Begins. It was kind of cheesy, but fun. Kind of a cross between Knight Rider and Kung Fu.


This just in…