Antifa picks fight with bikers

| July 26, 2022

Boy, here’s the one we’ve been waiting for: a small group of Antifers in (where else – Oregon) decided that the “Take Action” Tour was rayciss and needed to be disrupted last Saturday the 16th at the Honky Tonk Bar in Salem.  That event was marketed by the bar as “Hero Appreciation Day” complete with a dunk tank, bike show, eating contest, live music, bouncy house, family-friendly karaoke, free hot dogs, etc.

When Antifa showed up in black bloc, their numbers were very few. Still, they used a megaphone to draw attention to the gathering across the street from the bar. Eventually, several patrons made their way over to confront the demonstrators. Arguing turned into shoving, mace was deployed by an Antifa member, then the group retreated away from the establishment entirely. Taking on biker clubs usually doesn’t end well for the opposing party since they fight back unlike moms driving their kids through downtown Portland or Christian parents holding a concern in a park, something those Antifa who showed up learned quickly.

White Rose of the Willamette Valley used its Twitter account to complain after Salem police didn’t protect their fellow Antifa members during the confrontation. It said Free Souls and “other uniformed security” both “attacked and injured community members peacefully protesting” without supplying details or other evidence.


Wonder if  White Rose is aware one of the first Klan chapters was called the Knights of the White Camelia?  Regardless, anyone over the age of about 12 knows that when you mess with one member of a biker gang, you mess with all of them. And the Free Souls aren’t Johnny-come-latelys according to the article; they’ve survived since 1968 so they sound a little badder than the Wild Hogs. Unfortunately, casualties were low with only one unconfirmed injury. Well, we can only dream that someday the soyboys will take on the Angels, Jokers, Banditos, etc.

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Our street fighters fought brilliantly in this latest encounter with the fascist pigs! I only wish I was there to give them adequate soy supplements to allow them to fight on longer!

Mustang Major

I can’t figure out for the life of me why the cops didn’t come to the aid of the Antifa folks.


1%’s vs cellar dwellers


My fwend fired assault rifel. Had PSTd now.

Band them all.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I can’t buy the a salt shaker I wanted because they can be banned and I don’t want the DOJ/FBI Gestapo agents breaking down my door with their 98 Mausers at 3:30 in the morning


My Grandmothers step-brother was patch wearing member of The Pagans in 1970’s. The family didn’t talk much about Kaz because if you don’t have anything nice to say… The thing about guys like that is THEY DON’T BACK DOWN. Those patches aren’t given they are earned. THEY protect the club AT ALL COSTS.


I wonder in fentanyl can be administered as an aerosol or topical formulation. Ah well, Thorazine might be just as efficacious for managing rabid sociopaths.

Hmmm, paintballs with indelible ink to make the defectives easier to sort out when they are not in their coven.


Fentanyl can, just ask the Russians.. I like the paintball idea, I’m pretty sure they make such a product, mixed with OC for good effect..


The company I used to represent here on the west coast, developed the FN-303 less lethal weapon. Among the rounds capable of being launched HARD, were a bismuth filled, fin stabilized, anti-riot projectile (that could leave fist sized dents in a steel fire door). The same weighted projectile was also utilized, using an additional compartment filled with capsicum (at much higher speed than conventional paintball guns), and an indelible ink round filled with very bright and fluorescent “safety” colors, that simply do not wash off skin for a very long time.

Getting hit by any of these rounds not only got your attention, but usually got your personal decisions questioned.


Where might one find something like this or similar. Sounds like an Air soft gun on steroids

I’m sure they are probably borderline questionable for private use, but you did mention less lethal.

Can the end of the barrel be painted orange? Would that satisfy those who supposedly know better on what is/isn’t a scary gun?


If Thorazine is used, place a piece of masking tape across the floor, the drug addled brain of said scumbag see’s the tape and thinks it’s actually a wall and continually tries to step over it.
It’s how us old timer nurses entertained ourselves working in the nuthatch ward…

AW1 Rod

I strongly encourage those candy-ass, pussy soy boys to take on more Oregon motorcycle clubs! But, I’ll need more popcorn first.


I wish more Panti-bra would have shown up. Then they would have thought they had the numbers to do harm and would have started shit instead of talking shit and they would have had their asses handed to them.


The same crowd who wants to defund the police always cries over an alleged lack of police protection.


Let the games begin! For the most part male bikers are nice guys that will be a good friend. Their wimmins? Hell Cats! Pro tip? Mess with one member of a bike club and you’d best be prepared to have them ALL come after you.


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This exact shit has been going on a lot longer than this month with other mostly peaceful 1% biker gangs. Here they are back in February when they showed up armed at the home of a Gypsy Joker Member and got lit up for their trouble.

The Free Souls are not a full 1% style gang. They are more like anarchists instead of organized crime. The Gypsy Jokers however live the full 1% life and will fucking kill you if you mess with them, as happened.

MSM coverage? Fugetaboutit…

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I’ll point out that ALL 1% clubs are separatists, although not necessarily supremacist or even racist (although many are). White clubs only take whites, black clubs only take blacks, Mexican clubs only Mexicans etc. This is to cut down on infiltration by Federal Agents and others.

The ironic part is that 1%ers and Antifa are in theory closely aligned politically. 1%ers are mostly anti-fascist, anti-government anarchists that will break laws to achieve their goals. Antifa is supposed to be about the same. But really they are a bunch of socialist hacks. The difference between living the life and faking the funk have never been more apparent.

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‘Anarchist’ motorcycle clubs with a rank structure, rules/bylaws, and measured punishments that use force and threats of force to achieve their ‘anti-fascist’ goals?

‘No true Scotsmen’, maybe, but MCs are criminal gangs just like anqueefa but without corporate/government-hybrid backing.

Green Thumb

Good article.

Corn Pop would fuck these dudes up.


He was a bad dude.


I’ve run into the “one in – all in” rule when dealing with 1% MC gangs in my home state.
The rule is: If you see a patched member of your gang in a fight, you join in the fight on his behalf. Even if he is in the wrong, even if he started the fight, even if the other person was fully justified in attacking the gang member, you join in the fight with your gang member.
If you don’t immediately join in the fight, you will be punished by the gang whether the fight was justified or not. You may end up cleaning the club house toilets for a year, or worse. If you failed to join because you were afraid, your days in the gang are over.
And if the other gang member was totally in the wrong, then (theoretically) he will later be punished by the gang, up to and including expulsion.
The goal, as elsewhere noted, is that no one — including law enforcement — will attempt to discipline a gang member unless they are prepared to deal with every gang member on the scene.

Last edited 6 months ago by Charles
A Proud Infidel®™

“The goal, as elsewhere noted, is that no one — including law enforcement — will attempt to discipline a gang member unless they are prepared to deal with every gang member on the scene”

Very true. Take the Hells Angels for example, when one of them gets pulled over by a LEO, the entire group riding also pulls over all at once.


Meh, they normally won’t get in the way of an arrest if they aren’t too fucked up. Not sure what you mean by “discipline”.

Green Thumb

Curious as to what those North Florida MC Phil Monkress supporters would say about that?

Not 1%’ers for sure. More that 0%’ers. And queefs. with the likes of “The Big Turd” Keith Riley Keeton, total gayness.

Those losers continued to drink beer and do coke with Phil Monkress (aka. Phildo) but he left the “Big Turd” Riley Keith Keeton hanging dry. The “Big Dog – er.. The Big Turd” Keith Riley Keeton was a felching, posing bitch for sure, but even he dimed out Phildo. Class act. I understand now why he was left off the taxpayer-funded coke supply and bar tab.

Best guess is that if he or she – maybe they to avoid criminal charges with a gender change – (Phil Monkress) could keep picking up the coke and bar tab with fraudulently obtained American-taxpayer money based up his (Phil Monkrees) questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement claims, then he would still be a part of that poser supporting North Floris MC.

A Proud Infidel®™

I hope they’re dumb enough to mess with the Pagans and Outlaws as well!