David Hogg – Trying to be Relevant Once Again

| July 24, 2022

David Hogg got a taste of the limelight, and appears to be struggling to remain relevant. His latest stunt – interrupting a hearing and yelling out his talking points.

The outburst is captured below, in a video that Hogg posted to his Twitter page.

He’s like one of those child actors that can never move beyond their role in a Disney special or a movie.

What happened with his pillow venture?

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He preferred biting the pillows over selling them.


Hogg probably has an advanced case of the Monkey Pox.


If someone says “Want to know what I think” while claiming to be a Libertarian, then they’re probably Republicans or Democrats trying to be anti-establishment.

Green Thumb

Hogg is going full Beto.

Daisy Cutter

Never go full Beto.


Well, being Beto got Beto a cool one mil from Soros, so….

Daisy Cutter


Activism demands full-time attention, apparently. A job tends to get in the way when you are out in the street carrying a sign full-time or sitting on a highway blocking traffic.


If you look closely, you can see the little plastic “pull to talk” ring.

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He and Greta Thunberg are miserable angry angry leftists.
They should get together and combine their efforts to show
people just how studid they are.


Only if they are BOTH sterilized first.


Ditto. My first thought when I read 26L’s comment.

A Proud Infidel®™

If those two were to ever get together, the result would be offspring stupid enough to end Human Evolution or throw it in reverse!



BlueCord Dad

This guy is an insult to piglets….


And when he says “No one needs an AR-15!”:
comment image


Hoggs parents did a great job raising a useful idiot. I’m sure they’re proud..

Every time he runs his suck, someone should beat them for inflicting this little shit stain o the world.


And let’s not forget, his daddy is a retired fan belt inspector. That is what gives him such great insight into firearms and their misuse.


As if we needed more evidence that that particular institution is corrupt..


Read elsewhere that the D party / staffers instigated and coordinated his attendance / outburst for twitter likes by twits.  😷 


So fierce!


Yeah, he’s “fierce” alright.

I wonder if he’ll stack up and be the first one through the door on the first firearms confiscation raid that he has wet dreams about every night.

Nah; probably not…


His idea of stacking up involves no clothes.


And no ladies… 😉 


Plus MDMA and Monkeypox.

Hack Stone

Since David Hogg has inside knowledge of the inspiration of mass shooters, can he enlighten us to the inspiration of the guy who ran over all of the people at the Wisconsin Christmas parade? Is it White Supremacists who are gunning down dozens of people in Chicago every weekend?

This guy needs to join the ranks of Cindy Sheehan and give the limelight to the next entitled twit who thinks we care what they say.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

So being hogg, hogg is going full hogg by being hoggish and hogging the show.

Hack Stone

He is Hogging all of the attention.

Hack Stone

Did he acquire that facial hair from Scott Tenorman?


Spirit gum and a rug.

A Proud Infidel®™

And so the little bony Eared Assfish (Google it, it’s kid-safe!) still screeches for attention like he’s relevant. Well, it is summertime and I wonder if he still attends Harvard? After all, they DID hand him an admission after seeing he’s a good little brainwashed idiot. And yeah, his big venture in making pillows went *POOF!* as well, maybe he’s just pissing his britches in front of cameras only to keep from being thrown away on the same ash heap as the left did with Cindy Sheehag and whatshisface that got thrown in Leavenworth and decided he was a she.

USMC Steve

What ever happened to his buddy, the baldie hispanic chick?

A Proud Infidel®™

Good question, my bet is that she’s already been thrown on the ash heap of used-up useful idiots!

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“One More Try” – David Hogg singing how the media attention has left him, but giving it one more go anyway.



Slippin’ away, sittin’ on a pillow

Waitin’ for night to fall

A girl and a dream, sittin’ on a pillow

This is the night to go to the celebrity ball

Satin and lace, isn’t it a pity

Didn’t find time to call

Ready or not, gonna make it to the city

This is the night to go to the celebrity ball

Dress up tonight, why be lonely?

You’ll stay at home and you’ll be alone

So why be lonely?

Sittin’ alone, sittin’ on a pillow

Waitin’ to climb the walls

Maybe tonight, depending how your dream goes

She’ll open her eyes when he goes to the celebrity ball

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music


A Proud Infidel®™

The little Bony Eared Assfish says that the GUNS didn’t come from Mexico and maybe so, BUT the Southern US Border is a HUGE conduit for drugs coming into the USA, namely Fentanyl which kills people right and left!


Yawn. Who?


So, did the effete little media whore grow that beard to look more manly, or has he become homeless? I am hoping for the latter.


He is trying to replicate Leon Trotsky.



His trying to replicate Leon Trotsky


The Stranger

Maybe he’ll go down to Mexico and meet the same fate as Trotsky.


Perhaps he’s trying to up his fun and games by making his oral orifice more closely resemble a vagina? 🤔 

The Stranger

I’m so tired of this fucking clown. By the way, wasn’t the perpetrator of the Parkland massacre a Hispanic? I move for a deployment of the AOI on this tiresome individual.


Yes, he is; and he is presently on trial on whether he gets the death penalty.

The Stranger

Did Florida bring back Old Sparky? If they did, I would love to send a quote to the Florida Department of Corrections for a preventive maintenance contract on the distribution equipment that feeds it. Reasonable fee, only caveat…I get to throw the switch when it’s show time!


No, if Cruz gets death, they will put him to sleep like a sick dog. So unfortunate. I personally prefer the hemp cure for his atrocities.

The Stranger

Nah, gotta use sparky. It’s not particularly quick and, based on my experience getting shocked with 277 volts, it’s gotta hurt like hell. Shit, I think they use 2400 volts for the chair and the current flows through you literally from head to toe.

A Proud Infidel®™

2000 Volts AC was the preferred current used by Electric Chair Executioners.


Of note, is that the jury in Cruz’s trial was shown a fifteen-minute montage of CCTV video of Cruz’s shooting rampage, including scenes where he re-entered classrooms to shoot his victims again to make sure they were dead. He shot many students at point blank range. The judge undoubtedly had to watch the video to rule on the defense’s objection to it being shown to the jury. The footage is so gruesome the judge would not allow the sound to be played nor could the courtroom spectators see it. The looks on some jurors faces leads one observer to believe they will give him the death penalty Cruz so richly deserves.

The Stranger

Also, regarding the perp at Parkland, there seems to be an awful lot of Hispanic White Supremacists running around, huh?


USMC Steve

To be fair now, hispanic is an ethnic group, not a race. It is possible to be both hispanic and identified as white.

The Stranger

Oh, I know. I’m Hispanic but my birth certificate says I’m white. Got a lot of that privilege going for me. 🤣🌯

USMC Steve

This little dipshit was not even at Parkland when it went down, he was screwing off at home.


I give anything to punch that pussy in the back of the head

The Stranger

I’d prefer to punch him square in the “mouf”. That’ll take the starch right out of him.

A Proud Infidel®™

The Bony Eared Assfish has THE smallest brain to body weight of any known vertebrate, it has a small, skinny body with a big, bony head just like little Hoggy-boy, thus I refer to him as that and invite everyone else at TAH®™ to do the same just like some other critter featured in the past was named “The Blobfish”!

(2) Fish Fact No.32 – Boney-eared Assfish – YouTube