Hooker hired at Air Force contractor

| July 19, 2022

A high ranking Air Force employee, Dr. Alex Gord, persuaded his friend Sukesh Roy at Spectral Energies to hire an admin assistant , claiming she had education and skills for the job. Mr. Roy became suspicious when it became apparent that despite Dr. Gord’s praise of her abilities as an EMT, firefighter, and having a degree in biochemistry (and saying “and she is really hot!”) that she really sucked at her job.

“Over her first few months on the job, Roy stated [she] was not timely with her [expenses], did not fully understand how to use basic word processing and document creation software, and struggled to formulate coherent interoffice emails,” the warrant goes on. “[She] also failed to provide her college transcripts as requested.”

Daily Beast

Maybe I should rephrase that? When Roy confronted Gord, Gord admitted that he met this young lady on an airplane and that she was actually a sex worker. One of a raft of them, too, whom he met, liaised with on government trips, and paid for from his government cash advances. He even said he kept a spreadsheet of them on his government computer.

Subsequent investigation revealed another scientist who hired her to clean his house nude, and then suck the chrome off his hitch, for $20,000 a year. Obviously she may not have mastered inter-office emailks, but figured out interoffice relationships.

One, identified in the filing only as “Dr. I.K.,” paid the woman “approximately $20K a year to clean his residence in the nude and then perform oral sex on him,” according to the warrant.

Lots of upset communications occured between Gord and Roy, including one in which Gord threatened to bring one of his many guns to the lab and “end it all”. He also told Roy, who is of Pakistani descent, that no one in the ‘old boys club’ would take his word over that of Gord since Gord was a well respected scientist and Roy was an immigrant.

After all this, Gord (since deceased) got her a job at Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc. (ISSI), and then had funding previously allocated only to Spectral split between Spectral and ISSI to cover her pay there.

As Anonymous posted earlier, this is a well worth-while read and more nuanced than a brief summary can convey. I am wondering if Gord’s widow will be billed for what he allegedly mis-spent on the hookers? Or will the worst allegation turn out to be he was ray-ciss toward a South Asian immigrant.


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Hey, she literally sucked at her job. 😉

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BlueCord Dad

Your tax dollar at work…sort of


Another classic example of why We, The People (read taxpayers), can’t have nice things…and we have 30 trillion $s in debt. Now they need to go after someone else that used grubermint $ to hire hookers.

Y’all sick of this sh^t yet? The taxpayer is getting phuqued and these bastards don’t even have the common decency to give us a reach around.


It’s no different than the old days. The only major difference was that Republicans hired hookers and Democrats raped their slaves.

Green Thumb

There will always be a place for her at All-Points Logistics.

Hack Stone

Can she sell outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software? We still need a temp fill in until Elaine Ricci gets back from her stint at The Betty Rubble Clinic for placebo addiction.

Green Thumb

Call the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).

He should know.


Lesson learnt: it never pays to go off fully-semi enGordged

I’ll see myself out.

Hack Stone

Daisy Cutter

Ranks as one of the greatest clips of all time.

Hack Stone

That is Hack’s go to video clip when there is a story about some inappropriate sexual shenanigans in the workplace. Seems like he posts it at least once a week.

Hack Stone

Well, that is how Kamala Harris got her job.


James Ronald Gord. Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Passed away in September 2021. Born in 1964. Only 58. Wonder if the story had anything to do with his passing:


In 2010, he was voted Outstanding Alumni of Purdue. He joined the Air Force in 1991, most likely Commissioned:


He is still registered as a Voting member of the Democrat Party:




And if he was a registered Republican, he would now be a registered democrat…

A Proud Infidel®™

There is seldom any difference between Government Offices and a whorehouse.

©A Proud Infidel®™, 2022

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We wouldn’t be hearing about this if he just purchased a Dyson or hoover. What was the cause of death for the late gord??? An ounce of lead poisoning in the head??????

Hack Stone

His wife saw his expense report.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe he had some dirt on the Clintons?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

That must have sucked.

Hack Stone

Back when Hack was on his second tour on Okinawa, he christened the Comm Platoon Shop-Vac “The Love Machine”.

Mustang Major

The people mentioned in the article worked on hypersonic missile engine research programs. No espionage risk for those programs.


While this is bad, I really wonder who Gord reported to. I’m guessing the B.S. goes pretty far up the stick. Well, didn’t take much, but it looks like “Barry Hellman” was the boss. Yeah, his new job? Working for Sherwin Williams. Wonder who wasn’t doing their required quarterly audits? I worked with those folks in the 80’s, they either loved you or hated you depending on where you stood regarding graft. Lot’s of fun being an auditor.



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A Proud Infidel®™

I once asked a Dancer why she did that and her reply was “To feed my kids!”. The next day I left some canned food on the stage and the Bouncers hauled my ass out of that place in record time!


The “Daily Mail” names her as Amanda F. Savino.

Have been unable to find an image of her. Plenty of images of women named “Amanda Savino” … but can’t tell if any are the named “vacuum maid.” The Daily Mail link has a more indepth article worth reading.

Government Travel Card abuse!!

“…’Gord told Roy he would take out cash advances against his government travel card to pay these women so that his family finances were not effected.’…”


A few odd things I noticed: 1) The obituary was rather sparse, as if there was no family that gave a crap; 2) He was using cash advances to pay for extracurriculars on his trips. I was a DTS approver, and I would question why he needed large cash advances on a routine basis. Where was leadership when this was happening?

Hack Stone

Where was leadership when this was happening?

They were getting their homes cleaned.