Democrats want four more seats added to the Supreme Court

| July 19, 2022

Last year, some Democrats introduced a bill titled “Judiciary Act”. If signed into law, the Supreme Court would be expanded by four seats. This would give the Democrats a chance to add four activist leftist justices to the Supreme Court. One Democrat argument involves the Supreme Court “going rogue”. Another Democrat argued that the Supreme Court justices are not subject to the popular vote. An additional Democrat complained that the Supreme Court is “usurping the power of the other two branches of government.”

From The Hill:

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), the lead sponsor of the 2021 Judiciary Act, called the current makeup “a Supreme Court at crisis with itself and with our democracy” where “basic freedoms are under assault” from the 6-3 conservative supermajority on the bench.

The Supreme Court isn’t susceptible to the popular vote the way Congress is, Johnson said, and it has used that fact to amass power. “It’s making decisions that usurp the power of the legislative and executive branches,” he said.

Facing Republican opposition and some Democratic skepticism, the bill has little chance of becoming law, but it illustrates the deep anger among progressive Democrats about the court’s direction under three conservative justices nominated by former President Trump: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Those three justices have radically altered the direction of the court, which now has twice as many conservative justices as liberal ones. Kavanaugh replaced Justice Anthony Kennedy, a previous swing vote who had been nominated to the court by a Republican, while Barrett replaced liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Adding to Democratic anger, a GOP Senate blocked former President Obama’s last nominee to the court, Merrick Garland, who is now the attorney general. Gorsuch ended up being nominated to the court in place of Garland.

The Hill, Just the News, and Wavy-TV 10 has this story.

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Overruling their own decision, that was not based in prior law, precedence, or The Constitution is “usurping the power of the other two branches?” Aren’t they just “usurping” their own power in this case?

It’s amazing that the Democrats don’t see this epically backfiring on them.


Watching the House of Representin’ clown show on “Respect for ‘Marriage’ Act” right now.

Sanctuary state for illegals in contravention of Federal law = good.
State laws restricting what the citizens perceive as amoral, improper, or ruinous = bad.

I’m a big fan of a set of Universal Rights, rightly achieved by rational debate and carful considerations, or by blunt force via ballot initiative* but this is a joke.

To your point, the Demospartei are only consumed with power and will parley violence to achieve those means. There’e a rider on that bill to expand the court.

May they get the outcomes they deserve!

*about that, 2008 Prop 8 passed narrowly and some still consider the outcome doobie us.

USMC Steve

They are also supposed to start going after 200 different firearms starting today.


The legislative branch had a few decades to codify Roe v. Wade, but didn’t. Nobody “usurped” power, legislators failed to exercise their power. Yeah, Merrick would’ve been awesome as a Justice, just look at the stellar job he’s doing at DOJ!


Guam Johnson? Haha! Say no more.


Is that Hank “Guam will Capsize” Johnson? The congressrat who was voted “the most clueless” representative by House staff members?


I simply must take this opportunity to point out that Johnson is NOT a native Georgian, just another carpetbagger (born/raised in the District of Criminals) and came down to be an overseer on the plantation, pushing Cynthia McKinney (remember her?) out of a job. His district is near the ground zero of the Stacy Abrams (another carpetbagger/looter) klan and he is an obamanite of the first degree. Where is ‘Cump now that Atlanta needs him? I will light his torch myself with this Zippo.


The court is actually pretty liberal right now. Roberts is consistently on the fence and Sotomayor is the most liberal judge in history and the newest one will likely follow in her footsteps. Each of the conservative judges seems to have a pet liberal issue that they side with the liberals on.

Except Thomas. After the witch hunt the left pulled on him during confirmation he made it clear that the rest of his life was going to be spent as an affirmation of conservative values. He has stayed true to that.


Did Gaum capsize yet?


Not until Stacey Abrams visits!!

A Proud Infidel®™

*POW!*, right in the kisser!


By ruling that Congress must make laws and not some alphabet agency in the executive branch by decree is usurping power?


Speaking of the DemRats…

What A Bunch Of Losers.

“Reps. Omar, Adams among 16 members of Congress arrested during abortion protest near Supreme Court. Capitol Police advised that they would arrest those who did not listen to warnings”

“Ocasio-Cortez, Omar pretending to be handcuffed after arrest at protest blows up Twitter: ‘This is too much’ Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, other House Dems arrested at Supreme Court abortion protest”


Rules are not fair, waaah! /sarc

Last edited 4 months ago by Anonymous

The first Congress allocated funds for the 1st Bible for the American Colonies and this congress steals funds to appease Moloch to kill the babies with parts for the witches of Endor, how far have we fallen!

The Black Robe Regiment weeps…

A Proud Infidel®™

Abortion was probably the biggest sacred cow of the left, and they’ll never stop bawling about it.


Since Sangers whole intent was to eliminate the “undesirables” in society, of course it is! Their goals are the same as hers


Democrats want four more seats added to the Supreme Court
People in Hell want ice water, but they ain’t getting that either.

Hack Stone

Fine, if you want to add additional Justices to the Supreme, nominations and appointments will not commence until three full Presidential terms have been completed. This will ensure that the decision was not made in haste and the court will not be “packed” with candidates by the current administration.


I wholeheartedly support more justices, for the reasons below, but it absolutely should not be political — I personally don’t think the country can wait three full terms, but I’d be totally fine with Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats each ‘recommending’ half of any new number. I realize technically POTUS gets the right to nominate them, but make the passing of any expansion conditional on POTUS going with the same nominations.

Twelve years seems like an eternity for a country in strife.


I’m an independent and I definitely want more Supreme Court justices. Not for any particular issue, but for the stability of our judicial system.

Right now, it’s downright strange that so much US policy depends on when one of the Supremes kicks the bucket in their lifetime appointment. Even resignations need to be planned in accordance with politics, and specifically the balance in the Senate and the Presidency. If you think it wise that close, recent judgements comes down to, say, RBG passing, or a sincere albeit misguided belief that the election was stolen, I think you need to lay off the drugs.

Hell, after Eisenhower put in three appointments during a ‘recess’, our wonderfully effective Senate decided that this should only be done in ‘unusual circumstances’, which has no binding or clear value to either side.


Then you’ve got the fact that each Justice is assigned to one or two Circuit courts, and each can represent a vastly different number of people — the 1st Circuit court has like 14M people, and the 9th has 67M people. Surely people here would love to see the 9th broken up a bit, no?

At any rate, even if you don’t add judicial districts, you’ve got 13 of ’em – let’s get up to 13 justices, making decisions more stable by being more likely tied to judicial perspective than a 5/4 ideological split. That’d also match up with the 13 original states we had when the Supreme Court was formed. But hey, since I’m on a soapbox, let’s go even further – one or two per state.

This isn’t about any particular case, it’s about ensuring the foundation of our laws are more likely a solid legal consensus than a political Butterfly Effect.


Bullshit. You want Gropey Joe and his Bandaho’s gang to appoint four lefty partisan justices like The Wise Latina and his recent pick who cannot define a woman so that the Progs rule the court.


I’m always amazed at your ability to be so utterly wrong without a moment’s hesitation. By pure luck, you’d think you’d be right every once in a while, but no, it’s almost magical. You never, ever cease to be wrong. I’m frankly amazed.

See my reply to Hack above.


Well, I am thinking I know a little more about our legal system and constitutional law than you do, since I doubt you have a law degree or were taught con law by a sitting judge of a federal court of appeals. I have likely read more supreme court decisions than you know exist. Ever argued an appeal before a supreme court? I think not. You likely have about as much legal acumen as you have military service, which is none.

And in my almost forty years of litigation experience, I have won more than I have lost. I have lost very few appellate cases. Of course, it is easier to win on appeal when you won at trial.


And yet… you were still wrong. Again, it’s amazing!


LC says, “I’m an independent…”

Ol’ Poe says, “Bullshit, LC, you’re a frickin’ liberal independent…”


I’m somewhat liberal on many social issues. On economic things, it’s much more across the board. On national security, I tend more traditionally conservative.

Call me crazy, but someone who doesn’t fit into either camp, isn’t registered to a party, and who votes for people across the spectrum based on their ability to do the damn job might just be best described as an independent, period.


Do not like to be disagreeable to those whom I respect, but I believe you meant: more Uniparty scumbag-fuck gang.

Imagine if Mister Bain Capital had appointed another Roberts clone…

At this point an enemy in the open is worth more than a traitorous fuck smiling in America’s face, imvho.

Hopefully the Senate will flip and the GOP does the right thing, destroy all appointments and never goes on recess.

Burn it the fuck down.


Fortunately, Mr. Bain Capital did not get elected, as he is worse than a RINO and a vindictive prick. But I agree there is a uniparty running the district of criminals.


History Lesson For The Day.



FDR was a giant piece of shit commie fuck.



Check this out…😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂

“Brandon Falls’ Briefly Added To Google Maps, Marking Spot Where Biden Fell From His Bike; Big Tech Quickly Deleted It”


Saw this! I like how Goolag was all over this.
What a fine, upstanding company that is 100% beneficial for humanity.


Sure Tipping Hank. Make the law go in to effect 21 Jan 2025. Then we’ll see if you still think the Supreme Court is in a “crisis”

Hack Stone

Is this the same Supreme Court that the Democrats just last week were saying that there were racist and misogynistic? If so, why would the Democrats want more racists and misogynists making legal decisions?


What I find amazing about this is that any of these fuckers can count to four.