Fewer vets recommending the service

| July 19, 2022

According to Military Times, a recent survey of veterans shows that we went from about three-quarters of vets recommending the military in 2019 down to less than two-thirds in 2021. I can’t imagine just what happened in those two years that could have driven down morale and enthusiasm. Clearly we need a Rand Corp study to look into it. We should allocate at least $1 billion to the effort.

From the article;

The results of a new survey of military and veterans and spouses — including details on financial difficulties — raise concerns about the future of the military, said the executive director of the organization that conducted the survey.

Fewer military, veterans and spouses are likely to recommend military service, according to the findings, and the reasons are related to their own well-being, said Shannon Razsadin, president and executive director of the Military Family Advisory Network.

“At the end of the day, families are having a hard time making ends meet, and that’s affecting their overall well-being,” she said. “We see the connection between well-being and loneliness, well-being and housing, well-being and food security. When you layer that on top of the fact that fewer people are likely to recommend military service, it paints a very clear picture of concern related to the future of the all-volunteer force.”

This is the fourth survey fielded by the organization, generally every two years. This time, the biggest surprise, said Razsadin, was the drop in the percentage of survey respondents who said they would recommend military life – from 74.5% in 2019 to 62.9% in 2021.

The online Military Family Support Programming Survey was fielded from Oct. 4 to Dec. 15, 2021, with 8,638 participating. The largest group of respondents was spouses of active duty members, at 44%, followed by active duty members, at 14%. Nearly 60% of the respondents overall were between the ages of 25 and 39.

“This was troubling for us,” Razsadin said. “It was really the fact that families do not feel like military life lines up with family life.”

Based on their answers, the reasons were related to frequent separations, and the fact that military life is not conducive to family life, she added, noting that the fact that the survey was conducted on the heels of the U.S. military’s exit from Afghanistan in 2021 didn’t show up in the findings, however.

Yeah, couldn’t possibly be anything else.

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A Proud Infidel®™️

That coupled with having an administration incompetent enough to fuck a dozen wet dreams up all a once…


I doubt they could even get it up with a crane and a Space X Rocket.


Provided without comment save a middle digit raised in the general direction of the District:


Biden shows no hesitation with throwing anyone and everyone under the bus. Federal Agents, police, military all go under the wokeness bus.

They gutted defined benefit retirement. Catastrophic withdraw from Afghanistan. An administration that is clueless on constituional law. So no, I don’t recommend it right now either.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder why, Hey, wasn’t that a song by the Bronx NY Belmonts 1959 on the Laurie label


Looks like everybody wants to become a little run-away…a run run run run run-away.

I’d of done their survey for the bargin price of only 900 million.


I’ll do it for a plate of Southern Georgia BBQ and a 12er of ice cold Miller Lites:

——Report as follows——

Dear DoD,

You suck.

Regards, R-D

—–Nothing follows——


-Dog, I do believe that you have an ear worm of an old Hank Jr. song in your head. It’s like you’re stuck up there and got another place on your mind. You know you wanna come back.


DoD licks the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds very negative.


DoD licks the hot urine off a dead Afghani’s rotting corpse….or is that kinda thing Verboten these days…or just videoing it and them mushroom stamping and teabagging the carcass?

Green Thumb

Weak. Rand has lost credibility over the years.




He might do the study but he would vote to defund it.  😀 


Paul Paradox

Last edited 6 months ago by Roh-Dog

The car the Sniffer in Chief is driving in that pic is a yellow C7 Corvette coupe (the top has been removed; it isn’t a convertible).


I plan to discourage my grandchildren from joining the military as long as it remains “woke.”


> “It was really the fact that families do not feel like military life lines up with family life.”

No shit, Sherlock. Using the UCMJ and the chain of command to force wokeism and questionable vaccines on military families sure as hell doesn’t line up with family life.


I wouldn’t recommend it to my fresh-from-high-school son, even if he was so inclined. Not for financial reasons, but because of the clusterfuck that senior military leaders are creating. I graduated HS in 1980, and was looking at enlisting. My uncle, who had just retired form the Navy, seriously advised against it for the very same reasons. It appears to be a cyclical clusterfuck.


The military has forgotten that it exists to kill people and break shit. Everything else is secondary.


Too bad the chairborne rangers at the five-sided puzzle palace don’t believe or endorse that fundamental precept.


With the current atmosphere and the ‘leadership’ in place, I am not recommending anyone join.


“Blue Angels Announces First Female Jet Pilot”


Good For Her.


Article already in the queue tomorrow


Thank You, David.👍👍👍

Blue Angels Rock!!!


From NBC, Every branch of the military is struggling to make its 2022 recruiting goals, officials say:

Every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to meet its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goals, say multiple U.S. military and defense officials, and numbers obtained by NBC News show both a record low percentage of young Americans eligible to serve and an even tinier fraction willing to consider it.

The Army has met about 40% of its enlisted recruiting mission for FY22, with just over three months left in the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. The final quarter — the summer — is typically when the services recruit the most candidates following high school graduation.

Yep. Only 13% of all kids have a parent that was in. You’ve ‘sunk the battleship’ by not making American and Military families a priority, now you’re shocked?

EABODACOEO (….and choke on every one)


I retired in 2017. I was a 3rd generation service member and 2d generation retiree. I was in Afg. My father and uncles were in Vietnam. My grandfather was at Normandy. Military service in my family STOPS with me.

The government can go fuck itself.


Much like my own story. Grandpa in WW1. Dad, WW2, Korea, Vietnam. Me, Desert Shield/Storm, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq x3. No mas. D’s Cantina provides no more personnel. Here ended the family service.


The financial benefits of service haven’t really changed.
That’s not what’s pushing people into not recommending military service. It’s a complete, utter, total lack of anything resembling leadership at the top. CJCS, SECDEF, each service chief, CSM, MCPO, etc suck at being a leader. Direct commissioning a mental defective as a 4 star Admiral really didn’t help. The Jab. The “extremist” purge. Plant based protein. Anybody else seeing a trend here?

William Teach

Why would they want patriotic Americans to deal with the Woke Military?


[…] blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on fewer veterans recommending […]

The Pirates Cove

USMCMSgt (Ret)

True story…

My youngest adult (child) considered joining, is within height and weight standards, clean background, and had the required scores to get most airframe/powerplant/electronics MOS for both rotary wing and fixed wing. College wasn’t for him, and he’s not “woke”.

He’s attending an aviation technical school instead and working on getting both his airframes/powerplant certification, and will be fully trained by next year.

My youngest daughter (college degree) is working in the medical field and considered pursuing a commission for nursing. Instead, she’s going through nursing school herself, hoping all the nonsense in the military dies down.

Prior Service

I’m on the fence. Granddad, dad, brothers, wife, the vast majority of my friends all served. My daughter did six years in the Air National Guard. Liked the job, didn’t like the leadership. My other daughter will never join and I’m okay with that and I have a hard time talking it up. On the other hand, the cool things the military offers cannot be found anywhere else. Pretty sure I’ll never do a combined arms live fire exercise as a corporate flunky. If I had a son, I’d have a fair amount of expectations that he man up and do at least four years.

(((Doc B)))

The answers in a survey are pre determined by the questions asked in this survey is bullshit. It’s not about the money.

The real answer is this: My family has fought and died for this country since 1741……ya know……since before the US was a thing.

I was sent to a pile of third world shit holes in the 90s ’cause the locals couldn’t stop killing each other. I also did a tour in Iraq in 04. Not a single one of these deployments had a damn thing to do with protecting the American people. In fact, after 9/11, I would say the American people are WAY less free.

I will never forget how my friends died and were crippled physically/ mentally for nothing. Nothing. I did things to people for nothing. I’ll never forget our brave and honorable political class seeking shelter every time something icky happens in their little wars.

Now, they have gone Marxist, “woke”, and frankly they hate my kind. Maybe it’s time for the twinks and freaks to fight.

Skivvy Stacker

One of the most recent Army recruitment videos (I believe it was reviewed here) spent the entire time talking about why Suzy Rottncrotch had joined the Army, after having been raised by two strong moms, and learning how to be strong and independent, and a woman, and how being a woman would never hold her back, and then she went to college, and since her Ancient Artwork of Lesbians in China degree didn’t seem to promise much in the way of employment, she joined the Army, and learned even more about how to be a strong, independent, almost lesbian-like woman, who has goals and more goals that she can attain because of all the positivity she has learned from her moms and the Army.
Not ONE MENTION of whether or not she had learned how to blow shit up or kill the enemy. But by GOD she was sure a positive, enlightened, strong WOMAN who just happened to be in an Army someplace…
That’s why I don’t recommend anyone join the service anymore. I don’t know about the rest of you.


Just about everyone who comments on this site agrees with you. ElCee doesn’t count cuz he has never worn the uniform. Plus, he likely agrees with all this woke bullshit.