Marine aviator refuses to wear American Flag apparel

| July 5, 2022

Maybe she’ll wear this flag? 

As we celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on Earth, our taxpayer funded DNC propaganda outlet, National Public Radio, releases this article.

The abortion ruling has troops and veterans speaking out, some for the first time

For the first time in her life, Marine Corps Capt. Meleah Martin is refusing to wear American flag attire this Independence Day. Instead, she told her family that she will only wear pride colors and apparel. Not because she’s unpatriotic – she’s spent approximately 16 months deployed overseas as an F-18 pilot. But because she believes her constitutional rights are under attack.

Martin said it’s been disheartening to witness liberties such as the right to protest or to cast a ballot come under attack in recent years. Those frustrations turned to devastation for her with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, stripping away the constitutional right to an abortion. Martin hopes to someday start a family, but as someone who identifies as a lesbian, she’s scared her right to marry and have children may also be in danger.

As a result of these fears and frustrations, she said she doesn’t look at the American flag the way she used to.

“We swear an oath, ‘To support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’ … Well, it’s time to start worrying about the domestic, because clearly we have more of a problem here than we do anywhere else,” Martin said, noting that her views are her own, and not a reflection of her unit or the Marine Corps. “It’s really disappointing when something like this happens, because, like, how do I defend that?”

Ah yes, an active duty Marine officer insinuating that the large part of the country that believes elective abortion is wrong are domestic enemies. After taking a moment to discuss some idiot who thinks black veterans are being denied the right to vote, we get back to Captain Martin’s soapbox.

Martin has never been one to draw attention to herself. As an active duty member of the military, she’s always been careful about sharing her political beliefs with the public in order to maintain her image as an officer. However, she said the Supreme Court’s decision to do away with federal abortion protections was the tipping point for her, and compelled her to speak out.

Over the years many people have asked her what it’s like to be a woman in military aviation, a profession historically dominated by men. But that’s never bothered her, because she’s always seen her fellow pilots as family.

But in the wake of the court’s abortion ruling last month, she said can’t shake the feeling that she is on uneven ground.

“I’ve truly felt extremely equal to my peers and I’ve had a wonderful time in the military, but now, you know, I do I have one less right,” Martin said. “And it is a right that has to do directly with my personal body.”

When it comes to talk of the future, she and her girlfriend often discuss marriage and raising children. And though her partner already has a daughter, the two talk about artificial insemination and who would carry their child. But now she’s concerned about what that could look like should a pregnancy put her or her partner’s life at risk.

Martin is scared she may find herself at a duty station in a state where abortion is outlawed. If she and her partner needed to travel to have an abortion, Martin would need to have a leave request approved by her commanding officer, who might have differing views on the issue.

I’m not sure if the captain here is aware of how humans reproduce. If she’s worried about her or her girlfriend getting pregnant, then she’s not doing lesbianism properly. If there’s a single demographic in this country that will never need an elective abortion, it’s the gays and lesbians. It’s one of the biggest selling points for same-sex sex.

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Hack Stone

These attention seekers are really stepping up their game. Here is a Drama Queen who could not work following the Supreme Court ruling.

As to this Marine Aviator, she and her partner want to go through the effort of artificial insemination, but want to keep the option of aborting the baby. Maybe she should just forego having children. In case she hasn’t heard, if she is doing the lesbian thing right, that won’t be a problem.

Mustang Major

I agree with your observation Hack Stone. Women serving as fighter pilots has become old news and not that interesting of a story. Attention seekers must think out of the box to make themselves feel special. Look for a male to transition to a female fighter pilot within the next twelve months. Below the zone promotions and NPR coverage await.


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No turkey baster for her!


Oh shame on you….


While a right to abortion might be popular at the cookie table, you won’t find it in the Constitution. We need judges who are able to see that


I see a difficult career change in her immediate future.
Follow your heart sweetie.


Squadron CO: “Captain Martin, report to the Group XO and tell him that you need a job. You’re not flying in this squadron any longer.”

Captain Martin: “But sir…”

Squadron CO: “GO!”


Resign, asshole!


Airlines are hard-up for new pilots. Not so sure that she would be a bargain since she is not type rated in anything particularly useful to civilian aviation. Hell, it could take nearly a year just to get her setup as a First Officer.

Meanwhile, little miss missy’s days in the Corps are over. Git’r’out, git’r’gone, no one can safely rely upon her judgment after such a feckless abdication from comportment and bearing.

A Proud Infidel®™

She went full snowflake.
Never go full snowflake.


“Martin has never been one to draw attention to herself.”

Yeah; right. Sure thing.

Guess she must have been coerced into getting up on this soap box and honking about this issue.


“Woke” Uber Alles! (Why left/libtard proggies wanna get ’em young, beside grooming.)

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— SIGH —

I am SO GLAD that I’m retired.


Little boy blue come blow your horn. The sheep in the meadow, the cows in the corn.

MI Ranger

This Marine Princess seems of a similar education as some of my relatives. Not sure of her religious upbringing, but mine were Roman Catholic, and appear to be still practicing.
The biggest thing that all of these folks seem to miss is that it is not the Supreme Courts job, nor entitlement, to dictate laws! This overturning simply did that. It is now Congress’ job, as it always was, to either structure federal laws to always allow some form of abortion (whether it be only in the first days or weeks, to save the mother’s life, or in the case of rape or incest…or both). That job has been taken away from the minority to decide, and handed back to the regional majorities (the States). Some have already had laws placed on the books and in some case already deemed invalid due to being overly broad. Others are trying to decide, or had always had it in their State Constitution to ensure if the Federal Government ever caved they would retain.


Dumb, pervy and entitled– how the Left wants folk to go through life.


She has a severe misunderstanding of the Constitition and the role of not only SCOTUS, but the Federal Government as a whole… she also has a misunderstanding of biology and reproductive processes. If she and her partner are lesbians, they are missing one of two key ingredients to producing a baby… sperm. I would question her judgement after this…


About an 8 minute video.

You Be The Judge.


Dan Fraser

Wore the uniform…. So in the lesbian relationship she would be the boy lesbian?


I think she is the one who wears the strap-on. But even if not, I don’t think she will have to worry about her girlfriend or “wife” getting her pregnant. So, I am not seeing an abortion in her future. Except, she has just made an abortion of her military career.

Prior Service

Maybe it’s a good thing that the army will only give me 2 of the 8 captains I’m authorized. Maybe I’ll only have 25 percent of the drama?


Her squad?


Looks like a Crisco oil and Flour party waiting to break out!


Are they striking against having sex with human males. Cuz I doubt they will need a “strike” to avoid having sex with men.

Old tanker

Perhaps the Capt. should investigate the possibilities and ease of resigning her commission. It is patently obvious that her oath to the constitution was done in ignorance as she has no idea what that document says, nor how the government she serves, works.


As a male, I realize I’m not allowed to voice my opinion on abortion, and I’m no medical expert. However… and there’s always a however… ending a pregnancy because it’s gonna kill the mother is a whole lot different than elective abortion. And if she marries her girlfriend and gets her on Tricare, it’s even covered. I expect better knowledge from Captains.


Obviously, you are not a medical expert or a biologist if you think this O-3 or her female spouse will ever need an abortion because of her relationship with “her girlfriend.” The only way the girlfriend is going to need an abortion is if she is enjoying some horizontal mambo with a post-pubescent human male. But we are happy to hear Tricare will cover her abortion, if she needs one. Another example of our tax dollars at work for necessary operations.


Tricare doesn’t cover elective abortion, even if the father is a Turkey baster.


Well, good. But I am thinking abortions after turkey baster conceptions are quite rare.


What service members wear on their own time, on their own dime, is up to them. I don’t care if she dresses as a furry, because it’s nobody’s business. The fact that she’s going around and making it other people’s business is the problem. I thought the military had rules about who can speak to the media and when…


Attention whore…or better yet…ATTENTION, Whore! You are DISMISSED!

Oddly enough, I’ve been re-reading my copy of the Constitution lately. Still can’t find a single thing in there that guarantees you the right to murder your unwanted baby, or anything that says you can’t murder your unwanted baby.

I wonder if Pepperidge Farms remembers when individuals were required to conform to the military v the military conforming to the individual? Does that thinking tie into that whole “Army of One” thing?


She sounds like fun…
What’s her call sign, Trigger?
Not be because she’s fast on the gun, but because she quick on the grievance.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Or “Trigger”, because she’s a horse’s ass?
(Apologies to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and “Trigger”)

Buttercup and Bullet forgive you.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

she’s going against her peeps by claiming to be a woman. No such thing as a woman according to the above peeps. When was the right for abortions put in the Constitution????????


Martin has never been one to draw attention to herself. As an active duty member of the military, she’s always been careful about sharing her political beliefs with the public in order to maintain her image as an officer.

I don’t believe that for a second.

USMC Steve

When she is on her own time, I really don’t care what she wears.


“We swear an oath, ‘To support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic’ … Well, it’s time to start worrying about the domestic, because clearly we have more of a problem here than we do anywhere else,” Martin said

Perhaps Martin should suit up, strap in [to her F-18], and do something about that.

Investigations into the January 6 attacks revealed that approximately 1-in-5 defendants charged for the siege of the Capitol were (sic) [V]eterans,

I say again “1-in-5 defendants charged… ARE Veterans”, for emphasis and to point out the natural bias of law enforcement (don’t worry, we all know we’re better than you, FIB/Police) Also, I wonder how many of those folks were ‘sheep dipped’, then burnt by their handlers?

Ray in jail yet?


Give the “good” Captain a big chicken dinner, and don’t let the door hit her in the ass!

When even the crayon eaters are going woke, ya know you’re screwed!

Hack Stone

Every time that Hack Stone submitted his request for leave, he was never asked by anyone in his chain of command if he would be having an abortion during leave. In fact, Hack Stone does not recall being asked anything other than “What is your leave balance?” and “When will you be back?” Hack has been retired for almost 19 years, so maybe the abortion question is standard now.


The real root of the recruiting problem is people like this that believe that the entire military is something that only good people like it/him/her/it should be allowed to join and that 200+ years of Military Decorum and tradition doesn’t matter one whit…
This from Kurt Schlichter via Instapundit, the place I go for my only news source.
But you do not have an obligation to do so if your life is going to be squandered by a leadership whose strategies are a disaster, whose priorities are not the defense of this country but some sort of bizarre pan-global progressive ideology, and who will use you as a guinea pig in freakish and morally bankrupt social experiments, all while failing to fulfill even the most basic obligations of the leaders to the led. Our military today is failing to meet its recruiting goals because it has failed to earn the trust of normal Americans.


But in the wake of the court’s abortion ruling last month, she said can’t shake the feeling that she is on uneven ground.”

But, how can that be? The ruling eliminated federal recognition of the “right” to abortion for everyone, men included…so how’s it uneven?


The Navy was never going to pay for her abortion anyway. Literally, the repeal of Roe v. Wade changed nothing for the military.


She does not demonstrate good judgement nor knowledge.

tom reynolds

Abortion makes you the parent of a dead child. Odd how they never tell the kids the truth about that.

tom reynolds

All this crying about abortion and rights and not a mention of Norma McCorvey or Shelly Ann Thornton. Why not?

Fergus Boon

Affirmative action queen in action. Bet no one wants to be her wingman. Conduct unbecoming an officer I say.