Tuesdays with the Libs of Tik Tok

| June 28, 2022

There’s so much salt from the fall of Roe, I’ll have to make a whole ‘nother post on it.

This isn’t disturbing

I don’t support a criminal enterprise, so I guess I can’t tan

Openly racist discrimination in SF

Trust The Science

Biden’s handlers need to be very specific

For the thousandth time, it’s not grooming!

Two minutes of alleged women crying about Roe

Businesses will now pay their employees travel expenses to get an abortion

Bank of America






“Not hyperbole”, I do think this is a federal crime. I’m sure AG Garland is on it!

Check out this guy!

She kind of sounds racist

Fine with murdering babies. Fine with murdering Supreme Court justices. I’m sure there’s no correlation.

This face makes a case for abortion

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That last one needs an eye bleach warning.. And yeah, if Garland was anything but a political hack, two of the above would be in a federal lockup right now.
As to the med student, it seems there’s a couple questions to ask when choosing a Dr. “how many genders are there”, and “what is a woman” That’d make it easy to decide if you want them giving you medical advice


That last one got winded after 10 seconds of running her(?) food receptacle.


Good Gawd Almighty. These souls will be tormented in the Afterlife even worse than they have tormented us in the present life. “Suffer the little children to come unto Me.”

I look forward to that Second Coming of the Former Jewish Carpenter.


If a ‘public servant’ attempts to step in loco parentis of my stead, the last thing that meat puppet would see is anger-personified making ballon animals out of their entrails… in the court of law, in Minecraft, metaphorically.

It’s a conditional statement F.I.B., calm your teats.


Careful Roh, only libs are allowed to threaten murder / assassination with impunity..( and the blessing of politicians)


Appreciate the reorientation! I disavow the above hyperbole, but just so everyone is aware, I’m tooootally not thinking it.

As payback for advice, a palate cleanser:


Very nice! Gotta love Angry Cop


What if one self-identifies as a lib?
Would that be acceptable?
Asking for a friend.


Proof positive that human stupidity is virtually infinite.
If these perverts come after my grandkids, I am willing to give them a free ticket to Gehenna. It may be, as Roh suggests, on a slow train.

Skivvy Stacker

Oy, that last one.
“I get abortions, you get abortions, all God’s chillun gets abooortions….”
I don’t think Jabba the Hut has to worry about ever needing to get one.


Not enough beer in the world.


IDC Sarc could eat a handful of ‘shrooms and LSD and it’s not be enough….plus we’d probably lose him to a fatalanche.
R.I.P. IDC SARC!! /sarc

Herbert J Messkit

Well that 4000 dollar benefit to travel for an abortion is a taxable event, correct?

Green Thumb

I was eating.

Not good.

RGR 4-78

“” Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health, Rachel Levine, says reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for KIDS is “lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool” “”

Sounds like the Head Groomer In Charge has spoken.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Companies paying to offset the cost of travel to a state for an abortion?

Well, since men can get pregnant (according to the Left), this would be a good mechanism to travel abroad – under the guise of getting an abortion. You could visit family, go on a hunting trip, or other vacation, at the expense of those companies.



Wish you had given us a Warning Order for the last Libs of Tik Tok…

(still trying to clean computer screen of spewed coffee….)  :wpds_beg: